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    Why film makers are not doing short film on Corona challenges ?

    India has the immense talent on film making and there are good number of short film makers and that can be released on Youtube channels of their own and have huge following. Why the short film makers are missing the challenges being faced by the Corona patients, first vaccine experience patients, and other corona related stories that is emanating from across the country. One such story, a boy and old man admitted in a covid hospital and both have been out of reach of their relatives and freinds. The boy started calling the old man as daddy and the senior person called the boy as son. Suddenly the boy died, and the old man could not digest the death because he was about to be discharged for negative. On seeing the helpless death, this man also died.
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    A good story from the author. I don't know whether this is really happened or created by the author.
    I know a couple. They have a son and daughter. Both the children are abroad and only this old couple stays together here. One day the wife got a fever and she was tested corona positive and she was admitted to the hospital. She started worrying about her husband. After two days her husband also got admitted to the hospital. But the relations who are taking care of her did not tell her that her husband was in the hospital. She was asking them and they are telling her that he is OK. But a distant relative phoned up and told her about her husband. She is very much disturbed and from that minute her health started deteriorating. Corona is negative but she was in critical condition due to a neuro problem. Still, she is under treatment. The husband is relieved from the hospital but he is in quarantine. Both her children came to India and very anxiously waiting for her recovery.
    Like this, we hear many stories. Why we want more short films on this? Already we receive many videos and messages on social media and we are getting disturbed with that information itself.

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    I feel that showing such filme must be prohibited. All sorts of media is filled with such dangerous news and then if these films are casted then these would lead to immense psychological impacts on public. Curing mental stress during covid is great deal which everyone can't manage. But if optimistic videos are casted then they can provide relief to public. I agrees that general public must be aware about the situations prevailing in the country but sometimes in trial to make money media channels cast false videos which needed to be banned.

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    It is a great food for thought. If any film maker can come up with such information that provides the whole community the knowledge, on how to handle the daily faced health issues with regard to corona. As such if we have weapons for the war, it does not make any difference but we also should know to use it appropriately at the right point of time in a right way.
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    There is no need to tell if movie makers find a situation which gives them an idea for constructing a plot of a story on which they may create a movie, they will not stop to go. An idea of Short films which the author has suggested is a good idea and I think people of the trade are on their job. I don't see movies so nowadays how the trends are changing I might be missing.
    The story which the author has mentioned in this thread is based on human values and human emotions which makes bond and relations strong. One person died and it was proven a shocking news for second person and he also died.

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    A very good story by the author, that truly represent the corona structure right now. However as much as I agree that our flimakers are extremely talented and the situation of corona can be very a promising topic but it can also create fuss among the citizen. There are multiple reason for such a outcome. Firstly is that for making a flim on corona they have to showcase the multiple deaths and suffering of the people, this might tigger and scare a lot of people therefore the flim organization might not allow that. Secondly for showing the true status of corona we can criticize a lot of organization that aren't doing their job well and these organisations are Powerful and might restrict the flimakers as well ruin their reputation. Therefore as much as the media is free, the truth is that it's bound by certain powerful entities therefore people who are concern about their art and career stay away from these topics.
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    Story is quite heart-touching. These kind of cases might be happening all around the world these days. However, there could be restrictions in filming and shooting, so filmmakers are not taking this move to shoot videos. If any such short films are created and released on YouTube, definitely such videos will get huge likes of people. Now a days, people are stuck to media channels to get news regarding pandemic. And these media channels are spreading negative and false news among people which is causing unnecessary fear and chaos among people.
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    During the corona times many such incidents are happening and definitely the film makers will take clue from them. Only thing is they cannot show these types of films as the situation is already very sad and full of melancholy and that type of presentations would simply make the situation worse. Filmmakers generally get ideas for their movie plots from the real life situations only and to make it a popular and hit movie they will be adding some masala from their side.
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