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    Be modest after winning

    There are some people who start showing off or talk tall after they get success in life. They tell others that they deserved that success and it was very easy for them to achieve that. But soon when they fail in some other endeavour then they start hiding their face from the friends and relatives fearing the detailed inquisitions that might come from them. At the same time I have seen some modest people who after their success simply thank God and tell everyone that it was the good luck that they got that success in their lives. These people are really very modest and down to the earth and give credit to the good luck and destiny for their success. Have you observed this thing?
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    Success brings money and power, and this combination brings arrogance, whereas arrogance causes bad manners. This is what I observe in real world. Everybody can see this arrogance in most of the people , however, some successful people show their arrogance quite openly. I see some people are of closed mentality due to their arrogance that they shamelessly show their arrogance on prople's face , especially, when they have rivalry or enmity with others.
    However, general masses, keep their arrogance in their heart and mind they don't vent it out but all of sudden their hidden arrogance begins to come out of their inner self when such situation rises.

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    Arrogance comes with success it's usually said. Most of the people try to show off when they achieves a little bit success don't know why? Success and losses are part and parcel of life. Celebrating succes and showing off our success are different matters which should not be confused with each other. Success comes to those who did hard work and have
    perseverance in their life. And success is their right. But the day when we started becoming haughty our downfall begins l. So need is to be modest for our win, celebrate it but don't try to show off it which seems awkward.

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    Success should not make us proud and overconfident. One should understand that success will come from a sincere person and work honestly. So they should continue the same after winning. In fact, one should become more silent when they are the winners.
    Yudhishthira, the eldest of Pandavas won the war and he became the king. But he never behaved differently and continued his rule with modesty. The stepbrother of Duryodhana who fought against Kauravas was given a kingdom and made him a king.
    If you feel proud of your success, you will get overconfidence and that will make you neglect your work and you may face a defeat. Once you are successful your responsibility will increase and it is your responsibility to take care of the people who are with you and maintain a low profile. Then winning will become a habit for you,

    always confident

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    Be modest after winning , the warning from the author is right and must. This reminds me of the first day my daughter faced at the Intermediate class. During the introduction on the first day every was detailing as to how they fared the 10th class and got good marks. Though my daughter has scored the state rank, we was modest and never boasted off. But when the introduction was over, the teacher called my daughter to her side and asked the class to clap for her as she was modest and never pretended head strong for having scored great rank. This proves that winning situation should not bring the over confidence in us. Even the seasoned politicians would not like victory processions after winning, they only thank for voters for the trust reposed on him. This way even the politicians are also modest to some extent and maintain low profile.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Modesty is a very important quality. Every one should be modest no matter at whatever state or position they are in their life. I agree with the author, I lot of people tend to judge success as a gateway to being overconfident rude but that just takes the success away from them. Examples can be widely seen around us, their are our classmates or workmates who, some time lose their sight after receiving great praise from some other side however they should not lose track of their work, they should remember that they were praised as they are seen ongoing to the gateway to greater achievement and success however if they become arrogant, overconfident after it then the journey might get changed. Hence, one should always embrace being modest after every successful achievement, it make him or her more competent to achieve more.
    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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    There are very few people in the world who show modesty after achieving or winning things. It is a rare thing. Most of the people will start showing off and boasting their potentials and strengths as soon as they win in any race.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author is absolutely right, many people in this world feel superior to others just by success. These people always show off and appraise themselves in front of others, as they only got success in their life but actually every person get success or failure in life as per the situation, hard work, many factors involved in it. But the person front one doesn't need to also show off about his success history. It is good to be a success but there is no need to feel superior to others. The real success is that when you got appreciation from others, not by yourself. Maybe whatever success make you feel proud yourself, the same success does not matter for someone else so it is a simple thing that we should pide on our hard work and success but at the same time we need to keep this victory up to ourselves and when someone asked about our success story then only tell them but simply being down to earth, do not try to fly on the sky to show off.

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    Success brings haughtiness. I don't know if any person is successful and has achieved what he wanted , nothwirhstaning, he is modest. I don't know such a person in this materialistic world. But I don't say such a person can't exist now ,however, I have not met him.

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    I have seen that people who have achieved success through hard work do not have arrogance but decency. The real success is ethics. A modest person knows that any person can achieve success in this world and each person has his / her special qualities. Such people do not always consider success as the final stage and are always ready to learn something. An arrogant person remains present as long as he has money, otherwise, his pride will hurt him. It becomes very difficult for an arrogant person to raise again, he falls in his sight. A modest gets a lesson from every circumstance, while an arrogant person may lose their false identity.

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