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    Why do humans seek validation?

    Validation in simple terms means the action of checking the validity of something. We humans always seek validation about our decisions from someone else, we always need a surety , not from our own self but from a third person who merely know us. We humans do not have faith in our own decisions and steps ,that we always need someone's advice or a thought over our decision. Its time we humans should start having faith in ourselves and believing in the decisions we take.
    What are your views on validation? Do you also find it easier to take decisions after validating the same from others? Share your views and experiences.
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    I am not one of them who does the author talk about because I never seek validation of my doings or sayings from other people and why I should take approval from them, however, it may be related to the author directly or indirectly or he might be involved in it actively or passively.
    I have also noticed that some people want an appreciation of their work, achievement, activities and concurrence with their opinion. They feel happy if people praise them. I think they want to get their ego satisfied. Such people look forward kind of appreciation for their every matter.

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    After reading this post my thoughts gone to a real incident that happened some 25 years back when a property was sold in a posh locality which had the joint stay of two brothers , both of them are very senior citizens. The property was brought by their father and that was over 100 years old. When the sale was about to be made, the Municipality insisted mutaution and regularation be done as the land were leased by Britishers then. The laughing thing is that the Municipality was asking those two brothers to prove whether they were the real legal heirs of the father. That was the stupid question posed by the civic authorities and in those days there were no photos and other legal documents to prove their contention. Then after they approached the Commissioner the matter was settled and the validation was passed on their name.
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    When a patient is having a problem we take to a doctor and he will suggest some way of treatment. But depending on the seriousness of the illness we will try to take a second opinion also. Why? If two persons suggest the same treatment we will get more confidence. It may not be a requirement but just a double-check.
    When we decide on any issue we will think based on our views and knowledge. But sometimes we may miss some points and that may make a big difference. That is why many people ask for the opinion of the other person also. But the final decision should be ours as it is our life and we will be the sufferers. My father used to take the opinions of other people on various issues. But finally, he will be taking the final call. If the other person is also confirming our decision as a correct decision we will have more confidence and attempt the works with more enthusiasm and spirit. That way this validation boost our willingness to go ahead.

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    Most people seek the advice of others when they need to decide on a subject of their own or that affects them. We are very much eager to give too much advice to others. Such people also seek the opinion and advice of people closer to them to tackle their problem. They will share the advice received with someone else to clear and check the capacity of the opinion, how to resolve their subject. The reason for that is, we have to deal with our problems ourselves. We have only the responsibility to advise others how to solve their problems. They are the only ones who handle it completely. We have no role in solving it. But when it comes to our problem, we are the only ones who have to manage it completely. So we think the thought of using our intellect alone is not enough. If one alone analyzes his problem, it will usually form one or two angles. But when another person thinks, sometimes the thought passes through another perspective that we do not view. Then the final decision can be made added with that vision also. At the same time, problem-solving is perfect when it may validate by others who know our subjects well.
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    It is also important to know here that the author is talking about personal matters or professional matters where are humans expecting others for validation?

    It is not bad or wrong to ask for validation. No person can be better at resolving every issue, so sometimes it may be necessary to validate a few before approaching any judgment. Sometimes it can also help make good decisions.

    I believe you want to express that while we are doing what we do, we do not need the validation of others. Yes, it is perfectly fine in most cases that whatever we want to do, does not require the verification of others, especially in personal matters and choices. Everyone has their way of living and it does not matter how others see it. One has complete independence to live his life in his way and to take his decisions.

    Primarily in professional life, we can't accomplish anything without brainstorming with others fellows. In professional life validation of board members are mandatory for the development and advancement of the corporation as well as personal.


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    Generally people go for validation for increasing their confidence in the proposed plan to be undertaken. Decision making is not an easy task and before taking a decision there is no harm in taking opinion and amalgamate it in the decision making process.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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