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    Why America and China are not facing much problems like India after first wave of Covid?

    After the first wave of Covid India felt that they are safer than other advanced countries in containing a number of deaths. Once the first wave is over there will be further problems they thought. But as the second wave started, things turn worse for India. Many countries that suffered a lot in the second wave now are very safe with fewer cases. Even the largest populated China is not facing a small problem, unlike India. What is the reason for this? Our central government and state governments became complacent after the first wave and do not learn any lessons to combat if second-wave attacks people. We cannot say it is the fault of people because the government allowed elections to be conducted in different parts of India, allowed big gatherings in election meetings, allowed Kumbh Mela, bars to open, etc. Our governments haven't prepared in any way in between the gap of the first wave and second wave to overcome the problems of pandemic attack. Do you think it is the complete failure of our governance in containing this pandemic situation? What is the difference between other countries and Indiabin containing the second wave?
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    We cannot compare India with US or the China in respect of first covid and aftermath for many reasons. That US has the best medical preparedness when compared to India and China has been keeping the figure of affected and deaths after the Wuhan discover. India has been most transparent and carrying on the tests and vaccines according to available medical source. The US public has behaved sensing the social responsibility but in India we got hostile behavior and some sects of people actually not followed the covid rules at all. Some states have just followed their own rules and not the central orders. All these gives rise to new cases and more cases. But given the huge population and scattered presence of patients already infected the surge was high and happening. However India is containing the virus with great efforts.
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    I don't feel it is the failure of the central government. There may be many reasons. India is a big country. Population is very high. First time when the problem was there lock down was imposed. At that time many people suffered without food. Many criticised the government for imposing lockdown. This time we are saying that elections caused the problem.
    As an individual I have to take care of my health. We will not take any precautions but we blame government.
    I feel this time it is the failure of the local state administration and negligence of people caused this problem. We can' t single out the central government and blame for everything.

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    The Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genetics Consortium (INSACOG) was set up by the government last year for the epidemiological surveillance of circulating strains of SARS-CoV-2 in the country. This scientific body warned the government in early March that a new variant of the virus is taking hold of the country and it was very likely that Covid cases and deaths would increase exponentially. According to Dr. Rakesh Mishra, a member of the (INSACOG) the government did not pay much attention and failed to take necessary action.
    The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare had raised the issue of insufficient supply of oxygen and government hospital beds in November 2020 itself. It asked the central government to take immediate action in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. This news was published in newspapers.
    From the above, it is clear that the government was warned sufficiently early about the second wave and also the insufficient oxygen and hospital beds.
    In vaccine production, the USA has taken care that vaccine-making companies were provided funds, and advance orders for the required vaccines for their country were also placed. The vaccination program there in the USA went on smoothly. In our country, no such steps were taken. Our country grossly miscalculated the production and requirement. We are facing problems with the vaccination program also. The pricing policy of vaccines by our government is faulty. It allowed the vaccine makers to fix the price on their own for supply to the State governments and private hospitals. The Supreme Court asked the Central government to revisit the vaccine pricing policy which will cause chaos and uncertainty. It also felt that the current policy may be detrimental to the right to public health.
    Everything indicates the poor covid pandemic management by the government. Regarding China, no authentic news comes out and we cannot say anything about its covid management.

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    The almost similar thread we have discussed here
    Do you believe the government is only at fault?

    Now we should be ready for another surge of coronavirus. Scientists have given a warning .

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    What ever it is the second surge has alerted the central and state govts to have more funds for medical preparedness in future as the govt hospitals cannot augment nor take treatment to next level as done by private hospitals and in this regard the CGHS and the ESI corporations should be given sweeping powers and funds to establish more hospitals so that the patients need not be referred to other private hospitals even for small treatement.
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    The difference between America and India lies in many ways the first thing is non observance of safety rules to be followed in case of current pandemic phase by the people, proper calculation was not by the government of kumbha mela and the election of the states. Even people were not aware of its dangerous trend of fatalities. While talking of the people living in the remote villages in India, they don't wear masks and non adherence to the safety measures required in its containment. Now it is taken in such a form that the present demand of oxygen essential to save the life has been is not being met because of less availability, though government is trying to procure the same from the different units. There is no bed even in the hospitals for the admission of the patients critically ill. To sum up the situation is really grim and calls for strict compliance of safety measures from the public side and those living in the villages are to be educated properly to contain this virus.

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    Many people died due to a lack of oxygen supply and hospital beds. Just imagine patients gasping and dying before the eyes of the helpless doctors. Many more people died due to the non-availability of beds in hospitals. The Central government was warned beforehand about these two deficiencies. Yet there was no coordinating action. Still supporting this government means, those persons are blind to the facts and are inhuman. The Supreme Court and other High Courts made very severe comments on the preparedness of the government. There is a hashtagged tweet going viral on Twitter#Resign Modi. I have seen a video wherein a Tamil woman says there is only one person who can save India at this juncture. That is Modiji by resigning can save India from further disaster. With so many citizens losing life due to government inaction, puts the blame on the government. Better they move out and bring in others in their party to take the governance.
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    Different countries have different levels of governance and administration. Then there is the main problem of corrupt practices which also vary from country to country. Based on these things the ultimate results emerge especially in a condition of disaster or calamity. We cannot compare arbitrarily. Why to take pride when we know that our governance is definite very poor.

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    There are many countries where the Govt could not manage the fight with the pandemic in a proper way due to various reasons like insufficient infrastructure, lack of good governance, indiscipline in public life, corruption, poverty and many such other attributes which are in quite a good number in our country. If we remember during the first wave of pandemic the citizens in US were so much panicked that some of them started to loot the malls and departmental stores fearing that they will not get food and other items. If the mindset of people in a county like US is like that then what we are talking of our country where a large number of people are poor and unemployed and are ready to loot everywhere if they are permitted to do so. In China, because of communism where one cannot have religious functions outside the house and terrorists are killed on the roads by the police and no court case is heard, it will have a different manifestation than India. Our comparison is not one to one. If we want to really compare in a just manner then let us compare with Pakistan, Brazil, Syria, Latin American countries, Mexico etc. That would give better insight into the matter.
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    In my opinion, the main reason for this is population density and poverty. When the first wave of Corona invaded India, there were many sections that did not have any facilities to meet the requirements of their normal daily life and to follow the protocols of protection from corona, etc. It was not possible for them. As far as the population is concerned, it is known that the population of China is more than India but if we look at the population, we find that India is in second place in terms of population and seventh in terms of area, and decrease in population density. Because of that, some things were not possible. As far as the USA is concerned, it is already a developed country, which is three times larger than India and the population is much less. In developed countries, it is quite easy to handle such a situation, yet we have found that the United States has also lost a lot. All countries are striving at their own level, it is not right to compare to other countries in this situation.

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