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    How to face the situation- please do not come from tomorrow, no job?

    In my company and many companies, the sudden removal of employees or asking them to be at home for the time being as the situation is more challenging and no orders coming forth, has proven to be a shocker as the decision is taken so suddenly. There is no way out for other jobs, nor there is enough bank balance to cope with layoff days. What would be the situation in the future? If the layoffs are so sudden how you are going to face the situation. What would be your suggestion to go about with future life? Please share.
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    Really it is a tough situation and no one can imagine that the even the trusted employees can be shown door all of sudden without giving any chance for the explanations. It is really a grim situation where the workforce is being demoralised with the sudden decision of retrenching them due to poor market conditions due to pandemic phase.
    Instead of being frustrated for a long period, they should look around and a thorough retrospection should be made from their ends so as to fit themselves in any job for which there is still the demand of such jobs. It may be any thing such as starting street foods, vegetable stalls or any passion which can generate some additional income. They have to think that they alone are affected in the present crisis, but there are a lot of people facing the similar situations.

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    True Mohan. I have seen many people who suffered like this. Small companies are not able to get sufficient business and hence they are closing down their units. For the promoters, it is not an issue as they need not worry about their livelihood. But the employees are at the receiving end. They will not get any help from the government as they are not on the list of poor. At the same time, they are not having any way to earn.
    Any online jobs are to be undertaken if available. Small home businesses like stitching masks and selling, making food in the house and supplying making pickles and snacks and supplying them in the nearby places and to the people who are in need can also be tried. These jobs are safe for the people and they can make a simple living with the money they are earning.
    All of a sudden if there is a problem in earning, we will psychologically also have some problems. That is why when the days are good one should have the habit of saving some portion of their income so that the same can be used during such bad times.

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    The banks are not funding, the orders are not coming nor the collections, then how can companies retain employees.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is called fait accompli situation. The companies have no alternative and they have to tell the correct situation to the employees. This is the time when Govt should intervene and provide a few months help to the persons affected.
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    Indeed, it is very tough to survive. Coronavirus is spreading everywhere. All human and business activities are badly affected. The author has raised a common issue of employees of different private companies. These firms are locking their gates, so there is no more functioning online or offline. People are worried what they will do if they don't have employment. How to bear all family expenses is a vital matter before residents of the town. Small scale businessmen have closed business or shops. Unemployed youth have no jobs and they have to do some menial jobs for his survival. In this situation we have to stand for each other.

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    At this juncture, all the rich and affordable people should come out and help all the jobless people . If one rich can help 10 jobless people with food, it would be of a great service to humanity at the time of crisis. There is no other alternative. Government won't be able to help all the vast number of jobless people.
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    Yesterday night a known person called me. He informed me that he resigned from his old job as he got an offer from another company. The old company relieved him immediately. After a week the new company informed him that there will be a delay in the execution of their project and they wanted him to wait for some time to join. They told him that they will inform the next date of joining. Now he is jobless and no salary. It is more than 4 months and not able to find any job. Really, he was so disturbed and asking me whether I can help him in getting a new job. Such cases are many these days and no solution for these problems.
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    @729628 I think you have posted wrong response to this thread and kindly edit the same.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author's observation is right, these days the condition is getting worse. People are being restaged in this way without any prior notice. It is difficult for everyone and many companies are not even able to pay their employees. But the meaning of this type of decision is wrong. At this time, efforts are being made to help people as much as possible so that the lives that are going on not from the epidemic but from the lack of basic needs are saved. There is a great need to be patient during this difficult time, as much as it is necessary to consider saving.

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    The present pandemic has put a brake on the economic development of many companies and they have no other alternative than reducing the manpower to a bare minimum. It is unfortunate but happening in the industry. The employees and even the senior level persons are afraid day and night as any time the notice from the company may be served to them for leaving the job. This is really a scary situation. As no other jobs are available one will have to sit in the house till the present situation ease out. Let us hope that the pandemic gets contained and we all take a sigh of relief.
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    Pandemic has created many people to lose their jobs and now once again second wave has created the situation more worser. People are expelled from their jobs and nothing is going on right track. Several suicides are taking place due to lack of livelihood options. But it's not a time to be demoralised. Modern technology world has opened a lot of ways to earn livelihood through working online. Further a single lose of job can't decide our future. Maybe some much better employment is waiting g for us as future is unpredictable. So why to be depressed. Stay happy and safe.

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