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    When the online classes are not dedicated why more fees sought ?

    Surely there are more difference between the school class and online class and most of the students are not accustomed to the new way of education as the eye contact of teacher is missing and individual attention at the real classes are missing through online and due to paucity of time the teacher is going on fast forward method which is not to the understanding level of each students and no doubts cleared. In this case how the school managements are insisting for more fees than the regularly paid and that is why even SC has questioned this matter.
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    I think physical establishments will definitely be costlier than the online ones but anyway the school administration has to give salaries to the teachers who are teaching online and the staff which is supposed to join back the duties after the pandemic is contained. It is not that the schools are closed for ever. Whenever they open all the expenses like electric bills, maintenance, consumables etc will start incurring and at that time the fees will be justified. From this it comes out that for the time being they could have halved the fee and again make it full when the physical classes start.
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    Offline classes are not possible to be conducted because of a pandemic. When all business establishments and also most of the government departments are closed how schools can be opened. Since study if students are badly affected, how to continue their study? Online classes are the best way to keep them attached to their books and classes.
    The author has objection on school management why they taking so much fee from guardians of students. Schools have their own expenses like salaries of employees, income for management, maintenance charges, electricity and water bills.
    We should not forget that private schools are opened to earn money. No businessman opens private schools for doing charity.

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    Many private schools are insisting the parents pay the full fee and asking the students to study online classes. Teachers are taking online classes from their houses. But management is not even giving full salary to the teachers and they are not paying for the internet connection also. The laptop or phone is to be purchased by the teacher and the school management is not giving any financial assistance to them. That is how the management is making some good profits.
    But there are some good schools also are there. They are not asking the students to pay full amounts. But asking them to pay 50 to 60% of their fee and paying half salaries to their teachers and other staff also. Many parents are also not conceding the demand of the school and not paying the fee.

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    Conducting online classes is generally cast leader than the physical classes but still schools arr demanding similar fees, dont know why? I sometime feels that due to covid and financial crisis many students are leaving schools and school staff is testing to extract out the revenue from reasoning students. I agree that school authority too requires funds to pay salary to their teachers and cover maintainece charges but if they try to cooperate then many students can be saved from meaning schools.

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    Since we have already had discussions on the hike in school fees, including this one a few months back, we are not having a GD based on the topic.

    Discussions in this thread can now continue.

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    This pandemic situation is a big challenge for everyone including teachers, schools, students' parents, etc, but in this situation, we can not blame anyone. School management providing online classes and for this, they are trying their level best. We know that an online class never take a place of an offline class but if they are trying to do some new things then definitely parents should also support them. One of my finds is a teacher and she told me about the situation as they are not getting monthly salary because many parents not submitting the fees. I totally agree that this time is financially challenging for everyone whether a teacher or a parent. As far as increasing fees is concerned I am not in this support, school management should understand the situation and not ask for more fees but at the same time, parents should pay the genuine tuition fees to the school. If both cooperate with each other we can find the best solution.

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    This question might have a diplomatic answer to, while many people might feel it to be hurdle to pay such a huge amount as fees for these online classes, which is also justified, on the contrary, I feel there lies a big challenge for the teachers too. This pandemic is a curse to everyone including the teachers. Many people have been preaching since last year that we should not cut the maid's salary or other small workers around. But these teachers also fall under the purview of worker. If they are not paid their salary how would they spend their livelihood?
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    For some parents, it is understandable that they are not able to pay even tuition fee because they had lost their jobs or another source of income, but I have seen many examples here these days where parents are enough capable to pay the respective fee but they are just trying to avoid to pay it because they have set their mind that when classes are online then why do we pay money to school. This is really small thinking of capable parents because they are thinking about themselves only. We should not follow these small-minded practices and think about the teaches who also do not have another medium of their income. Pay the genuine tuition fee of your children if you are capable to do so.

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    The school management should consider the prevailing situation and while considering the situation of on line classes the management should note all the demerits associated with this pattern. Such sessions lack the personal touch of the students and the scope of doubt removal for the chapter taught is absent. The pupil would lack clarity on the chapters taught and apart from it, the radiations emitting from the mobiles/ computers may prove to be injurious on the part of the pupils giving rise to many health issues. The irony is that it never surfaces immediately and would be known later. The only positive effect being seen in the online classes is that the students may be accountable to their studies and other than this it is the best source of the school management to extract money from the guardians without letting them any concession for such a mode.

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