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    What is the use of having something?

    Have you ever possessed something but discovered that it could not actually be of any use? Why do we aspire for and acquire things that fail to benefit anyone, not even you?

    A man traveling by train saw his fellow passengers buying and eating watermelon when the train stopped at a station. He also had a desire to eat watermelon. He waved and called the watermelon seller and handed the money out the window. The merchant handed over him a watermelon. Then the train was leaving the station and speeding by. But he faced a problem. He cannot take back his hand with the watermelon through the window bars. He had to continue his journey holding the watermelon until the reach of another station about 75 km away.

    What could be sadder than the joys of owning and not being able to enjoy? The guilt gives more weight to the mind than the weight of an object occupied with the great desire, but no benefit to anyone. Our freedom will be lost when we become trapped in the grip of what we think we have acquired. If we succumb to temptations, the body only will move, and the mind will be frozen. No matter how expensive they are, they can sometimes be devastating. The wisdom is to let them go. Those who acquire something with fascination, beauty, or influence of anyone, and living with it, may not even know the reach of the end of life.

    We must learn to acquire what we want and give up what we do not. Our journey to achievements begins with the renunciation of small desires.
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    Nice lesson shared by the author citing an example of how the water melon was purchased when the train was moving and it cannot be taken inside as it cannot be taken inside and thus the passenger had to wait for 75 minutes until the train stopped and he got the relief. The biggest lesson what we can learn from this story is that we should not go for such wants and purchases which are not required to us immediately. Many of us would go for purchasing spree just because some one in the relative or the friends recommended same and we go for it. I bet most of us have enough dresses in the almirahs but we still go for the new one for being attractive at the counter or some body recommended for the sheer color and the new design. We never think that the investment is required now nor the urgency of the product or service.
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    Many of us will be very happy to have reserves. If we have more we will be more strong. This is the concept these days. We purchase many items but we will not use them. We keep them in safe custody. Once in a while we go there and see and feel happy.
    Many rich people can't eat anything they wanted because of their health problems. Many people may not be happy with what they have. Still, they will be worrying about the people who are richer than them. This mentality will never go away from us.
    We should enjoy what we have. We will have to understand the taste only when we eat it. Keeping in the refrigerator and seeing at that once in a while will never make us understand the taste.
    When there is no chance to enjoy and waiting for a chance is different. But even when chances are they're also not using the available is of no use.

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    I really enjoyed the show of holding watermelon outside the windows. The author has explained a Moral story. Don't be greedy to possess that you cannot.

    In my childhood, I heard a religious preacher narrating a story. In a temple, the poojari was distributing prasad. The prasad was boiled chana. A boy wanted to get it first. He embraced a big pillar with his hands and extended both his palms to get the prasad. |The poojari delivered it. But the boy could not separate his hands to take the prasad and eat. I enjoyed the story then. And now I am enjoying this train journey story.

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    What you don't deserve never can be enjoyed by us. It's all matter of luck I feels so. It's generally seen that those who care about their health can never enjoy good health, simialry we try to earn a lot to have luxurious life but sometimes richery doesn't have time to enjoy two meals a day. Several example can be quoted regarding this. According to Maslow's need theory last need of a person is about self actualisation but I feels that these self actualization never exists because no one can be fully contended because sometimes we have resources but due to some reasons we can't enjoy their utility.

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    I appreciate the author for the lesson he gives through the thread. This is absolutely correct that many people find it difficult to hold some memories or any other object but still they do not want to leave it. It is good to some extend to give all your efforts for keep following your goal but at that moment when your understood that now situation is our of your control and this thing is not in your destiny than you should leave it. As that men in the story tried a lot to hold the watermelon but being bother to hold it, we should not follow the same approach for every little thing. It is hard to get everything at a time, so at some place a person has to adjust and give up some of desires that are not too necessary. Many people spend all their life to geting a high posted job and due to this they avoid lowe jobs and sometime situation arise where the person did not get any job. It does not mean that we stop apllyomg efforts for our goal but we should know about the extent for the same.

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