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    Author of a thread has the duty to guide and conclude the thread.

    The forum section is the most vibrant one at India Study Channel. A number of topics are raised and members share their views on the topic. Most of the time, the author raises the thread and leaves it there. I think the author has to intervene from time to time and guide the same to a conclusion. This is easily said than done as the members differ a lot in their views. However, I think it will be good if the author guides the thread and bring it to some sort of conclusion. The threads on political topics are very difficult to conclude. Topics of general nature can be guided if not to a conclusion but to some sort of common understanding. I hope whenever a thread is raised, the author may take interest in it and guide it. If not the author, the editor can do as sometimes Saji and Vandana intervene to put the course of the thread online. This is a difficult thing but a start will help.
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    I agree with the author. When we rise a thread we should go on seeing the postings by different members and offer his observations. Sometimes we see different people may come out with different opinions and a good discussion will take place. Such threads are to be followed up by the author without fail and see that a meaningful conclusion will take place. But it requires a lot of time and how many of the authors can spend that much time here. At least daily once the author can go through the postings for his thread and see how the responses are. He can sum up the whole discussion with his final comments. Members who raise many threads daily may not be able to find time for that. But if they can start doing this they may manage their time without much problem. I think it will be a hectic task for the management to go through and sum up each thread. It all depends on how much time they can spend.
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    Very nice observation made by the author. Many members follow the responses to their thread very minutely and meticulously and make their comments and feedback in between also and that is a very good thing and we all should encourage that. At the same time there are some members who might be seeing the responses to their post but generally do not scribble in between as if they are the mute spectators to the flow of the thread. I am not sure but there might be some who just float the post and then forget about it and start submitting other ones. We all should strive to come in first category.
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    You are absolutely right. An author of the thread should treat his/her thread as their own baby and care it. This can be done within 10 days when the thread will become old. The authors should go through their posts and respond and counter respond to the members responses. At the end, they may post their own views and conclude with a word " thanks".

    I had been suggesting this in the past, but was a futile effort. No one follows it including me after being fed up.

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    I agree with the instructions and advice gives by the author. I have found some members really follow threads and provide their views as per other's responses. It may difficult for those who do not spend enough time on the website but when we raised our thread it is our responsibility to hold it and give a conclusion as per others and own opinions. Actually, the discussion would be really fruitful when we ended with it with a conclusion. I understand some authors already follow the same procedure but disappointed by others' less interest. I will try to follow this for upcoming forum threads.

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    If I or a forum editor do find a thread going off-track we intervene to get it back. So also, we have on occasion put in a final response. There are a number of issues with us stepping in to conclude a thread. The first is - and this is frankly the case quite often - we will put in a very abrupt end by simply stating that we are closing the thread due to sufficient discussion on the topic. The second is that although we step into the forum section to check out everything is fine, we may not have sufficient time to really put in our own concluding comment on the topic itself and hence resort to the abrupt ending. Thirdly, on the occasions when we did conclude a thread either abruptly or otherwise, we get accused of concluding the discussion early!

    It may be the case that the thread's author doesn't really have anything more to say and does not see the necessity to return to it. I do not think it is necessary for the author to put in a 'thanks' note. This might, in fact, be abrupt in its own way if actually there are other aspects of the topic to discuss and members would like to express their views on it.

    Let's keep in mind that the forum does not require monitoring by editors 24x7 and members have shown their maturity and responsibility 99.9% of the time in participating in discussions. So let threads run with or without a neat conclusion, and, if so required, a member can always send a message to the thread's author, requesting to get back to the thread.

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    It is quite natural to have multiple opinions on topics raised by each author. In daily life, we have seen a variety of opinions emerging that no matter how good a thing is done, it is good, bad, or can make better. Similarly, when different aspects of a subject are discussed and members evaluate the subject from different perspectives and make different comments, do not other areas of the subject, which the author has left out or omitted, also come to light? The essence of each subject comes out if when everyone independently comments with their own views.

    So my personal opinion is that it is better for the author not to interrupt from time to time with "this is what I meant on this subject". I also believe that such a step will help maintain the vitality of the forum. There is also the opinion that it would be better for someone other than the author (editors or others) to sum up the various opinions on the subject.

