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    Senior BJP MP Mr.Subramanya Swamy advised PM to recruit Mr.Gadkari for Covid management

    Senior member of BJP Mr.Subramanya Swamy advied PM to recruit Cabinet minister Mr.Gadkari to see the Covid 19 disaster management. As the situation going out of control, it is important some expert with full power has take control of the situation so that more damage to the country can be avoided. He also opined that PMO can't do something extraordinary to manage the situation and that we can't expect it. Do you think that Mr.Swamy's advice is good for the country? In your opinion what can be done at this moment to overcome the tragic situation. What are the alternative suggestions for this big issue of the country.
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    Now it has become increasingly clear that India has been passing through the second wave and third surge is also cautioned by the expert by mid May. In this back drop what Subramanyam Swamy has advised holds good because a dedicated senior Minister holding sweeping powers need to see and look after Covid management across the country and he must take stock of the situation from other departments Gadkari is having capacity and know how to manage such task. It is believed that Nitin Gadkari is not only popular and as the access to PM directly so that cooperation and coordination can takes place in tandem. One thing is sure , India is going through worst situation and even world help is coming to aid and therefore a dedicated Minister at the national level is the need of the hour to cordnate with the states.
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    This is a good suggestion by Dr. Subrahmanya Swamy. The Prime Minister himself looking after everything related to covid management. Whether it is Mr. Gadkari or anyone, there should be a person to look after the covid management in the country exclusively. Mr. Modi failed and facing a lot of criticism.
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    As suggested by Mr, Subramanya Swami in respect of controlling the pandemic situation, it would be better to take correct stock of position and accordingly the steps are to be taken. PM is having several responsibilities and the management of the pandemic situation in this circumstances will produce substantial strain. The management of this situation is really tough which calls for proper streamlining of oxygen to various hospitals, management of vaccine and Remdesivir essential sometimes to be administered to the needy. Hence such a suggestion made by Mr, Swami makes sense and such a delegation of power may ease the situation.

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    I also feel that there should be a dedicated minister for this. Health Minister can be asked to concentrate more on this or a separate ministry can be created. Many problems are coming. Managing the whole issue by PMO may be difficult as they have to concentrate on many other issues. Gadkari is an able person with a very good dedication towards the work. His performance so far as a minister is found to be effective. The PM is also having good faith in Gadkari. So he may be a better option. Anyhow the government has to take the decision.
    I feel more that the central government state governments should concentrate on this matter at their level. General guidelines can be given from the centre. Ours is a very vast and highly populated country. So each state is to be viewed as a separate identity and implement the things. Then monitoring will be very easy and they will also feel the responsibility.

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    I think no person can manage things single handedly whether he is Mr Modi or anybody else. In such times of disaster and calamity what works is the team spirit and delegation of powers to the people below and we have to believe that people below will be doing things honestly. If the people whom powers are delegated at a lower level start doing all sort of malpractices and corruptions then even God cannot save us from the doom. In this situation the suggestion given by Swami has some merit and makes sense that PM should now distribute the responsibilities along with decision making power so that everything does not come to him. Personally, I have doubt whether it will help much because we have so many lose points and drawbacks in our system that even after redistribution of responsibilities or even cabinet shuffling or even change of the Govt does not bring positive changes. It is unfortunate but true.
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    Why not the government appoint Dr. Subramanyam Swamy to manage Covid-19. He should be given sweeping powers by the Prime Minister to deal with the situation. I am sure, if Swamy is given the task, he will perform it better than Gadkari or any other politician.
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    Dr Subramanyam Swamy knows very well that Modi is one person who would never like to share credits for anything with anyone. Swamy has done the right thing by suggesting (because when a person does not move, he needs to be pushed) that a cabinet minister be given total responsibility in the wake of this explosive situation being faced by the nation so that we get some respite. Unlike in the first phase, Shri Modi can be seen withdrawing into his shell having realised that it is not an easy task and cannot be handled alone. It is in this context that the suggestion has been made and it is very much a need of the hour. Swamy does not mince his words and is one of the very (very) few in the BJP who can gather his guts to guide the PM who is surrounded by sycophants.
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    Swamiji often speaks against his own government.His statements are good, bad and someones obnoxious. I don't take him seriously.
    Whether it is Nitin Gadkari or any other minister, why a particular person should be given this responsibility? Do they have vast experience in crisis management or coping with any natural calamity or pandemic or have they worked on grass root level as a social worker?
    I think only those people who are expert of this field should be consulted, a team comprises of such people should be constituted instead of bunch of bureaucrats.
    When in 2008 the world faced serious economic crisis - similar to serious depression. Even US was in serious crisis but India was not affected. The then PM Mannihan Singh called Mahendra Singh Tiket to consult him if agriculture could help indian economy. He gave his suggestions and assured the PM that agriculture will not let economy down.

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    There is a feeling in the country that the present PM is having a lot of power in his hands and probably he has not delegated them down below properly or people at the lower level are not taking those responsibilities due to the fear of failure. Whatever be the reason the delegation of the responsibilities should be there. The lower level people are also taking full Govt facilities and fat salaries and why they will not perform if they are given the responsibilities. So it does not matter whether Mr Swamy is given the task or Mr Gadkari is given the task. What matters is that they should do it with same seriousness as Mr Modi is doing or wants others to do. One efficient man at the top cannot do anything if there are no god followers in the line below. What we require is a chain of honesty in the system.
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