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    Why Kamal Haasan's party faced such a humongous defeat in Tamil Nadu elections?

    Kamal Haasan's party, Makkal Needhi Maiam, was defeated humongously in Tamil Nadu elections. It garnered only 2.5% vote share. Even the party president, Kamal Haasan was defeated in Coimbatore South by the BJP candidate.

    When Pawan Kalyan's Janasena party got 6-7 % vote share and only 1 Assembly seat out of 175 seats, the people of Andhra Pradesh thought Janasena party faced an embarrassing defeat. But Kamal Haasan's party performed even worse than that.

    Tamil Nadu politics always revolve around the movie industry. But being from the movie industry, Kamal Haasan's party was defeated very badly. What is the reason for such a humongous defeat by Kamal Haasan in Tamil Nadu elections? Our Tamil Nadu friends can explain the real scenario.
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    I have been gone on record many times when ever the Tamil Nadu politics and poll prospects are raised and mentioned there that Rajnikanth and Kamala Hassan are big flops and they cannot run for elections on their own. Cleverly Rajni has opted out intelligently and advised his cadre to choose and vote as per their conscience. But Kamala Hassan done foolish thing that people would choose him alternate to Dravidian parties. and we know there is no space for other parties except the two giants. This is the bitter lesson Kamala Hassan learned and also wasted money. Moreover both these stars are not completely informed about the politics and they often get confused about themselves and voters are not confident about them. So TN politics has no more space for the film star turned politicians at present or the future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is expected. Before the elections themselves, many people predicted the same. In some discussions here also it was mentioned that both the big heroes may not do better in the elections. Both of them are not fit for politics. The conditions that are prevailing at the time of elections will make the difference. DMK and AIADMK are well established. Both the parties are very famous for freebies. So people will always tend towards them only. This time the death of Karunanidhi helped a lot to DMK. The symaothy wave helped them in getting higher votes.
    Kamal Haasan is not a very good orator. That is also gone against him.

    always confident

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    Kamal Haasan and his party lost as debutant in state politics. It is not wrong to say that they were rejected by people of the state. I don't know exact reasons of his defeat but generally, in such cases when a party loses all seats , it happens when people have zero confidence in the party. But I think this new political party should not lose hope for future. If they want to succeed in politics they have to build their foundations on the ground. They should keep in touch with people by helping them.
    I see following reasons of this defeat.
    - Intra-party disputes: Few party leaders were harming party and they have left it now. As per report they have been termed as Traitors by the party chief.
    - Trend for Stalin and his party: Anti-incumbency factor worked in Tamilnadu. People wanted AIDMK oust of the power and DMK was the best option for them. Bjp was not a favourite party for them.

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    I am a ardent fan of Kamala Hassan and I admire is acting. For that matter I am not ready to accept him as a politician because he cannot talk straight and his phylosiphical talks are not understood by the rural mass of Tamil Nadu.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are many factors due to which a party loses in election and they are common in nature across the country but there are some reasons which are specific to the concerned state. In Tamil Nadu, as already mentioned by other members also, till the two giants are there it is very difficult to make an entry for the third party and even if it is a party like BJP level. There is a long history of evolution of these two parties in Tamil Nadu and the general public was the beneficiary of their fighting and got many concessions and facilities from these two alternating Govt regimes. This is something unique to Tamil Nadu and many state politicians want to copy it in their state but this doctrine or technique is not working everywhere. Generally new parties pull some celebrities to woo the voters but the problem in Tamil Nadu is that voters are already affiliated to these existing two parties and any new party will have to do a lot of grassroot work if they really want to enter the Tamil Nadu politics in a big way.
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    A party cannot win just because a celebrity is leading it. Today the voters are very intelligent. They simply see their benefit. In Delhi state many people are very happy with the present CM because he has give many reliefs in electric bills etc.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This is a lesson taught to Rajni Kanth who wanted to float a party and become CM of Tamilnadu. By looking at this, I am sure, Rajnikanth will never dare to form a party and waste his money. Why Kamalhasan lost his election? Because he is only a good actor, not a good person. He married four girls and left them which is not welcomed by the Tamils. People look at the character of a person before voting. Kamal lost his personal image.
    No life without Sun

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