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    Whether the world knows it or not, but you should know what you want.

    When we talk about life's goals we find different people with different goals. A person is one whose goal is to know the whole world along with it, the other kind are those who keep their goal limited to themselves or to some specific people. But there is one more category of people who even do not know what they want from life. It is said that if there is no goal in life, then the whole life is incomplete and for a happy life, it is very important to set a goal. A goalless life is like a race without any direction, and a person is just running only which is not to be known, we do not know ourselves. I strongly believe that we must have a goal in our life. Even if the person does not reveal the world, but the person must make a goal of his life, or else he/she becomes a character of others' goals planning.
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    From the content shared by the author, the matter is very clear that the life should be with a goal so that the acheivement and success would be on the right directions. Many a time we go for such a want of product or service, that is not required right now, but we spend huge amount of time and energy and also money to have it and then wont give credence to it. Many house holds keep on purchasing sarees, looking at the attractive colors and designs on online portals and does not think even for one minute that it is waste investment as of now as there are many sarees already at the home. But again there is thing called urge and wish to which many succumb easily and want to have such products or services without even bothering whether it is required urgently or leisurely. This way Indians are spending too much money on unwanted things.
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    We all should set some targets in our life and try to achieve them. A student should decide about his choice of education and career. Once he decided that he should pursue to achieve that goal. We decide our goal but never work to achieve it is as good as not having a goal. During our education generally, we all will select a course to study. Once we decide on the course we should start working in the direction which will enable us to get a seat in the required institute. Once we get into the course we have to see that we will complete the course with a good percentage. Like this, our goals will be varying from time to time.
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    Without any target, the life is meaningless and we must have some purpose in the life and to achieve the same, there should be consistent engagement. Our targets should be chosen depending upon our inclination. You cannot choose Mathematics if you lack analytical ability and persuasion of medical profession without any interest for the patients would be your wrong approach in the selection of a career. Hence to achieve success, your interest must match what you want to perform. Then the next step is your labour to be put in that direction. Lacking consistency in your selected stream would not provide success either.

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    Working without clarity of objective and understanding of goal is like the person lost in the desert. He will be doing efforts but will not be able to come out of the desert. All our energies are of no use if we do not know why and for what we are doing so much efforts in our lives. It would be shear wastage of time and resources. When the target is clear in the mind the person will be able to focus and pinpoint his energies in a much better way in the desired direction. If I do not know what is my aim in my life then how I will be able to make a headway for that and there is always a danger in falling in the trap of someone who will exploit and take work from me blindly.
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    I don't think if any person exists who has no aim in his life, rather I should say that I have never met such a person who is an aimless wanderer. I think people, rather, many people are careless about their aim. They know what is their goal but they careless about achieving their goal. This is not the correct approach. They are wasting their time and energy on useless activities.
    Merely deciding an aim or goal is sufficient I doubt. If only making goals is sufficient for a person everything will go in hotchpotch. Because everybody will be demanding the same thing or contrasting things which may create disputes among them and everybody will be expecting to have his desire be fulfilled.

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    I just do not understand what are all these goals. As we proceed in life, our priorities change with the existing circumstances. Most of us lead our childhood under the parent's guidance. After education, we try to get a job and settle in life. I will be happy if the members share the goals set for themselves. As far as I am concerned, I was under the guidance of my parents and completed my education. Later secured a job in the government service and did my duty to the best of my capability. I lived my life according to society's norms. This is what I have done.
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    It is good to live a life with the parent's guidance but at the same time we should know that what we actually want from life. Setting a goal does not mean following only one thing in your life but it means living a life with present circumstances but at least one should choose a target for the journey of life. Parents give us a build-up by different norms and values now it's our responsibility to pass on these values to the next generation, without a systematic life we can not even help our upcoming generation.

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    Many people know their aims and objectives very clearly and follow them accordingly. They know what is their target and do their efforts in the same direction. In such cases the energy used by them is fully utilised and generally good results are obtained. So, for good results it is imperative that one should have claret about ones goal in the life. It does not matter whether others know about it or not.
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    It appears that every person in this world has some or another goal. A few of which may be big targets and some may be small targets. Big goals assume longer to attain and smaller goals take less time.

    Yes, I agree with you that some people are unable to decide in which direction they want to use their energy. But with time, they can be successful in finding out in which direction they have to use their energy. Some people are very fortunate who already put their energy in the right direction and the know-how we have to move forward in our life. Everyone sets goals according to their character. It is true that the sooner a person finds his route, the faster he can move towards it and can discover his destination.

    There is no need to talk about our goals with everyone, but sometimes we can share and discover like-minded people who surely encourage all of them to reach their goals as well. Often we know that with whom our harmonies can work out suitably, which can help us reach the goal. Some unhealthy elements in our society should be tried to avoid, otherwise, they can become an obstacle in our endeavor. Especially those who may be jealous of your success.


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