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    What is the reason that many times we overlook the basics for advancement?

    Advancement is certainly crucial and indispensable for all lives. This is the quality of our universe and we cannot depart from it. If progress is made from a healthy and strong foundation, it brings very pleasant results.

    As we move towards advancement, we start defying the basics. We cannot escape the basics because at some point in the future it is certain that the building will collapse. If the base is strong enough, then we can trust the building that there is no danger of living in it. We cannot build another building by ignoring the basics just to show progress.

    Most of the time we try to disregard the basic because we feel that it is not at all necessary, but the result only has significance. Occasionally we do not value the root to make advancement as quickly as possible. Consequently, we try to choose a shortcut route to get something done quickly. This sounds appealing, but it is a long way to achieve something great and robust. There is no doubt that you will have to come back to the fundamentals. This may be one reason to overlook the basics and another reason may be that we consider the basics to be an obvious thing, that they do not require our attention.

    It should be kept in mind that without going through the basics there is no guarantee of lasting results. Everyone has got to learn the basics and strengthen them. Therefore, whatever progress has been made, if the base is weak, it will have to start again.

    What are your views on that what is the reason that along with the advancement we begin to overlook the basics?
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    Foundations are indispensable for any edifice. How tall the building is or how beautiful the structure is it can not stand if foundations are not strong and if any building is detached from foundations it can't stand on its own.
    But the author has taken it metaphorically, however, he has conjoined a relationship between basics and advancement. Everybody wants advancement and progress in life, and there should be a hunger with intensity to keep someone alive for progress and advancement but basics should not be neglected because basics are the roots of someone. The family where a person was born and mohalla where he played with his naughty friends and school where he got his primary education and all childhood indecent activities, manners, sports, quarrels, shouting, miffing, resilience etc conjoined as the ambience where a person was raised are his basics and roots. He should never forget these roots regardless of what advancement he has or what progress he experiences or what success he has achieved in his life he should never forget his roots.

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    Advancement for that matter is always associated with ability to cope up and interest to develop. For any person to develop from a stagnant position to the next level, the urge to compete with others must be the first basic. Though we may have the urge to beat others, how we are going to face the situation is the matter to be pondered over. And what for we have taken the task should always bother us, otherwise we cannot move further as envisaged. And for a company or even the country to go for advancement the main infrastructure need to be developed to accommodate the new advancement proposals. For example if the state or central want to have a big metro rail project for a busy city, then plans to evict the encroachments on the way must be first addressed and that would be a great task to plan and execute.
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    Ignoring the basics and taking leap for progressing ahead will not result in a healthy outcome. The reason is obvious. If we go on a long wild hiking trail and forget to keep the water bottle then we will remain thirsty and even after reaching the summit we will be yearning for some fundamental thing and will be repenting on our hurriedness. This is a very simple example but otherwise also when we undertake a project or big task and do not see importance of the fundamentals then we land in a disaster and it becomes difficult to come out of that disastrous web which we ourselves had weaved. The mantra is to never overlook the fundamentals and rudimentary things while making a journey in career or anything else in ones life. They have to be there always so that we are not misguided by the brightness of false lights.
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    Fundamentals should never be ignored. The advancement of knowledge is always better and no doubt in that aspect. But if we forget the basics of the subject we will not understand the advancements in the right perspective. It is like hearing a talk in an unknown language?
    For a building, the foundation is very important. Based on the strength of the foundation only we can decide how much height we can go? The same is the case with the basics of the subject. So we should give maximum importance to understand the basics of any subject. Once you have strong basics you can progress very well in obtaining advanced knowledge.

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    The author has raised a social issue that is spreading in our society, where many people thinking about growth and success at a high level but actually they do not have basics of the same. When a builder creating a building his first focus is always on the foundation of that building and if the foundation will not be as strong as it should be then definitely building can destroy at any time. When we already know about the value of basic needs or basic progress then why people become so careless about it. It is good to think big but always keep in mind that our journey of success or advancement always starts with a small step. When a student starts the education he/she will also start from the basics and basics is always mandatory for any field. I am not denying advancement but at the same time, we have to make a harmony in advancement and basics.

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    Building with weak base is of no use that's why while construction of houses main focus is on building strong base but why don't this happen with us? Why we always focus on reaching heights without having a strong base. Step by step working towards success can be the best way otherwise jumping like frog is skipping main parts of success's and such kind of success can not be retained for a long period and we would fall down in future.

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