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    What I learned today is seven useless things in life

    There is a book in Tamil called "Viveka Chintaamani". It is an excellent book that we can learn many things from it.

    What I learned today is about seven things that are useless in life.

    1. Children who do not help their parents while in trouble.
    2. Food that cannot put down our appettite.
    3. Water that cannot quench our thirst.
    4. A house wife who doesn't know what is poverty.
    5. A king who cannot control his anger.
    6. A disciple who don't follow his teacher.
    7. A holy water that doesn't take away our sins.

    Your good comments on these seven useless things in life.
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    The author has appended a very good thread and I try to respond to each sentence posted therewith as per my knowledge and knowhow. Children who do not help their parents during trouble or even otherwise are the burden to the family and society. The food which cannot help in appettite is waste and should not be given credence. And water that cannot quench our thirst but it would be helpful for animals and birds and nature development. If a house wife does not know what is the poverty , she cannot get the confidence of the husband and therefore tiff everyday is ensured. A king who cannot control his anger is better to step aside and give chance to others. A deciple seizes to use the word when he fails to follow the teacher. If the holy water does not take away our sins, that means the sin is heavy and the water is nothing.
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    I feel that some these useless things if not cured properly then they can have devastating effects. Say for if a king can't control his emotions then he can attack on any kingdom without knowing their might and even can punish anybody without fault. Similar a housewife unknown to poverty can never be the best house manager. Children are the best support to their parents especially in old age but if they did not hear them and do not look after them then their is no use of such children. A disciple who don't hear his teacher can mislead the world about his teacher as disciples are true representative of their gurus. Further hoy water being true symbol of sanctity is of no use if it doesn't retain it's purity. In short if anything in this world can't match it's utility then it can be called as useless.

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    An interesting compilation by the author bringing out the areas where we must be alert and cautious and not take things on face values. Whatever is required in ones life is not a fragmented thing but it is required as a whole and complete in itself. A house without roof is as bad for sleeping as the open land outside the house. A person may have a big position in the society or Govt offices but certain attributes and traits are required to be present in him as an integral part of his personality otherwise he will be of no use to the public and society. He would be respected and remembered by people only when he is having all those qualities which attract people to him. The examples given by the author are quite relevant and bring out this message of completeness very vividly.
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    All the points mentioned by the author are very valid. A king should have a lot of patience. He should hear the problems of the people with a lot of patience. If he gets irritated easily and if he gives his verdict in the wrong way it is not good for the whole kingdom. If an innocent person gets punished the whole kingdom will face problems.
    There is poem in Telugu says a child who is not kind enough towards his parents is as good as a dead child only. Many insects will born and die. This child is also like that only, that poem says.
    After parents. a very important role will be played by the teacher. So a student who never carry out the instructions of his guru is never a good student. When we take up a new issue we should go as per the directions given by our guru. Then the chances of reaching our goal are high.
    Almost all the points mentioned by te author are in Telugu language also. we read various poems which will give the messages of similar nature only.

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    All points have their validity and explanation. But I would like to give my opinion on following points.
    About children who don't help their parents: These issues are the worst people if they don't stand by their parents in need. Parents dedicate their everything to raise their children and try their best to give them a bright future but once these parents become old and their children become young, in this situation parents expect that they will stand by them. But if parents are left alone and their issues don't heed to them then what I have practically experienced is that most probably these parents might have misbehaved with their old parents.

    About a wife who does not know poverty: Is it positive or negative? Whatever it is but I can assert that it is her husband who can be held responsible. Why did he give a comfortable life to his wife? His income is good that his wife doesn't know what poverty is.

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    The author has presented a nice and useful thread about the useless things in life. My comprehension of them is as follows:

    1. The first point is that parents constantly try their best to provide their child a better and happier life without consideration of what circumstances they are going through. In return, if the same children do not support their parents when their parents truly need them, then they should be persuaded that they do not have any children.

    2. We have seen that many times we eat excess food and even many times we throw away food. This is simply because we are full. Many people are very fond of food and always eat their favorite food, otherwise tantrums. If a situation arises that a person is starving and does not have food, then even a small piece of bread for him will not be less than a tasty meal. At this time, every banquet in front of this piece of bread will be useless for him.

    3.Only drinkable or potable water can quench thirst. If somebody is swimming in the expensive swimming pool, then the water there is useless for the person to quench his thirst.

    4.This point is stating that if the wife is too expensive, then most of the income will not be utilized properly. Due to a lack of reserves, if there is any difficulty arises in the future then the family has to live a life of poverty. Therefore, if the wife does not realize that bad times may come, cannot support her husband at that moment of scarcity. If the wife knows that poverty might hit then she always saves some money out of the income which will serve the family in the time of crisis.

    5.How can a king who cannot control his anger do justice? An angry person can neither hear the problem nor take any appropriate judgment. Such a king will take the country like a plight. Therefore, such a king is worthless.

    6. The relationship between Guru and disciple is very deep. If a disciple cannot follow the Guru's command, such a disciple is useless. In such a situation there is no scope for development.

    7. If one consciously atones for his sin, he can be forgiven. On the other hand, if someone washes his sins with holy water and sins again, then that holy water is of no use.


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    It is true that children who do not help their parents in trouble are surely spoiling their future. There is also a saying "If children are good, why save money and if children are bad, why save money." Food that cannot reduce our hunger is equal to having or not. Water that cannot quench our thirst - Every person wants clean water to quench love, but many times any water is the elixir to quench thirst according to the circumstances.
    A housewife who does not know what poverty is - I disagree, why only a housewife, any person who does not know about poverty is incomplete. A person may not be poor but he should know what poverty is. A king who cannot control his anger is the duty of the king to protect his subjects, who cannot control himself, he will not be able to do so on the subjects. A disciple who does not follow his teacher cannot become an obedient disciple. Holy water that does not remove our sins requires pure karma and pure thought to remove sin.

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