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    Part II of the common thread to share their experiences with Phase 2 of COVID

    Reference this common thread for COVID. Since the existing thread has become somewhat crowded, we have decided to lock it and start this Part II in continuation of the earlier thread. The restrictions (like social distancing, public functions, parties, religious functions, visiting relatives and friends, online classes, work from home, etc) as mentioned in the earlier threads will be applicable here too.

    Members are requested to refer to the earlier threads and also the responses to the locked common thread before posting their views and experiences here.
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    This time Corona Virus is behaving differently. One of my distant relatives was sick and she was in the hospital. Doctors can bring the oxygen levels to a normal position by injecting plasma. Almost she was coming to normal. Her ling infection has vanished. But she has become unconscious for the last two days. Doctors are not able to understand the reason for that. All organs are functioning well. She is on a ventilator. So taking her to get an MRI scan is also not possible. Doctors are trying their best. They are suspecting a brain stroke. They say we have to wait and watch.
    Why I mentioned this here is to say that prevention is better than cure. So let us all take the maximum possible Iprecautions and follow all protocols so that the chances of being safe are high. I even talked to a doctor and he says in Telanagana from the last 10 days the variant is behaving peculiarly and they are also not able to understand things fully.

    always confident

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    This second phase has taught us a big lesson that we should not take things lightly. I remember after the containment of the first phase we were still seeing some of the cases happening in some places but were having a very casual approach towards them. We thought that slowly this virus would die away and things would be back to normal. Most of the people started socialising and were taking the street food in comma places and eateries. Then there were many other social, political, and religious congregations which added fuel to the fire. Finally the situation went out of the control and even today after a lockdown of quite many days the daily cases in India are hovering around 350000 which is a very big number and once the lockdown is removed whether we will be able to control the consequences or not is the main worry at this juncture. It is imperative that all of us have to be very alert and cautious and take all precautions possible at this difficult time.
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    The second wave of covid terrifying people and became a real threat for the life of people. Old people are very much affected in the second wave. Two of my far off relatives died in Guntur government hospital both husband and wife one after another. They are actually are residents of Vijayawad and due to lack of beds were sent to our city. Wife died in the ambulance itself before taken to the hospital rooms. Both were above 75 years. Lack of beds, oxygen and medicines is the major problem in all hospitals. Vaccines are not available. It is very important to take vaccine two doses otherwise it will be great threat for everyone. Prevention is better than cure is the only option at present and so we must always follow the basic rules of covid.

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    The second dose or the booster dose to which the patients are waiting are now being sent back for no stock of vaccines. Though the registrations are over and slots allotted the government area hospitals are sending away the patients saying shortage of vaccines. In this back drop even the teens are making rounds the hospitals and asking for the fist dose of vaccines. I think as long as the vaccines were in government custody the program was going smooth, as soon as the vaccines started moving to the hands of private hospitals the stock at the government hospitals started vanishing. I understand that the vacciens are accunted for from the movement at every step and how come they be misused by vested interest. India need to strengthen the vaccine program and District collectors need to be involved for professional way of distribution.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Here In Kerala, the Pulse oximeter, which can easily detect the oxygen level of Covid patients has a hefty price and not available anywhere. Pulse oximeters, who had just Rs.500/- are now being sold by medical shops for Rs 2,600/-. I don't know what price is charged in other States.

    The routine was to have Pulse oximeters delivered by local authorities to Covid patients who needed more care and could be treated at home. Due to the high price and scarcity of pulse oximeters local authorities too, are in crisis.

    At this pandemic season, when people are struggling to make ends meet, it is not right for companies to bother people by raising the price of medical equipment.

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    Some hoarders are creating shortage in the market and then minting money out of these practices. India is not haven shortage of anything. We are a very resourceful country but our infrastructure is of not that standard which is required to face up the present pandemic challenge. Actually the present threat is so big and grave that special arrangements are required to combat them on war footing. The second wave is still not flattened out and seems to be contained but that is primarily due to the recent lockdowns and restriction on the people's movement. The real trend will only be known when there is no lockdown and restrictions.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The current wave of covid has exposed the Indian health care system and people have immensely suffered due to this deadly virus. A large number of people are getting affected and still gasping for breath, though oxygen supplies have been procured from foreign countries, it seems not enough to deal with the current crisis!

    People of the country have suffered enough and this must be a wake-up call for the authorities to set up the health care system in order and provide all medical facilities to the patients in the country. Govt must bear in mind that being complacent means total collapse and the death knell of the entire health care system. It is not time to set back and relax, rather credible steps must be taken to set in order our health care system in the country so people don't suffer anymore.

    At the same time, we should encourage all organisations that are on the ground to help people and provide medical facilities. When authorities have failed some NGOs are tirelessly working to provide some relief to the people suffering from covid-19. They deserve applauds and appreciation for their amazing work on the ground.

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    Today in our native place I got my parents and aunt vaccinated with the first dose. Vaccine campaign they arranged in a school. The school is very spacious and an open place is also there. So the Asha workers organised the entire programme very well. They planned in a way that there will be no necessity for the people to form a crowd. Everywhere the social distance Is maintained and people are not allowed without a mask. They managed total work in such a way that no person need stay there more than 45 minutes. My appreciation to the organisers.
    I think government staff are also working very efficiently.

    always confident

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    US has sent huge quantity of covishield raw materials and that would enable to produced crores of vials shortly. And those who are pending to be injected with the second dose over due, they are eagerly waiting for the replinishing the stocks in government hospitals. What I am trying say that the govt should not have allowed vaccines for 45 and above urgently and that messed up. Why because there was heavy rush for registration for the senior citizens and their second dose over due. Now imagine what would be the fate of 18 plus whose regisration were temporarily stopped for no stock of vaccines.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Celebrations are in full swing in China, where the corona virus was first discovered as the world faces the second outbreak of Covid. The festival was held in Wuhan, China, the birthplace of the virus. Tens of thousands of people attended the Wuhan Music Festival on May 1. Scenes of people dancing, singing and celebrating came out on social media. Crowds arrived at the festival without keeping social distance and wearing masks.

    The government claims to have managed to control the epidemic. The video also shows his confidence to fight Covid. The celebration of the confident Chinese people has gone viral on social media. The Chinese government claimed that they controlled 80 percent of the Covid in China, by giving the exact vaccine.

    Will everyone in India ever get vaccine to get rid of this contagious disease?. I don't know.

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    Please note. This is very important. This time COVID is behaving in a different way. When a patient tested positive, treatment is getting started and after 14 days he is becoming covid negative. But they are getting other complications and they getting succumbed to death.
    In our village, a couple were tested positive. They were admitted to the hospital and treated. They are cured. They came back home. After two days the lady dies due to heart failure. The next day husband also died due to a heart attack. Another two ladies have got their brains damaged and they are in an unconscious state.

    always confident

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    The present wave is not only more deadly but it has engulfed the whole country and many places the new peaks are now emerging. Those who are taking it lightly have to change their mindset and not only themselves but tell their friends and neighbours also about this and insist for taking the required precautions and safety measures. This is the time of high alertness and together we can save ourselves.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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