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    Honesty should be woven inside the leadership.

    The owner decided to experiment to find a new manager for the company. He interviewed the senior staff who led by each division of the company. In the interview, he gave seed to each of the four people who scored points - with very little difference - and said: "The new manager will be the one who comes up with the best plant grown in three months."
    On the proposed day, three arrived with beautiful plants they had grown. Everything is better than each other. Only the seed given to one has not germinated. Pointing to the man who stood helplessly with the others, the owner said: "You are the new manager. I gave everyone a seed, boiled it in water for hours at a maximum temperature. I made sure it did not germinate. Three of you bought new seeds to germinate when the given seed not germinated. He, he was the only one who was honest. "

    The preliminary qualification for leadership should be Honesty. Where justice and fairness are relevant, only the deserving will enter. Honesty also plays a role in determining functional excellence, functional disability, and basic qualifications for distinction. Not everyone can gild everything they touch. Each person is a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. One's workability becomes excellent by their mental presence and willingness to work with honest, patient, and efficient within his/her limitations.
    Do not assume that all experiments are for success. Some may be to measure the mind of the person become failing. Nothing can be judged as fair, only because everyone does it, and anything is wrong because of no one else doing it. Honesty will be the measure here.
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    For a country to become successful it is necessary that not only the leader but also the lower level people should be honest. Anyway even if the leader is honest, it is of great value as one man can make a lot of difference and then many start following him.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Honesty is the essential quality of every employee let alone a manager. An honest person is always given respect. But for becoming a successful employee some other qualities are also necessary to have besides honesty. I think honest employees havee their place in a company even they are not as smart as other employees are or they are not as efficient in doing their duty as smart employees are but because of their honesty, they remain in the company. Smart and well-qualified employees keep on seeking other opportunities so they can join other company quickly if they have a better salary or higher post.

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    If someone is willing to work with a sincere mind, then he must be honest. A lie does not have legs, that is, a lie does not have a long existence. One day a lie has to bow to the truth. Therefore, I completely agree with you that not only the leader but every person should be honest in their endeavors.

    Sometimes, a person may encounter defeat due to being honest, but defeat may not stagger that person. Rather, some door is always available for him.


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    Time and again the author has been coming up with the wonderful threads and this one is latest of his kitty. The story appended by the author proves that honesty always pays and those who are over smart and prove their mantle are not liked by the management. Even in our office the boss used to tell every one to feel that the company is yours. then the attachment and responsibility to protect and promote would automatically emanate from the minds of the front line officers or the managers. Yes that was the right submission from my boss as I have experienced that as long as we do the work with involvement and dedication thinking that our company and what ever consequences is profit or loss , the boss would never never tow us. But the new employees often get caught for their easy attitude and get dressing down in front of all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good story has been shared by the author. It is true that very few people have the quality of honesty. Not every person is corrupt at times but is also not honest enough to never resort to lies. But people who are always honest in every situation, such people come to the world as an example. Just as that person has not lost integrity and does not lie even in the greed of the post. The objective of this examination was to choose an honest leader because only when the leader himself was honest would he be able to convince his team with honesty. Many times the situation comes such that even an honest person starts to waver but if his stream of honesty is unalterable then he will be able to overcome all obstacles. The other three employees of the story consider themselves smarter than Jarirat and try to confuse their own seniors in the Over Confidence but nothing happens beyond the experience and the same experience was in the officer who took the test.

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    The author has stressed the importance of honesty and the manager must have this essential ingredient within him to encourage his subordinates to follow the same. Though this quality if followed by all employees would enhance the brand of the company no doubt but there are other essential features needed for the self and the company growth such as farsightedness, cost cutting measures, punctuality and identifying the ways how their rivalries are doing business. In addition to all these attributes, he must be analytical in his approach. He has to follow all these attributes so as to emerge successful in his assignment. If he is not encouraged by the management for these attributes, he would like to move elsewhere for his growth.

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    I want to add one more dimension to this aspect of honesty which we are expecting from the leaders as well as their subordinates and other workers. In a real life scenario there are many places where still honesty is being followed as a principle as well as a doctrine in the working environment but unfortunately there are some set ups where some people make a gang of dishonest persons within the same organisation in some work centres and then whoever joins them as a new apprentice or employee he or she either joins their ways or confronts with them. This is really an ugly situation and we are seeing it at places today in our system. The new incumbent who is charged with honesty and sincerity with a notion of working for the country gets discouraged and demoralised after seeing the gang of these thugs who will not allow him to do anything other than the evil ways of making money out of corrupt practices. These evil and corrupt people have an approach everywhere and they know that if they are caught then whom at higher level they have to approach to get scot free from the police or CBI trap. So, in real life scenario there is a big challenge for the honest people to survive in the world of dishonest and that is the big challenge we are facing today.
    Knowledge is power.

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    True. Honesty is the best policy. One should be honest and should not deceive any person. The money you earn with dishonesty may not be with you for long. The story mentioned by the author is a very good example. His honesty brought him the job. When you are giving a post of guarding your property you should look for an honest person.

    In Bangalore, there was a science R & D laboratory. There were two scientist posts. Three were called. All three were interviewed and selected two candidates. As mentioned in the advertisement the candidates were given TA and DA. The third person was informed that he was not selected. After going to the place where he was staying in Bangalore counted the money given to him and found that he was given two hundred more. He wanted to return back that money. The next day early morning he went to that laboratory and waiting for the person to come. Meanwhile, the chief of the laboratory, who interviewed him, seen this boy and asked him why he was waiting there. That boy explained the issue and gave back Rs.200/-. The chief was impressed with the honesty of the boy and asked him to see him at 10 AM in the lab. By the time the boy came to the lab his appointment letter was ready and the chief told him he decided to take him also after seeing his honesty. Later on, that boy became a world-famous scientist.
    One should not deviate from honesty.

    always confident

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