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    Now becoming rich is not the dream of many

    Gone are the days when there would be huge planning and dreaming of having own house, assets and properties. But now the challenging situation is forcing the people to only look for the basic needs and survival and not beyond that. The middle class has been battered the worst because their expenses are fixed, but when the income stops they face the hell of the problems. In that case thinking of having own house or assets does not arise. So becoming rich would be the distant dream for many as the very survival is at stake.
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    I support the writer that gulf between have and have nots has enlarged too much that becoming rich is cumbersome dream to achieve. Gonna the days when people wishes for decent living. COVID recession has created havoc when everyone is facing economic crises. Middle class are worst affected because earlier they are in mid of pyramid but day by day inflation is leading them towards bottom that's why they are worst sufferers. Rich are becoming rich and poor are heading backwards because of lack of capital and poor incentive among poora to invest.

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    This thread shows hopelessness of the author that middle class of this society is undergoing a difficult time that they will not be able to have their own home to live in. He has not clarified it why he thinks so. Some people may take this thread that there are no jobs, sources of income are shrinking, price of all commodities are on rise without stop. Some people have lost their sources of income, they are on a crossroad what to do and how to survive in this age. They feel themselves in darkness etc etc.
    Now, someone may ask a question to the author - who is responsible for this situation? Why have circumstance so much changed?
    Some people will say it is the government that is responsible for this state of people. I don't know what the opinion of the author is. Pandemic may be proven responsible for this situation but again someone may raise a question - who has to control pandemic?

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    Absolutely agree with the author. This present situation is horrible for everyone as it's affecting each and every area of mankind. This is true that people are being helpless and weakened economically and unable to fulfill their basic need these days. Covid-19 destroying many parts of life and we can not help ourselves at many moments. Whenever any recession arises in the economy the men of a middle-class family are bothered more than any other. I do not know who is actually responsible for this situation but whatever the reason, the truth is then we all are helpless this time whether it is a doctor, politician, family, or an individual person.

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    True. Many people are facing many hardships. Their wealth is not coming to their rescue. Even after paying lakhs of rupees in the hospital also, there is no surety that they will be out of problems. So people understood the value of money and they say now that money is not everything.
    Not now from the olden days itself, everybody used to say health is wealth. So one should try for better health more than for money. How to pull on the day and how to be safe? These are the questions hunting everybody. I feel when things are in a better position we never recognised this fact. Now it is too late. People are understanding the truths. Better late than never. From now onwards if we are careful and follow all the precautions and do the prayers regularly, the situation may improve in another 10 or 15 days, I hope.

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    I understand how difficult it has become to sustain oneself and their families in these tough time. It has become impossible for the middle class people to keep up with their daily struggles that they face. Due to times like these, people are now restricted to have ideas of basic needs like food, clothing. However I believe that being hopeful and dreams are what are the basis of human life, they help in coping, they help one to be hopeful about things that might unfold. Dreams should not be restricted because of the hardships of the present however it isn't impossible, one should not compromise, man should be able to dream and look out for big things that he might be able to receive in future. Therefore, as much as I understand the pain and struggles of people living in these times to look beyond the basic needs, I urge them to keep dreaming of being rich and successful, it will help them to cope and be hopeful for what might unfold.
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    We are going through a tough time and many of us have lost their glittering jobs and many of us are forced to stay in the houses and wait for the opportunities when the present crisis is resolved fully or partially. Many people are surviving by spending their earlier savings and there are cases where people are forced to sell the household jewellery which was once purchased during the golden times.
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