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    How to solve the problem, and Why?

    The biggest problem is not knowing how to solve a problem. Often many problems stay unresolved not because of the complexity of the problem. They are due to the ignorance of those who handle them. Many of the problems that should end up at the grassroots level remain unresolved due to the inadequacy of the methods used to deal with them. The door to a solution can only be opened when the problem is identified and the cause is defined.

    Problems should only be presented in front of those who know how to solve and capable of proposing solutions. Otherwise, they will make it a celebration or complicate it. People in crisis will explain things from their shaky mental state. But in the midst of any emotional turmoil, the ultimate solution can only be found by those who are able to observe neutrality and mature intervention. The real problem solver's greatest skill is the ability to reach from heard problems to real problems.
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    That is very true. When we have a problem, we have to convey the same to the person who can understand the problem and give a solution. Again how we explain our problem to the other person is very important. The ability of the person whom you approached is also matters.
    Basically, one should be able to understand his problems properly and should think of different ways to solve them. Sometimes we may not be able to find a suitable solution. In such a case we may approach a person who is having the capability in giving us a proper solution.
    We find these days many consultants and they say they can come and solve our problems. But we can understand their capability only after hiring them. So choosing the correct person for suggesting a solution for a problem is very important.

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    When we work, we initiate something, we are ready to face the challenges and that would be accompanied with the problems. And if we are unable to attend the problems then it would escalate into complaint and nasty actions there after from the aggrieved person. We should have the plan a, plan b and plan c ready to bail out of the problems otherwise the situation may go from bad to worse. And author made a interesting observation that the people in crisis would elaborate the problems in their point of view and we must be ready to combat their problems and able to give instant solutions , otherwise the things would become more complicated.
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    First, it is to be sorted out which type of problem someone is facing, if he is the part of team or group or working in a business establishment he may consult his colleaguess. If the problem is related to an individual then he has to find out the solution of the problem himself, if he is not capable of finding any solution, he may consult a knowledgeable and experienced person who understand his problem and can have a solution also. He may also consult professional consultants and can avail their services by paying their consultation fee. But the best person who may find a solution of the problem is the person himself.

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    Agree with the author, problems are always there in our life but it's up to us how we are handling them. There is even an end to problems but if we find it easy we can solve it easily, for example for a housewife it may a problem if her maid is not coming but these days when we all are doing our household works ourselves, w do not find it any problem. This is true some of the problems should be solved at the root level so that they will not take a big form. Some people mostly due to panic or being nervous, automatically make their problems more complicated. when we an in the problem that time maybe we are not able to take a perfect decision so meanwhile e should wait, and think about the problem then the circumstances of the life and if needed then should be discussed the same issue with our closer one who actually provides a good suggestion for you.

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    The intelligent and wise solution makers should not have vested interests in those solutions because in such cases they will manipulate and take advantage. I fully agree with the contention of the author that the neutral and normal people should make those solutions so that it benefits the larger part of society. The clever and cunning should not be allowed to interfere and take up these things in their hand. They have a great capability of benefiting themselves and ruining the society as well as the country. Frankly speaking they are the anti national elements who had been spoiling the show since so many decades.
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