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    How are you coping psychologically?

    About one year ago when we were in the early phase of lockdown, I had asked members how are things, basically how they were managing mentally to cope with the sudden manner in which we had to shut ourselves inside our homes and stop interacting with others outside. Now, with the second sudden surge in infections and heartbreaking news day after day of people dying due to oxygen, something that we take for granted, it is even tougher for many people to cope psychologically. I feel angry at the manner in which leaders are not once expressing empathy, at not valuing human lives, at continuing to be focused on unimportant things...and that I can do nothing about it.

    In my case, I find it mind-numbing and horrifying to read tragic reports of Covid patients and see those photos of people not even getting dignity in death. I will come online every day, but many times will just be browsing, not feeling like editing or writing an article, something which I've always loved to look forward to on completing housework.

    Practically at least once a week I also get some communication of a family member of somebody I know getting infected, even young teens. I reach out, trying to be reassuring, but at the same time, sounding perhaps meaningless. I wonder how all the people I know really are, how they are coping. I wonder how those whose business is closed due to the lockdown are managing with no earnings.

    I even feel guilty, off and on, that I feel joy about mundane things, like seeing flowers on my plant or a few page views at a blog post. There are so many mixed emotions clashing...

    How are things with you? Are you and yours all Ok? Are you all somehow trying hard to stay a little upbeat rather than endlessly worrying about the future and when the pandemic will come to a full stop?
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    For me the things are going well, but few relatives and friends, have lost their lives and we cannot even go and meet them personaly or participate in the death ceremonies. Only consoling on the phone does not give us the full satisfaction and small children who were frequenting to our homes are now missing and yearning to meet us. Some are held up in other states and their problems are more. And those who are hospitalized has been charged more and there is no guarantee of them getting well. So the problems are unlimited, the life is uncertain, there is no guarantee of tomorrow, we are living in suspense.
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    True. The situation is becoming very bad. Many people are getting affected psychologically also. But it is better not to lose confidence. Confidence will definitely boost our immunity.
    Unfortunately In India, the media is trying to spread negative news faster than positive news. So I stopped seeing news channels. Only I hear the DD news which will give somewhat reliable figures. I stopped reading postings on social media about virus. They are in no way helping us except making us more worried.
    When somebody tells us about any known people suffering from the disease I pray to God to save them and if possible I will try to talk to them. As mentioned by the author we are not able to concentrate on many things. But I do prayers in the mornings at least for an hour or so. That will give me some peace of mind. I will also try to read some books so that my mind will get diverted.
    When I heard that some people are doing business even with beds in the hospital I feel very angry. Why these people are so cruel and try to make money when others are in deep trouble.

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    It is a very tough time for all of us. We need to support and console each other. I see several people are scared of coronavirus. They are scared of meeting with others. They don't want to see visitors. They keep behind closed doors. Every day we listen that so many people have died in our town. It creates a feeling of insecurity. But amid this fearsome people are still not affected by the growing number of death. They are quite normal and take everything lightly. I see many people don't use mask nor keep physical distancing. Perhaps this news has become normal for us.
    I am not scared though but I keep protocols intact for my safety. I go out of home when I have to go, else I prefer to stay.
    Lockdown has been imposed. But the police is not strict. The market is closed, however, dairy, vegetable shops, chemist shops and doctors' clinics are permitted to open.

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    I had a routine of going out in the morning for at least 2-3 hours to the nearby park and then chit-chat with my friends who were of my age group only and had retired from the active service almost a decade back. Then in the evening I used to go to market and passed at least 1 hour in some insignificant activities but all of them were quite refreshing. Alas, all that is only a memory now and there is no point in taking risk and going out as we are having about 15 to 20 positive cases in isolation in different flats in our housing society where about 200 families are in total, residing in 6 towers. I am not a psychologically weak person but I am seeing the psychological effects on me as I am irritating on small things and feeling frustrated with this lock down as if someone had forced me to do so. Actually, it was my choice to opt not to go out then why I should feel the guilt. The problem is we are human beings and cannot tolerate a caged living even for a single day. So guilt will naturally start coming in our minds. All these setbacks and isolations are going to create psychological problems in our lives and even the wisest will not be spared by this emptiness of surroundings.
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    I did not know the value of going out for a walk or meeting with the friends in the society podium or in the nearby shopping complexes. Now I am missing it badly and feel heavy in my mind for not accessing those indulgences. A peculiar feeling of withdrawn and seclusion has gripped me though outwardly I am appearing calm and quiet. The fear of this lingering for a long time is also hanging on our heads like a Damocles Sword.
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    I am the most confused guy I felt so. As I am student of class 12 and my exams are postponed. But this seems tragic. Still uncertain about exams. Moreover how to prepare for my CA foundation. All things are appearing confusing. But I am trying to cope this mental stress with meditation nowadays. Further reading a lot also relives from psychological stress.

