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    Untruth and gross failure to connect

    One blatantly communal party has lost heavily, of all places, at Varanasi. It's great guns went all out, blaring. But today, the SP is forging ahead in UP. One so-called " national" executive member of this party, who has just won so narrowly against thr Superstar called Kamalhassan in Coimbatore in the recent Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, posted a false image of a hospital that had 6000 beds created by its parent body.

    This untruth was quickly exposed. It was just a 600 bed hospital. One young Turk belonging to this party, who talks a lot of nonsense day in and day out, goes to a big Govt hospital in Bangalore and wants to know who recruited 17 volunteers who were Muslims. Being a Muslim is not a sin. They can also be volunteers. The implication was that these were the people behind the bed scam. The investigation revealed that only four culprits all belonging to the Hindu religion were culprits!!
    Untruth cannot hold on forever. This communal party failed to connect in West Bengal. It needs results. Not rhetoric.
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    The truth will always surface out definitely. But some times it will take more time. Till then we all will be thinking that what we believe is correct and all others are wrong. But it may not be the case. Some times we may also go wrong. So by seeing one issue we can't generalise the issues. A culprit is a culprit and no matter to which community he belongs. He should be punished. There are people to do that and definitely, they will do the needful.
    In India, it has become a habit to make everything political. There are people who wanted to do politics even on dead bodies also. One should not do that.

    always confident

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    In politics, lies, mudslinging, teasing and even giving wrong information to the voters have been seen in the past and were the silent spectators. What we need is the sincere party which can go into the root cause of the problem and give us the good governance. For that matter we either fail with the party or faith with the right candidate to be elected. And coming to point of bad promises and the truth is now out, the EC must take actions on such false promises and the local police should register the cases on their own and chase the leaders who made such promises. Moreover the voters are not fools to elect a leader against the formidable actor. If Kamala Hassan was lost agianst the BJP candidate means it is the former to be worried and take note of his lost popularity. So author bothering on this issue seems to end with elections only.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is no party which can claim itself a clean party and that is the crux of the problem and difficulties that the citizens of this country are facing. The public relation team of these parties is creating all confusion and chaos in the media and the gullible people are reading it and taking as true. We are going through a very bad time where all the parties are doing their advertisements in the media and misleading the people. There should be some stringent rule to punish these people who are spreading wrong information in the media. Today people use the media day and night and if such wrong messages come there we all will be misled and that will be a very bad situation.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Giving wrong information in the media is in a very bad taste. Some people are making incorrect statements and giving wrong data just to make their party come in prominence. This is a very serious matter and Govt should think about this and make rules to punish it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In UP Panchayat elections bjp performed badly. Samjwadi Party has come in this elections. In Ayodhya, Varansi, Mathura, the religious places, bjp lost here. It is a big set back for the ruling party. They have to re organise their campaign for next year assembly elections.
    In Tamilnadu bjp has no hold at all, however, it is trying to have a foothold in the state.
    You can't trust politicians, they can use every trick to fool you. All politicians are in the same boat. Some of them are bad and some of them are worse or worst. Now you have to choose bad out of them. Good people will get suffocated in politics. No -political party has saints. E.g. in recent elections held in west Bengal. TMC gave tickets to about 98 candidates who are facing criminal cases and bjp gave tickets to about 144 such candidates. What about DMK in TN. Is it the party of saints?
    I don't think that we should like any political party, rather we should see which candidate is better than rest all contesting from our constituency.

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