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    What we gained from the track of life?

    One teacher handed each balloon to his classmates and said: "Everyone should inflate the balloon and write their name on it." The teacher then put together all balloons at a corner of the class. Then the teacher said: "Everyone should find out their named balloon. The first finder will get rewarded."
    Everyone rushed too hard for their balloon, but no one got it. Then the teacher called them closer and said: "Everyone takes each balloon and hands it to the person named in it." Just before half a minute, the kids did that, and everyone got their balloons.

    Everyone loses everything while trampling on the rights of others and only trying to find out ours. The rushed life run is not an important thing, but the achievements. If one does not get anything during the fast-paced life for not losing ours and gaining what is with others, there is something wrong with that race. What matters is not how long you run on the life track but what you achieve. At the end of each day, we have to ask ourselves: "Who has benefited from today's race?" When everyone stands up for everyone, no one loses, and everyone gets what they need.

    There are two types of people. Those who gain something from those they meet and those give something to everyone they meet. We need to realize, this life is not only about owning everything but also about being a blessing to others is essential.
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    At the outset nice story shared by the author but in the real life what we gained would depend on what we gone through. Those who have gone through the ordeal of life. surely has the best experience of bad happenings and that would be the life lesson to learn from. And there are people who gain from the bad experience of others and that would be altogether different matter. From the track of our life we may meet good persons, bad person and average persons through which the legacy of learning also emanates the way we get into contact with them. And not everthing is permanent as it fluctuates.
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    Being part of others blessings is one of the best thing I felt so. In this materialistic world everyone is focused on own achievements and no one have time to look about others. Then their is no hope for working for others. That's why we are facing problems when we require help no one would be there to help us because when some other is is need we rejected them. Most of needy people saw sour faces and shooed away like animals. But we should not be arrogant and must never forget that there exists an almighty who is helping others. So I loved to be parts of others blessings because I know that one day I too need them. It's not my interest bhtI felt it's law of nature.

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    The message of the story is good. At this age, we are focused on ourselves. We have no interest in others, sometimes, we neglect our family too for our personal gains. But it is not expected from humans. Animals are said to be selfish but I see Man is more selfish than animals.
    If we starting thinking about others also many problems will be solved.
    We are forgetting human values that are invaluable assets of mankind but human values are losing their charm because most of us are changing into a machine of the materialistic world. Those who work hard to uphold human values are considered stupid in their eyes.

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    True. One should feel happy in giving more than taking from others. But I have seen many people who always look for benefits from others. When a person is hungry and if he is not having money to get his food, definitely he can look for help and one should help such people. But people who are very well off also expect something from others is what we can't explain.
    When a rich person goes to a poor man's house, the poor will try to give the best hospitality that is possible to him. But when a poor man goes to a rich man's house, the rich man will never think like that. A human being should be always ready to help another human being.

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    There is a big difference between thinking for oneself in a selfish ways and thinking about the whole group and welfare of the members. Those who care and take measures for the betterment of self as well as others are the true humans and I salute to such a great quality in them. Life is not to be lived in a selfish and cunning ways but is to be enjoyed with a group where well being and prosperity are shared by all. The test of a good person in this matter is obtained from his attitude towards the fellow beings and those who concern for others are the true humans and it is because of them only that world is a worth place to live.
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