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    ISC teaches and proves- Many a little, makes a mickle.

    Since childhood we have heard many proverbs, one of them is "Many a little, makes a mickle". That is, we can save big by adding little by little. There is a great example of ISC in proving this saying. Many writers here share their knowledge and also increase their knowledge. ISC is the only platform where we are also learning and earning. With this, every cash that is paid by ISC for our learning and contribution every day becomes a saving by adding a small amount. And many senior members of this site are also proof of it. My first earning was 8 Rs on ISC and today my total earning is 6375 Rs. I heartily thank the ISC and the webmasters that they have always rewarded all of us as per our contribution. ISC you really prove that little will make a big one.
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    Drops of water will fill the bucket. But the time taken may be more. Similarly, if we save small amounts they will become big after some time. So saved money will come in handy after some time for any important work. That way ISC is helping many members. ISC is educating its members and at the same time, they are providing some financial assistance which will be useful for the members.
    Really, this platform is useful to many people to improve their language skills, their writing skills and vocabulary. The members who spend some time here will get good knowledge about the various matters that are going on around the world. The information from here is very authenticated and no fake information will come from here.
    I always feel that the knowledge e get from here is more valuable and important than the finance part. ISC is very prompt in its payment. They go by a particular program and never deviate. All should appreciate ISC for its promptness.

    always confident

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    Normally many members joined here in the past to make rapid amount in few days and thought the site would be beneficial to their earning spree. But later they discovered that those have the profess to write and continue with the same has the niche to make money. Though ISC never promised windfall earnings for us, but one can make a decent income through writing contents. For me I am with this site since 2009 and in this 12 years, more than 80,000 rupees were earned and luckily all the amount were gone for the good cause. Those who had the writing caliber and think more about any thing and have the great observation skill, they can make much money out of this site, and those who can contribute in the jobs section has the chance to make good money. Nevertheless ISC was not the hobby site for many but clearly learning something and earning in the process.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am a new member to ISC but in these few days I realised that several forums and contests provide me to improve my knowledge. Drop by drop its adding to my content. Although I am not able to make any money, but money is not much important. Important is the knowledge and grooming it's doing . ISC provides thousands of writers and readers a platform. Just as a bank it channelised information and resource from surplus to deficits. In short it's one of the best platform.

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