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    All the problems start when I have to take a decision!

    Have you faced the issue of doubts when having to make a decision as opposed to being a mere spectator to somebody else's decision? Share your experiences of this conundrum.

    When a decision is taken by someone else then I am very comfortable because I can give any remark and comment on that and give my judgement on that whether it should have been done like this or done like that. If the decision is wrong the person who has taken it will be responsible and then I can easily say that the decision-maker did a mistake. As an onlooker, I am in the most comfortable position. Many people in our country are like that who give quick judgements and remarks on the decisions taken by other people and show themselves as the wiser lot.

    At the same time when these people have to make a decision then they get confused and worried and have all sorts of apprehensions in their minds as to what would happen if their decisions are not liked by others. All sot of problems start arising in their minds and they yearn that if someone else could had done that decision making it would have been better. Criticizing decisions made by others is very easy but what happens when we keep ourselves at that place? Please share your views.
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    Commenting on others decision is very easy. With a little knowledge also we can easily say what the other person decided or did is wrong. But when the onus is on us, we will understand the difficulty in making a decision or deciding a course of action. Many times we discuss various issues in which we have no role to play and easily pass the comments. But we will understand the problem only when we understand the issue fully and when we have full knowledge.
    Before passing on our comments we should see what we will do if we were in that position. Then we will know the difficulties the other person is facing. Really if we have some better suggestion we can give that to the person concerned instead of criticising him for his wrongdoings. We should have a soft corner towards the person who has taken the decision and we should support him and see that the whole event will be successful.

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    Yes similar situation occurs with me and many of others like me. It's usually said that grasses on other side appears greener but when we have to face the real situation then the real problems started to occur. Sometimes we feel that what a easy task it is. I remember that while watching cricket matches I usually commented that if I am there I would definitely led India to win but reality is that I can never be the part if that team. So just commenting as spectator is an easy task but to fight inside the ring is really difficult one which everyone can't manage.

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    If one wants to succeed in life, one has to be a good decision-maker. For being a good decision-maker one has to be strong and bold enough to bear criticism from people. Some people criticise a person for improvement i.e, constructive criticism and is always welcome but there is another section of people who always point out the small fault to get an opportunity to target and downgrade a person. What a person can do in such a situation is to ignore such people and stay firm and determined on a journey and never look back from your target till you achieve it.
    Public opinion is inconsistent; they would abuse you today but the same people would appreciate you tomarrow for the work you have done or you would do some other time. Criticism from people will never shake you unless you are shaked by yourself and lose your confidence, and give people an opportunity to bogge you down through their comments and criticism. Stay firm in what you do and stop getting distracted by criticism.

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    It happens when we focus on others. This is the habit of some people to look into others' matters. If you advise these people to mind their own business instead of peeping into others, they would not welcome you.
    While taking any decision all apprehensions should be discarded, they will distract the mind from taking the right decision. Now, it all depends on us whether we should make our decision without consulting our colleagues, knowledgeable people who are well versed in the trade. However, once the decision has been taken should be defended and implemented. We should not be confused after taking the decision. We should never see what other people will say, let them babble, you keep on moving.

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    Taking decision is not the cup of tea for many and it needs guts and courage to face the aftermath because every decision taken is always accompanied with success and failure. If the decision taken is good and acceptance to all then the decision changes to next level with more applied rules for furtherance of the task. And if the decision is bad, there must be way out with plan b and plan c . One thing has to be noted here that if the others are shying away from taking decision means they are not ready to take the risk and the decision needs to be threaded with caution. Normally in companies in the guise of given learning process the decision taking is passed to the lower rank so that the upper rank would approve the same if it is good and here lies the actual take as lower rank managers are not prepared to take risk of huge decisions.
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    The easiest thing in the world is to give advice to others. The most difficult thing is to take a decision on our own. Any person giving advice does it with good intentions only. Similarly, there will be comments when a decision turns out wrong. These are the general ways of life. It is always better not to give any advice unasked.
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    It is very easy to pass comments telling that the decision taken by the person was not correct and while taking decisions, he ignored many vital issues. To criticise anyone is rather easy but equally difficult to take correct decisions if we were in the similar situations. We don't go through the entire situation promoting one to take a decision like this. May be we are not sure about the impediments while doing the same jobs and the ways how best it could be tackled under that circumstances. The people while passing on comments ignore all such issues.
    In fact, while I was in the organisation I felt that my boss delegated the task to the subordinate asking him to take decisions if required and if suited to the organisation, he often rewarded the fellows for their good decisions but in case of his wrong doings in multiple times, he used to transfer him.

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    Been there at the same side where you are now, still struggle to take decisions in life and depend on others for the same. I feel its very easy to work or abide other's decision about your life, because you will have a person to blame always, even if the other person actually thought over your decision before giving you the same. We as humans always seek validation, whether the validation is for our own decisions or for a step that we a thinking to take.
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    True, it is very easy to blame others for a decision but when the decision is taken by ourselves and unfortunately the decision may find wrong this time people do not have the same courage to blame themselves as others. Our life is mostly based on the decision taken by us or by others for us, but whoever took any decision, end of the day its impact our lives in positive or negative ways so one should try to make a decision with its own responsibility because when the result of the same decision will be there, it's we only who have to face it.

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    Very true. Most people sweat when they have to make a decision on an issue that is personal or affecting them. Even the one who gives too much advice to others shudders and suffocates when it comes to his own thing. The reason for that is that we have to deal with our subject or problem ourselves. We only have the responsibility to tell others, about their problems, and how to solve them. They are the only ones who handle it completely. We have no role in it. But when it comes to our problem we are the only ones who have to handle it completely. So the thought of using our intellect alone is not enough. If he alone analyzes a person's problem, he will probably think only of one or two aspects. But when another person thinks, sometimes the thought passes through another perspective that we do not think. Then a decision can be made with that factor also. That is the quality of using one's own thoughts along with the thoughts of another.
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    Some people are poor in decision making and they generally avoid responsibilities of that nature. They can work like an excellent subordinate but when they are given the charge of something independently they start panicking. It is surprising that they are very good in giving suggestions and would provide a number of alternatives and options to others but would never be able to decide as which one of them is to be firmed up.
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