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    Generally, I see some of the members who start a thread reply to posts of other members but invariably, replies of other participants are in concurrence of the OP (opening post), so there is no need to reply the same.
    ISC does not allow debate on the forum. All members come in thread and express their opinion about given topic and move to other thread. Simetimes, It can not be said that we are even discussing any issue. As in debate or at least discussion we have to give evidences to prove our claim which improve our knowledge about the given topic but external links are not allowed.
    So come in thread ,express your views and forget it.
    Now take a glance at topics which are brought on the board:
    - Politics
    - Moral teachings
    - Goal and success
    - Society and its behaviour
    - etc

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    I have the habit of intervening into the thread raised by me and put forth my view point if the other members seek further clarification and remarks on the post. It is good to have the interactive kind of thing on every forum post. But many a time the forum threads recieve five or six responses and then stops. I feel the editors can play good role in giving life to any thread by giving their response and taking the thread to further level. But most the time the threads are removed for no reason and the members get dejected and wont raise the threads. ISC forum has the ability to be number one across the country provided members are active and post at least one thread a day and that would have more interactive session among the members. Nevertheless the regular members are keeping this forum alive and we are thankful to them.
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    I do not mean to say that the editors should intervene in all the threads. Whenever they feel there is a necessity for course correction, they may step in. The author of the thread should try to guide it as far as possible. Sometimes, the responses will be out of the scope of the content of the thread. In such cases, the author can step in and put it on course. In general, the author of a thread should try to guide it. This may not be possible because of the time constraint but to the extent possible, it is advisable.
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    You are absolutely wrong by saying "ISC does not allow debate on the forum." The forum is meant for discussion/debate. There is enough room available to us to argue in a dignified manner without any absurd, abscene, indecent, irrelevant words. But what I observed is - Members are not interested to debate on the issue raised by the author. Even in active GD, the participants rarely counter other members.

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    Forum is a place where everyone is allowed to post ones opinion or view on the issue and topic raised by the author. Sometimes serious discussions and debate are also seen and that seems like a GD only. Very few members will be attending all the forum posts and the usual trend is that people will select as per their liking and choice. Attempting a forum post for response where one is having no interest is like digging for water in the desert and it would be wastage of energy and adding meaningless long paragraphs to a forum thread. The free flow structure and the members steering themselves the forum thread in a proper direction is the excellent collaborative effort that I have seen in this portal and I would not flatter but simply say that it is one of the best in the internet sites where forum discussions take place. I had participated in such discussions elsewhere and in some of them the thread dies an early death and as most of the threads have same fate the section itself becomes dull. I think our endeavour should be to keep our forum section as vibrant as possible because the perceived benefits are coming to us also. Moreover it is a gateway to ISC site and new members enter here through this only.
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    I think you are the right person because I shall give your example. Lately, you have raised a thread about Doomsday, in which you mentioned that news about doomsday went viral on social media in 2012 but the world was not destroyed. Then keeping pandemic in your sight you raised your query if 2021 might be considered as doomsday but this thread was deleted and the reason was given "it's superstition.
    On a forum, every topic should be discussed in detail with evidence. E.g. Doomsday thread.

    What is superstition?
    Is doomsday superstition?
    What does science say about doomsday?
    What different religions say about doomsday?
    When will doomsday occur?

    And every member who knows this topic could express his views with evidence and also he could give links of some books or treatise or articles about this topic. In this way members who don't have good knowledge about this topic could know in detail.
    But since it is not allowed on ISC so I take it easy. I don't go deep in confrontation. If we have to stay on ISC we have to follow rules.

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    I think the originator of the post has a moral duty to see it a few times after it is floated so that if there is a query by the responding members about any clarification then the author should be able to respond to it. It is definitely in a good spirit.
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    We had raised this point earlier too but things did not change much. I am not sure whether the suggestion was met with cold shoulders due to the decreasing pattern of points for subsequent responses.

    What I have generally observed is that a member who raises a thread with an interest to discuss a point will follow it and respond to queries or doubts by other members and also will clarify diversions and get his point back on track. But when a thread is raised for the sake of raising a thread, the interest factor will be missing and the author simply vanishes from the scene and at times does not even respond to requests calling for his presence. That shows a sheer lack of commitment and interest and indicates a mere quest for points.

    I am in total agreement with the author that one should be responsible for the content he posts and should keep following the thread so that it is kept lively. (Please note that I do not mean that one should keep posting consecutive responses as a matter of routine just to get his thread back on the first page.) So, please do not leave threads orphaned.

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    I would agree with many other members and the author that one who raises a point through their thread should be the one that can interfere and make the thread move in the right direction. There are times when a writer just raises a thread and then does not respond or keep an eye on it and is left unattended. There may be many factors for the cause like:
    1. The writer has a valid point to be discussed but maybe lacking detailed information, thus learning more from other members through the forum.
    2. The writer raised the tread but due to a busy schedule could not attend or follow up.
    3. They get fewer points on frequent posting.
    4. Many members would have cleared their point and that itself was the point of the writer.
    5. Forgot to give his conclusion on the last day(10th day) of the thread.

    But as pointed out, it would be better if the originator could be able to give his conclusion on the point raised for better understanding and clearance of points for others.

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