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    How to control prickly heat on the back and boils on the eye lids

    The over heat temperature outside, and the room heat inside is making life miserable for those who has to work in sitting position for hours together at the office and the sultry evening without breeze or wind gives rise to more awkward position to live without prickly heat on the back and boils on the eye lids. Though prickly heat powders being applied, but the relief is temporary. Like wise the eye drops are not giving the required respite. I call upon the members to give tips on how to get rid of prickly heat and boils on the eye lids.?
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    Really it is a problem for many people. Prickly heat is causing irritation and itching sensation. This is more in the places where we have higher humidity in air.
    Using cotton dresses which can absorb the moisture easily is recommended. We should not use synthetic dresses. Using light colour dresses is also recommended. Anyhow prickly heat powders can be applied. Many people prefer normal water bath in summer. But it is good to have warm water bath both in the morning and evening. Just warm water is only to be used. It is better to have a tight banian inside the shirt always. It will absorb moisture fast and make your body free from moisture which will stop the prickly heat problem.
    Travelling in hot sun is also not good. If it is essential to go out one should wear a cap or carry an umberella to avoid direct heat from the Sun

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    During the summer time itching on the skin is a big problem and it starts basically from the sweating of the body parts and then when it dries up, it creates unhygienic conditions for the growth of all sort of pathogens creating havoc in our bodies. Cleanliness and using special skin talc powders is one way to control this and sometimes if it is due to some allergy, then one has to take some anti-allergy medicines.
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    These problems are common in summer, we should try to remain inside a covered place instead of going under direct sunlight. But the author is facing this problem in his office. He should ask management or seniors to install at least good fans or cooler if the office can not be aircontioned. Meanwhile, you may consult a doctor.

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    Simple medicine for cure. Take 100 ml Rose Water and mix it with 50 grams of pure sandal, and apply it on your body and sit under the fan to get it dried. Your prickly heat would vanish and body would become cool. This is a native medicine for prickly heat.

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    This is the most common problem in summer especially for those who have to work in an office where fewer facilities have been provided by the department or organization. I would like to suggest the first thing that we have to do is wearing cotton clothes, it really helps to reduce the feeling of high temperature. Keep a wet napkin with you and used it on the forehead and neck from time to time, it also helps to reduce the body temperature. In one thing gents are luckier than ladies as they do not have to carry long hair because there is a big problem of sweating in long hair. In your office, you can keep some fresh flowers on your table that also helps to give a pleasant feeling of freshness. Drink cool water from time to time for inner coolness. You can avoid many problems in the summer by making some changes in your dressing style, so try that wearing light-colored clothes, looks good and gives coolness too.

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    It would be better to take bath twice daily once in the morning and the the second one is to be taken in the night prior to dinner. In that we can take care of bacterial infections causing itching on the skin. In the summer days, cotton dresses should be preferred since these dresses would provide you comforts because of its high absorption capacity of sweat. Prickly heat can be minimised with the application of a proper talc containing boric acid. Application of aloe Vera gel after the bath would also be helpful.

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    Our skin is very sensitive to the environment and during summer it gets itching and rashes due to various reasons like bacterial infection or prickly heat or allergy to certain pollutants in the atmosphere. There are various ways to manage it and one basic thing is to wipe the sweat as early as possible as that is the source of humidity for various infections. Secondly nowadays many good talcum powders are available which give relief in these conditions. Doctors also prescribe allopathic formulations to cure it but alternatively one can go for the home remedies and also keep good hygiene which help in this condition.
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