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    Exercises are necessary to make your lungs healthy.

    By the way, every organ of the body has its own importance in working our life smoothly and contribution of every organ is necessary but as we are seeing the condition of these days, we know that in this era of epidemics the most effective of the virus is on the lungs. So if you are an exercise lover, then you will not have any problem, but even if you do not like to exercise, you should include some common steps in your daily routine so that you can protect yourself. If not more, do Pranayam at least in the morning or evening. Apart from this, a child's game called balloon fluffings, through this you give a lot of strength to your lungs. Life is very precious, we cannot stop death, but as long as life is there, it is both our duty and responsibility to protect every part of our body.
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    Good thread from the author and it is timely too because we are coming across chocking of lungs during the recent past and there is no fast remedy to control and contain the patient and hospitalization is the only way to which especually the elders are not agreeing and they are facing the ultimate deaths. What the author suggested are the few tips to which everyone can follow and fluffing of baloons is the new idea from every doctor we visit and that would help us to remove the lung congestion. It has now become very clear that those who are affected by the recent second surge are complaining of lungs congestion and that proves few exercises would be of great help.
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    True. Many doctors are suggesting doing balloon fluffings. They say it is a very good exercise for the lungs. Last year when a person was suffering from fever. But not Corona. His fever has come down. The doctor advised him to keep some balloons in his car and do fluffings and he did it for a month or so.
    Pranayama is a very good exercise and it is actually a part of the morning prayer Sandhya Vandanam performed by many Hindus. Many will do this 3 or 4 times during this worship. This is a very simple exercise and if we can do it our lungs will not have any problem.

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    I appreciate the author for this timely reminder. Lungs are being affected by a new wave of this disease. Baloon fluffing is an excellent idea.
    A child asked me a question why people have been stopped dying of any disease other than corona?
    His question is genuine. Why we are not listening about other diseases nowadays.
    Anyways, we have to take care of our health and our family members. This is a very tough time for everyone.

    Morning walk or jogging is a good exercise but how many of us get up early morning? It is the time of fresh air and fresh air is good for health.

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    This is a good advisory by the author at this difficult time. There is no substitute for exercises and they are required for keeping our body in a good shape. In our culture these things are already mentioned in form of Yoga, Pranayam, and other such activities. People used to do them regularly in ancient times but then new generations lost link with them and now we have to revive those old golden things and inculcate these good measures in the young generation. The breathing exercises are accepted world wide for their phenomenal effects on our body in ailment curing and many people nowadays follow the Yoga and breathing exercises to keep themselves in a fit condition. Indian culture has many such treasures hidden in the old scriptures and only thing is we have to adopt them in a big way now.
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    If we make exercises a part of our daily routine than we can fight with every disease in our life. Yoga boasts our immunity and also help our mind to refresh and work in a focused and concentrated way. Yoga is our ancestral legacy and it's testimony is by our old ones who are generally healthy. Prevention is better than cure but nowadays prevention is not only the way to cure such disease. Several inhaling-exhaling exercises, pranayam can curb infection and further increases oxygen level in our body.

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    In today's world condition it comes to be vital to make exercise a habit. Due to lack of physical activity in the age of the internet, the work of many organs of our body has reduced a lot. Each organ demands regular physical activity as well as nutrition for its nourishment. I want to point out here is that yes in today's age people have become very intelligent. Their brain can do many things at once. We have also developed a lot of things but our physical ability is getting very weak. At least the time has come when we have to look at our health on priority and move towards better physical development. We have to start this endeavor with little physical exercise. Now, this is a new chore for all of us.

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    To keep our system fit, we need to do some physical physical exercises to restore its maximum function. Brisk walking is definitely better in many ways for our improved organ functions. However, if we are indulged with Yoga such as Anulom Vilom, Deep Breathing and slow exhalation, we can give new life to our respiratory system and in the present time, it is of utmost importance. We have seen how the second variant of corona is affecting our long. Hence we should make every effort to strengthen its function. Balloon pluffing as suggested by the author is definitely beneficial and it can be included as a routine exercise.

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