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    Be an example in caring our own children

    Last month I visited Madurai, my native place for some reason. On the next day my cousin brother came from Coimbatore with his son (who is finishing his post graduation) to our house. My cousin brother,whose native is Thiruvarur, did his all high school studies, from sixth to eleventh standard, in Madurai only and along with us, in a joint family. Before our surprise on his arrival, (because he is a chief of a branch of a big company in Coimbatore find no time to spare) quenched, he increased our surprise by saying that he wanted to take his son to the school where we have studied. Accordingly, on the next day by getting permission, he took his son to the High school (now higher secondary school) and showed all class rooms he studied and introduced some teachers to his son. This, really, is a good approach in developing children and is a pride as well the boy will realize how the school was then.
    In those days, when our parents telling their old happenings, we did heard by sitting around but now no parents are telling like this as well children are having no patience to hear old incidents. However parents should spend time with the children jovially as we are creating the new generation for better ruling.
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    In fact I also wished to take my chiildren to the school were I studied and they would know how we coped with government studies and how we scored marks amid competition. Unfortuately government schools are not kept good, the class rooms are written with names of the students who left the classes, and that memories would bring bad repute to the school. Some classes does not have the benches and if the children knows all these draw backs they will not study in governemnt schools. But I fully agree with the author that parents must spend time with the children, know them better, give them all the comforts and wants and then expect results from them. Some parents are ready to spend money for the children but not time with them and that makes a big complaint for them to fume at parents whenever they find situation favor.
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    On 30th January 2021, my father was facilitated in the school where I studied my higher secondary. We all attended. With me, my two sons and two granddaughters also attended the function. It happened for them to see that school. My two sons asked me to show them the class room in which I did my SSC. I took them to that classroom and shown the classroom. I felt happy as I could show my classroom to my sons and granddaughters. In our house, it is a practice to tell the younger generation about our childhood days and how we used to behave those days. After reading this thread I felt happy that still there are children who will care for the words of their parents.
    Actually listening to our elders will educate us in many aspects. The importance of ethics and values in our life. But as mentioned by the author these days children are not having that, such patience to sit and hear what their elders are telling them. They have to gain knowledge with their experience only.

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