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    The current situation is not desirable for any of us. Still, I am trying my best to remain calm and positive. I try to spend more time reading books, praying for good, and walking daily to maintain health. I am not a fan of social media so I am doing my stuff all the time. Most of the time I get updated with issues by doing my search through authentic channels available. I firmly believe in the benevolence of time that everything is going to be fine and good.

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    The present situation calls for confinement at our homes in most of the times, though it may quite pinching some. In my life time, I have never witnessed such a situation. The news telecast by the TV or the newspaper is quite worrisome. The most disturbing aspect of the current situation is the loss of some of my friends due to the pandemic phase. Even I am not in a position to attend the funeral due to lockdown and they were of the different locations. Telephonic versions are not up to the satisfaction. I don't know how long the current phase will continue. The only consoling point is that I am indulged with yoga in the morning and in the evening I read books relating to different religions.

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    ,,More or less tens of relatives have died due to coronavirus. It creates panic also, as we can't go to attend their funeral. Most of them were already patient of any other disease but some of them were young. This time is strange, nobody complains you for not visiting them. Despite all this negativity we have to keep our morale high. Precautions should be taken seriously. If we are not doing any work then we should stay behind door. It is safer for us and others as well.
    Nobody of us have ever heard about such pandemic age when people were stranded. How long we to have face it we don't know. What the solution of this pandemic is we don't know. We are said that vaccination is the solution of this pandemic. I have watched videos of some doctors they say that doctors have no medicine to cure a patient of this virus. They advise us to stay at home instead of rushing towards hospital and take care of ourselves and family members.

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    It is indeed very heart-breaking to hear of loved ones, whether family or friends, dying due to Covid and also not being able to be present to say farewell.

    I have stopped reading the newspaper in the morning and, instead, am daily reading a few pages of a book just so that I don't feel low right at the start of the day. I read the newspaper a little later in the morning or more likely in the late evening, but do check out the news online to stay updated mainly on the vaccine or lockdown restrictions.

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    This time is very strange when neither we nor we are able to stop the incidents from happening and neither are we able to support anyone. It is natural to feel like a selfish person in ourselves, but whether we are really being selfish or not, now humans are not able to decide. The mental status of the households is also becoming very negative. Everyone is trying to understand themselves while trying and hoping, but in the atmosphere that is prevailing at the moment, it is getting a bit difficult. Every evening, we pray to that supreme God that you can protect your own creation now.

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    I feel pity on the people. No one is using the mask to protect them or the others from getting infected by the virus. What they carry and wear is not face mask covering their nose and mouth. It is the chin mask that covers their chin for no use. While I too feel pity for the people and family losing their members, I also get angry upon the people who ignore the guidelines to be followed. People wearcarry masks to escape from police and getting fined.

    Last year, on 20th Feb 2020, I left my village in TN before COVID-19, and stayed in Bengaluru for a complete year. In this February 20th, I returned to my village by car, and caught between the second waves. So far, in my village, no cases have been reported. Today morning, I was informed that there is a death due to suspected COVID, and they are not sure of it.

    My son who is in China since December 2019, could not come home due to non availability of flight services. But he contacts me once in a week and advises me to be careful with the Corona that is playing havoc in India. I do not know when we would meet. I am at my village, My wife and daughter in Bengaluru, and my son in China. What a life on earth! Let us live it without any worry.

    Psychologically, I am not weak, but very strong.

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