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    Inform others before visiting them

    It is our habit that we want to live our lives as we want. And this fact is universal that we don't like at any cost to get disturbed, especially, when we are retired for rest for some time and afterwards we have to move for some important task or assignment.
    Now we should think for a moment when we don't want to be disturbed by anybody then we should also realise that we should never disturb other people. We should inform a person by phone whom we have to meet if he does not allow us immediately or give some other time to meet we should not mind it. It is his life and which time is free for him to meet us, he will inform us accordingly, and if we don't find it suitable for a meeting we may clarify our issues on phone itself.
    It often happens that we are taking rest and anybody or any relative, all of sudden, is found standing at our doorstep. I don't mind him visiting without informing me, however, we should not do it with others.
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    By the way people are no more interested to meet others nor has urge to call others to their homes for the obvious reasons. There has been sweeping changes in the behavior of people as they wanted to live aloof with their family with no more disturbance from others through their impromptu visits. However those who had the habit of contacting and visiting people in the past must be yearning to meet others but what I have been getting the information that people are avoiding visits suddenly without informing them as they would be prepared to receive them. Moreover in many homes self quarantine is being followed and sudden visits to that places would be risky for the visitors. So it is better to avoid personal meeting instead go for the video calling and inquire about the welfare and good of all. Let the time tell the difference.
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    A nice view presented by the author. There was a time in society when no one bothered for the value of intimating before visiting a person's house and everyone went to other place without prior information as a matter of right. But times have changed now and people are too busy in their work and do not like to be disturbed without notice. It is always a sign of good manners when we inform someone that we are visiting him at such and such time. It makes great convenience for him.
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    The author has brought up a simple thing but a common problem in society that visiting of the people to others house without prior information. Generally the people who are close to each other take this liberty and I have seen some people while coming back from the morning walk make a break in their friends house or relatives house sometimes over a cup of tea also and both the parties take it very casually to do so. What I mean is that next time this host after completing his walk goes to the other persons house in early morning hours then he is also treated in the same way in a well reciprocated manner. So when it is from both sides, I think it is tolerable. As we commonly call it made for each other. The problem comes when people visit without informing and if we complain that why they did so then they will make an excuse that they wanted to surprise us. But who on this Earth will like to be surprised by guests especially during odd hours.
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    When the communication systems were not so much developed people used to communicate through letters only. We used to inform others about our arrivals there through letters only. Sometimes we used to go without any information. In the same way, we used to receive guests who used to visit without any information. Nothing special in it. Afterwards, when land phones came sometimes we used to inform them through phones. Days are changed. Now we have to inform others about our visit to them. Similarly, we expect others to inform us before they visit us. I feel we should not be so formal and we should expect all to inform and come. But if it is possible just sending some sort of information may make things easy.
    But for the last one year, we are not expecting anybody to come to our houses or we are going to them. All contacts are through phone only. How long this system will continue is not known. Many people around but we can't meet anyone of them. A very peculiar situation.

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    Previously we had the habit of meeting our close friends personally at least once a week. Of course, we managed to contact our friends prior to paying visit. We then enjoyed the togetherness for hours together sharing a lot of things. The ultimate effect of such meetings was to strengthen the relationship. But now there has been a change in our attitude and our meetings at the current phase is minimal due to certain fears related to virus and we rather would like to remain confined to our own home maintaining chats weekly to know of our well-being. This attitudinal changes can be seen in many people.

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