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    Asking which threads get paid?

    Hi all,
    I am new to ISC but here I have seen that some of the threads are subjected to some little bit payment. So I am just querying that which threads nd forums get paid. Is there exists any criteria? But note here I am asking only those threads which are apart from contests.
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    Your observation is correct and just to answer your query, as per my experience and knowledge, sometimes to some threads, depending upon their captions and underlying content, a small cash credit, to acknowledge the contribution and appreciate it, is given by the site. This is not a regular thing but sometimes during the month one can observe it. One more thing to note is that the post should not have grammatical and syntax errors and should have ample clarity in its composition. This is not a regular reward programme and sometimes we see a few of them while sometimes none of the posts deserve that. It is not the financial gain that is intended there, it is the token appreciation of the writing in that particular post and definitely encourages the writer.
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    As far as my knowledge goes, there are no fixed rules for this. The uniqueness of the subject, the importance of the topic chosen, the way the subject is narrated and the content and its preciseness are some of the qualities that are seen while deciding the CC to the threads. Unlike in Ask Experts Section, here all the postings will not be given CC. Only points will be allotted. Even these points can be altered by the editorial team if they feel it is necessary.
    Unlike in other sites, it is a very closely monitored site and we can't push whatever we want.
    Almost all the threads will be reviewed by one or the other editorial board members and they decide whether that thread deserves CC. Some threads will be locked by them and some will be deleted if they feel that particular thread is not good enough to be there on the site.

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    Dev Arora welcome to this site and you have observed rightly. Regarding points being noticed by the author for some threads raised, it is really a motivating factor for any author who gets that token of recognition for having raised a good thread. One thing that is sure for a regular and sustained performer is that the site would be giving the awards and rewards that would come their way time and again based on the quality of their contributions.
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    As I have got that a few times, just like many other members, but not all the times, I can understand that it is the post which is really very outstanding in all the respect and then only such a token encouragement will be there. It does not matter what is the amount but we come to know the distinction between our own posts only and that is one good thing to improve ourselves further. We cannot judge our own work as it is very difficult to do so with a biased mind. A judge or editor or any other assigned person is required to assess the quality of someone's work. The evaluator sees it without any prejudice and we get the correct feedback.
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    In my experience so far, I have come to understand that some threads are the means through which a discussion on a unique topic can be initiated or some threads that give a nice and different message through their content that had not been discussed previously in the forum etc are appreciated and rewarded. Keeping in mind some such parameters, cash and extra points are given to some threads by the editors. Sometimes some of these special threads are also chosen as the special thread of the week.

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