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    Difference between fine and penalty?

    How many of you knew that there exists a fine line of difference between Fine and penalty? In our day to day lives we come across many people who have been fined by policemen for not wearing helmets or rash driving. But little do we know that it is actually the penalty we are paying and not a fine. So basically Fine is a amount that the court instructs us to pay, it is the amount that becomes due once we go to court for a case or law break. Whereas what the policemen charge from us for law breaking is penalty.
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    According to me the fine may be a punishment over riding the set rules and it is levied to have inclusive correctness from the person. And penalty is the amound levied on those who does not honor the committment on the right day or the due date. Here I want to share the real happening during the Mahatma Gandhi days. When the Gandhi was produced before the judge and sought for stringent punishment for various crimes as per the British people, the judge heard the arguments from both side and levied one rupee fine on Gandhi and that also he paid to the court. That was the value of our father of the nation in the eyes of world. What the author shared is right , we are fined for not wearing the helment and even challaned. If the challan amount is not paid we are levied with penalty and even jail for overding the order.
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    A fine is an amount a person has to pay as a punishment for his wrongdoings. This is imposed for crime or offence. In this case, the fine need not be alone in the form of money it may be imprisonment and other punishments also. These fines are always imposed by courts only.
    The penalty is levied when a particular act that is not supposed to be performed by a person is performed. Sometimes penalty will be imposed when one has not done the work that he is supposed to do. This is mainly for breaking laws and rules. We are supposed to pay income tax as per the rules within the specified time. If we do it late we have to pay late fees or penalty. This penalty may go up to imprisonment also in some cases. These penalties will be imposed by approved authorities. If a person is travelling on a train without a ticket the TTE can ask him to pay a penalty or he may call the railway police and hand over him for the penalty as per the rule .

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    Both fine and penalty are synonym to each other but as the author has clarified that both words differ in meaning in legal parlance.
    Fines are sentenced by any court for committing any crime.When an accused is proven as convicted in the sight of the court or the accused is found as the part of committed crime , then the court impose fine on him to pay this amount to court within given period of time.

    On the other hand penalty is also is a fine but it is for violating any law. In this category the amount is fixed for contravention of a law in a particular situation whereas fines may be fixed or not by book of law, and sometimes, it is totally depend on the judgement of the court how much fine is to be imposed on the guilty.


    if someone driving his car without having all papers/documents, then the amount of penalty for this contravention of law will be imposed by traffic police. And he will have to pay this penalty.

    On the other hand, you might remember Prashant Bhushan, Supreme Court Senior advocate criticised CJIs for degrading their office. He was charged with contempt of court but court was entangled in his case and was indecisive about him, eventually, it imposed Rs one as a fine on him.

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    To my knowledge, both fine and penalty are the punishments awarded for wrong doings.
    While fine is related to only money, penalty can be anything.
    Eg. Fine: He paid a fine of Rs. 100/- for violating the traffic rules at the cross roads.
    Eg. Penalty: The referee awarded a penalty goal for a foul play in the play field.

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