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    IPL 2021 has been cancelled.

    Now when the horrifying consequences of Corona are bringing horrific and its chain is growing day to day, various decisions have been taken by the government, including Kumbh Snan, Chardham Yatra etc. and now the BCCI has decided to postpone the IPL. The decision was taken after several IPL players were found to be positive. In the present situation, it was very important to take this decision, but if this decision had been taken some time ago, perhaps many people could have been prevented from getting infected.
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    Once again the nation has proved to the world that nothing is important when the health is concerned. The BCCI has rightly took decision to postpone the remaining matches after many players were found to be positive with virus and they need to be isolated. Game can be played in future date if all are well. We cannot put the health of the players and others at risk and there fore postponing the game is in the best interest of the cricket diplomacy. Our government is giving immense care to the health of the people and cricket players are no exception. So for some days let us forget the cricket.
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    Right decision taken by BCCI bht I too felt that its quite late. Covid cases are mounting day by day and health of players should be prime concern for govt. Moreover it's cause of worry among Australian players whose countries flights from India are banned. It put them in a difficult situation. IPL can be played anytime in future but at moment health is wealth. Till now the bio-bubble was effective step in protecting the players but due to negligence of covid protocols by some player conditions turned out to be unfavourable otherwise there is no chance of entering covid in players premises. Hope for the best and lets wait for ipl to start again.

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    ,It is too late by BCCI. It had to be taken earlier. The basic question is what the logic was to hold IPL when the country has been facing tough fight against coronavirus. IPL is played for money. It is a favourite business of gamblers and match -fixing elements. If some players had not been reported of corona positive IPL would have not been stopped.

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    IPL is postponed as of now. When they are going to conduct and where they are going to conduct is not decided. After some improvement comes in the situation, they may take a decision. But the decision is a correct decision but as mentioned by the author it is a delayed decision.
    COVID is spreading and many players and field people are suffering from COVID. In this condition, it is not advisable to conduct any matches where many people will gather and become a source for spreading. Games are important but definitely health of the players is more important.

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    I am happy it got suspended, but look at their attitude still- they have not cancelled it; they are saying they will continue it later! This, despite the news of the possibility of a third wave of infections hitting India a few months from now.

    I admit initially I was happy there was IPL to act as a distraction, but after watching 2-3 games, I thought to myself how frivolous it was to spend crores on these matches and BCCI not putting even one step forward to support those in need, so boycotted it and stopped watching the matches (contrarily to what I felt, though, could not resist checking who won in the newspaper).

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    What is the use of playing melodies while the house is mourning? During such pandemic, should we play and watch such a game like cricket. While the economy is down should we pay the cricketeers and make them richer and richest. Are we not fools if we give preference to cricket at this crucial juncture when people are jobless and foodless? Instead of spending money on cricket, try to help the poors and the sufferers. God would bless them.
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    Amid ongoing pandemic and huge number of daily cases in our nation, BCCI postponed IPL for indefinite time interval. As per my information, they had not cancelled it as of now. It will be continued in later months after the daily count of positive cases are down.
    This crucial decision was taken after many IPL players were tested positive. Also, some players even donated funds to PM Care charity to support government and front line workers to tackle this ongoing pandemic.

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    This is a good decision and seeing the rise of the second corona wave any such indulgence would be costly to the society. Earning money is not the only thing and these players can also wait for a year so when the situation would again be conducive to the sports and games of all kinds.
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