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    Are we learning lessons from travel bans by other countries?

    The sudden travel bans imposed by some countries for travellers from India was on the expected lines as every country wants to protect against the further spread of infections. Now, those who visited India, just before the ban, on leave or to spend their vacation are now facing problems for their return. Does this make everyone who opts for a career abroad or want to study abroad learn a big lesson? Most of them who came to India during the gap between the previous lockdown and the surge of the second phase of COVID are now caught off guard with this sudden ban. What is your comment on this?

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    India is the worst affected country in the world by this new surge of coronavirus. The world is watching its ill effects, so some of the countries have banned the arrival of people from India. These are preemptive steps by these countries to protect their people from its infection.
    The situation in our country is also very bad and we have been watching in media and social media how people are dying due to lack of oxygen, lack of timely treatment in hospitals, no bed in hospitals. Some images have been virally on social media about patients dying on roads or outside hospitals. These are heart-wrenching images and videos.
    Other countries are watching these videos and images. Surely, they will. not be coming to India until this virus is. completely exterminated.
    Besides it, international media is also giving coverage of the present situation in our country. They are attributing it to the failure of the government. Whether or not it is true, we can't stop international media from giving news about India.

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    If we go by the present statistics of the surge of corona virus, it is really very disturbing. Even though we are in the lockdown stage and despite our best safety measures, the spread is not being contained. This is rather exposing our weakness providing the foreigners an impression that we are indisciplined to a great extent. We are in the habit of violating the norms which is otherwise essential. The other countries are of the impression that the prevailing rate of infection of corona is not likely to come down in India in near future. For them, it would be safe to ban their flight so that they remain safe.

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    Time and again I had been reiterating that we Indians are the most indisciplined people in the world. Unlike other countries, we don't follow the rules and orders of the government. We behave like cattle. We don't take advices. We ignore everything and suffer at the end. It is not the government to ensure that corona is driven away, but are the people who should cooperate to put an end to the deadly virus that is making waves. It is said that the third wave would be very serious.
    We are good in importing diseases through flights.

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    This is an unprecedented situation and some countries due to fear of spread of infection in their country are resorting to closing the flights temporarily. There is a lot of movement of people from one country to another nowadays and in that situation the danger of spread of infection is definitely here. So, this is only a preventive measure. The industry is having loss due to these restrictions and impositions but unfortunately there is nothing else that can be done at these times except restricting the mixing of the people. There are so many variants of the virus now there and we do not know which is more deadlier for whom. Prevention is better than the cure. It is definitely a matter of concern for all of us that some countries are not ready to accept the people coming from India due to obvious reasons and that forces us to think and take measures to improve our infrastructure and medical facilities to contain this pandemic.
    Knowledge is power.

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    In the era of this epidemic, the terrible situation of India is worrying the whole world. In such a situation, it is the duty of the government of other countries to take decisions keeping in mind the safety of the citizens of their countries. This accidental ban imposed on voyages was necessary for the safety of the public. If this decision had been taken for a year earlier, perhaps the virus could have been prevented from spreading in the world. Anyways the decision made by other counties is necessary as per the situation, and they should also follow protocols for all, but we are seeing these days many people leaving and going to other countries by their own private plans. We can deny that whatever the situation of our country is today, it's due to many reasons and many negligences of government or people or anyone but we have to face this situation and be ready to fight with it. When people will stop moving from one country to another, it will be better for both countries.

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    In India, the majority of the people are unaware of the facts. Even they may not know about the problems that are being faced by the foreigners who came to India. Many people are never bothered about others. They never change their attitude. Because of this only we are facing this situation today. Another important problem in India is poverty. Many people will not get food if they are not earning daily. So for them, their food is more important. For them virus spreading is secondary and their food is primary.
    One should never deviate from the protocols so that they will be safe and they will not put others also in trouble. But a majority of us will never respect these protocols. Bringing in awareness among the people is a very important aspect and the government is doing a good job in that direction.

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    # 729702
    Your assessment is unsubstantiated. Lately, the judiciary is giving its verdict suo moto against government/s and other constitutional bodies for showing their indifference about pandemic, especially, second surge of the coronavirus.

    You should face charges of murder
    We are ashamed of having faith in you
    It is genocide if people are dying due to lack of oxygen and medicines etc.
    Such harsh comments of judiciary about states governments are unprecedented for us but when it is the matter of right of life then who will take care about the people except judiciary.
    Calling people undisciplined is not the solution of the problem. When a teacher teaches students to speak truth but when students see that their teacher himself is lying, now - can you expect that students will take their teacher seriously?
    As a matter of fact a teacher will have to become a role model for his students.
    When we see those responsible people teaching masses to follow protocols but when they themselves break these protocols what they can expect from people?
    If people come in large number in their elections rally they feel happiness , they don't mind if they are coming without wearing mask or not caring about physical distancing. What impression people will take, can you tell me? You blamed that people are undisciplined, then what about our some leaders?

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    Definitely agreeing with the author. This sudden travel ban is definitely an eye opener for us Indians who feel are helping boost the economy of other countries. These countries abroad offer various lucrative offers to allure us Indians, failing to get the whole concept that there sole motive is to maximize profits from Indian's labor. But when time comes, they tend to shift towards saving there own citizens and just not helping Indians. Same goes for now, as they banned travel from India saving there own citizens and prioritizing their own country over anyone else, even before economic development.
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