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    Blind affiliations of people to political parties

    Many people have political affiliations. They are biased in their mind for a particular party and feel happy when it wins. There could be many reasons for such an affiliation and the main ones are vested interest, community feeling, family bias, misconceptions etc. Actually speaking, unbiased people should compare the parties on various parameters and then go for the better one. In real life that does not happen and many political parties take benefit of that fact and cash on their voters whether the gullible voters or the intentional ones. I would say that such political affiliations of the voters are blind affiliations devoid of logic and proper thinking. What do the members think about this aspect?
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    I agree with the author that some people have blind affiliation with politico parties and they don't tolerate if anybody find fault in their political party and their leaders. Liking any political party and political leaders is not preternatural type of thing , rather it is common but being blind supporter or follower of any political party gives the guarantee that the person is biased and prejudiced.
    Bjp has the largest cadre of party workers and supporters because they are very smart to enlarge their followers. They use all their resources quite wisely. Their political strategy is attracting great number of people. What are their tactics and strategic policies need explanation.

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    I agree with the author. We should not get affiliated to one party and vote for that party irrespective of the candidate. More than 90% of voters go on the basis of the party only. Many never see who is the candidate. This trend is more in assembly elections. Because of this tendency, only many regional parties are winning in MLA elections. If voters start thinking about the candidate and if they select the best available, I think no notorious person will get into State asssembly.But that may not happen in near future.
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    Whether we benefit from the party or nor, we do connect with one or the other party for many reasons. That the leader would be attractive and spell bound in his speeches and that would always captivate our mind. That the party ideals were good and forth coming as per our liking and the party cares for the welfare of the mass and stands for the cause. That way we are connected to one party or the other. Not that we are staunch supporters who carry the party flags on the road. We do talk in favor of the party for their ideals and principles and simply like them because they tow our ideas which are being sought for.
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    Regional parties generally have an art of attracting the local people to it through various welfare measures and then these beneficiaries become loyal to these local parties. That is the starting point for the loyalty to take birth. On national level other issues take dominance like foreign policies, uniformity of administration throughout the nation, defence strategies, tax issues, population control and areas like that. So at that level people affiliate with the parties which satisfy their thinking and ideologies in this regard. If they see that a particular party is not doing in that particular direction where they have firm convictions then they might shift their loyalty also. There are many factors which make us to affiliate with a particular party but mainly it is the satisfaction of our ways and ideas which gives us a means to relate with that party which we adore.
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