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    An iconic person can change the society.

    When an iconic and famous person gives a message to society, its effect is relatively positive. Although this incident is very old, I would like to share it with you. About 3 years ago, a lady about the age of grandmother from my village came to my house. One day all the family members were watching a movie named "Babul". In this movie, Amitabh Bachchan gets his daughter-in-law re-married to a boy because his son is no longer in the world. We saw it just as an emotional movie, but this elderly woman had such a profound effect that a similar marriage was organized in her family in the village, while many people opposed it. Since this was a change in society, I too went to attend the marriage. That old lady had become a more respectable woman for me, and when I told her. Dadi, you have done very virtuous work, so she said - when Amitabh Bachchan can get it done, why not I? By listening to her answer I felt proud for both her innocence and courage, it has been a forgettable moment, many times the good deeds of someone whom we admire, we are also encouraged to do good deeds. Therefore, if anyone considers you as their ideal, then refine yourself so that society will bring new changes because of you.
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    After reading this post, I stumbled upon to remember a wonderful ad of Hero vehicle, that "Akalay whothi hain nayi shuruwath , jab thumara pas hai shakti zamana dega saath" that means any good work start with the single person initiation and if the work has the power and guts to impress others, they will also follow suit. The same thing has happened here. Impressed by what Amitabh has done in the movie, the Dadi also played her role and proved to the world that good things can be copied and done with perfection. One thing is sure, celebrities through film say many things and we cannot take all for granted. The same iconic person also makes fighting scenes, dupe others and play tricks with people, and if the same is imitated, then the society would bang the person black and blue. So we should take the right thing in right way.
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    Definitely. When Gandhiji made a call to go for non-cooperation. whole India followed him. When KCR started the separate Telangana movement many young people followed him and did whatever he asked them to do so. When Telugu hero NTR came out and asked all the people to vote against Congress and vote for hid party. majority of young people followed him and thrown Congress out of power in AP. There will be many examples like this. When an Iconic person comes out and ask people by doing something and he himself doing it will make a lot of change.
    When we have confidence in somebody we give more weightage to his words. When we have no confidence we will not give any importance to his words. That is why many companies use iconic persons only to advertise their product.

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    It's usually said that what we see it's have a everlasting impact on us. The author had brought out this message in very be manner. Having an idol in life and zeal to match him/her is part of everyone routine. For someone this idol is any family member, for some their best friends are idols and in most cases these idols are celebrities. I remember that when I was a child of 6 or 7 children in my class used to copy what they saw on television. And this is with everyone. Similar happens with our elders. But sometimes these idols are also doing wrong thing that can be seen from our society that youth is trying to compare these celebrities in every way and that's why crimes are mounting up. So the need is to have an idol but try to have his/her positive impact on us.

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    For doing such things or bring changes in the society one has to have a leadership quality as well as one has to be courageous to fight the society in case it does not accept that proposition. Few people have such boldness and clarity of purpose and those who can do it, people will definitely follow the lead. There are celebrities and iconic people who are already well known in the society and whatever they do is generally acceptable and becomes a matter to follow blindly. At the same time some ordinary citizens also are able to give a new direction to the society and then they are remembered by all for their new thinking and ability to guide others in good deeds which will eventually bring positive transformations in the society. Once established the followers accumulate in no time and the trend picks up quickly.
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    Here, I would like to mention about a Hero who formed a party and contested election for Assembly. The guy's party contested all the seats, but failed to win a single seat. Though he was a renowned actor, an Icon of Indian cinema, failed to muster the support of his own fans. He had hoped to become the CM of the state. Because of his personal life which was not acceptable to the mass of the state, he could not even win a single seat. I do not wish to name the icon, but all can understand who he is.

    An icon should set good examples for the people to follow.

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    I agree with the author that if a prominent personality or any popular person or any celebrity as mentioned by the author in her post performs any activity such as welfare work for common people it encourages the general public to take part in that particular activity also. Perhaps this is the reason why movie personalities are invited to political rallies. people come in large number to see their favourite actors. But people don't cast vote at their saying, rather they cast their vote for whom they have already decided. However, if a celebrity is involved in any activity which is related to any common cause it always encourages people to follow him/her.

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