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    God or Nature have given enough warnings to us

    An advocate, who is a legend for arguments, one day died. He brought before the Lord for further order. But this advocate told,'My lord, you are called in our world as very sympathetic and your judgement never fails as you have no parity. But my question is your people brought me here suddenly without giving any notice. In our legal world, we used to give 21 days notice to one before asking him to appear in the court of law. In this itself, how can we take you are impartial.'
    Lord with smile replied,'My child, who told that we have given no notice to you. But we have given enough notice to you.' Interfering advocate told that no notice have been given to him. God replied,' four notices of intimation have been given to you.
    First, your hairs gone white to intimate that you are putting your leg in the old age circle. But you ignored and did hair-dye.
    Second, we have intimated you through your eye sight but you ignored this warning by doing operation or spectacle.
    Third, we have alerted you by making fall of teeth one by one but you ignored that notice by using artificial tooth set.
    Forth, we have given knee pain to alert that you are aged but you again ignored through the operation.
    Here tell me where I missed, I have given enough notices that your age is up and be ready to come here. You should get prepared yourself for coming here by realizing that your time has come and you should have made up your mind by prayers and God thinking.
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    This is an interesting narration by the author. Yes, it is true that no one thinks that one day one will die. Everyone takes it as a big surprise. The moral of the story is very clear and one must get ready to depart from this world when the call comes instead of getting surprised or amused. The clarifications given by the almighty to that advocate are very true and eye opener for most of us.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Very good thread from the author and it is the fact that Nature and God has given us enough warnings through the life and if we ignore we are the losers. The live example is the virus menace which is playing with the lives of people and many have learned the bitter lesson that running around making money is farce and nothing would come with us with the death. All the relations and friends are just for name sake. Enough warnings are given to mend our ways but we take light of such warnings and keep on amending the health as if we are going to live for ever. One thing is sure those who gone against the nature has suffered. For example rainy, summer and winter season should be faced by us without protection and we go for rain coats, umbrellas and wind cheaters thereby defying the God and nature at the outset.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has tried to tell through a brilliant story that how ignorant the human being is? Often, man is so entangled in daily work that he does not give importance to the signs of nature. I think the reason behind meditating is to become aware of nature or God and ourselves. It is a technique that needs to be done constantly. This will bring more attention and watchfulness so that we can be prepared for future terrible circumstances. We will not only be ready in advance but will not let such a situation arise which will prove to be evil or worst in the future.

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    I appreciate the author for reminding us of this reality. Also I have read some words of wisdom," Understand the value of free time before you are busy and you have no free time. Understand the value of health before you lose your health. Understand the value of young age before you become old. Understand the value of life before you die".

    Time is important in human life. Each moment which is passing by is going away for ever. It will never return. So we should use each moment wisely. We should not waste our time because wasting time cases repentance. Whoever has come on this planet will die. Nobody is immortal. All living and none living objects will perish. Most important thing is how we spend our time on this planet. Are we doing some good activities which will benefit humanity or are we doing such acts which are against humanity and creating problems for fellow humans? At least we should introspect our ideology, thinking, actions and different activities we perform in our daily life.

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    A very nice way used by the author to explain nature and it's indicators. We are given several indicators by the nature but we try to hide them or try to appear unaware of them which is our biggest mistake. Why don't we try to accept that nature is trying to make us aware of approaching risks. Take instance from current that lack of oxygen is creating havoc for covid patients. Why don't we interpret from this that mother earth is trying to teach us that if we are cutting trees at the same rate then one day there would be huge shortage if oxygen. It's a single factor and nature presents a lot of factors in present of us but we blindly ignore them and degrading the environment.

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    Who created Hair dye? It is God through his scientific community.
    Who created spectacles? It is the same God.
    Who created False tooth set? It is also the same God.
    Who created the medicines and surgery for knee operation? It is the same God.

    What about those who maintain their hair well, eat well to have good eye sight, brush well to have a strong teeth, strengthen the legs without any pain?

    It is the almighty God who plays all the role.

    No life without Sun

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    That is correct, We will be getting hints from God or nature. But we will not give due importance to the same. We try to use some medicines and try to feel that still, we are young. This is the main problem with many of us.
    A day passed in our life will bring us a day near to our death. This is the fact.
    We should understand the facts. We should not forget our basics. As the age comes we should adjust ourselves to the age and behave according to our age. But we never try to ignore the health issues.
    The author has brought a very nice point and narrated the whole story in a very interesting way.

    always confident

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