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    Food should be taken with pleasure.

    In normal form, a person takes food twice a day, and some people eat three times. Most families women decide what will be made in food, although it is a bit difficult task, so many times she also asks other members what items to make in food today. Some people are too choosy about food and many times the situation becomes such that their hunger is also decided after looking at the food. Although most of the children fall under this category, but sometimes some elder people also show their disinterest in food. Food is not only for taste but also an important source of energy of our body, so always take food with happiness. Even if your favorite food has not been prepared, take the food and feel as you are getting it as a gift from God, then only then food gives you a healthy life with a healthy body and healthy mind.
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    Our body requires food to drive it and keep it alive but the problem is our mind selects the food of our choice. Some people are so choosy that they will not eat if the food is not of their choice. I feel that mindset is one of the main thing in this matter. I remember when I was a child I hated burnt or scalded milk. I rejected it outrightly and fought with my mother that it was so bad in taste. Today I take it with no problems. I do not remember how and when this transformation took place but the change is there. So our mindset is the most important thing and if it can be changed our taste perceptions can be changed. I used to take 2 tsp sugar in my tea and cried if it was less and someone had to bring it to me. Today I am taking tea and coffee without sugar as I have developed taste for it. I am not having diabetes but I have just cut down my sugar as it gives me scope to eat the sweets of my choice. We can change our mindset in the matters of taste, and it is at all not so difficult.
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    That is true. When we eat we should concentrate on eating only. We should eat it with a positive frame of mind. Many times by seeing at the plate itself we lose our confidence in the taste of food. That is not correct. Taste everything slowly and happily. It is better to eat all the family members together. We can talk with each other and we will enjoy the food.
    These days many people will never concentrate on the food while they are eating. They will on their smartphone and eat mechanically while they concentrate more on their mobile. This is not a correct practice. Food taken mechanically may not give all the results it can give. First of all, you are missing the taste of the food as you are busy watching your cell phone.
    Many times we eat while working on our work table. It is also not a good practice. If you are busy spare 10 minutes for eating and eat without any distraction. It will be a better practice. So always eat food with happiness and cheerfulness. You will find all foods tasty only.

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    I have read somewhere that in hunger poison also appears nectar. But all these are old philosophies as nowadays people are just engulfing food inside them as they are dustbin. No quality is followed while having food and no one is focused on eating food properly. I have seen that many children watches TV cartoons while eating food and their parents also not stop them while doing so, even they are aware that this would affect health of their child. Similarly adults while having food are working on their laptop or taking virtual meetings. Their no fixed schedule of taking food that's why health of today's generation is deteriorating day by day. So be focus while eating food and thank to God who make us enough capable to have meals

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    Good post from the author. As we are toiling and earning for good life and survival the first would start with good food and good living. If the food taken is delicisous and likes , surely we feel happy and never mind paying few rupees extra. Many people in Hyderabad would travel down to far places just because they get the choicest food of their great taste. If the food is taken with pleasure we would feel the great taste. Most of the youngsters are choosing weekneds for the parties and great food time as dinner. They choose such hangouts which are famous for the meeting points and also the tasty food. One thing is sure, those who are having health food intake. their immune system works well and that is the reason being so they are not affected by any disease and even the dreaded corona virus. So next time when you eat, eat liesurely and with pleasure.
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    Yes, the above conclusion is quite fair. Food must be taken happily without any unpleasant arguments in the family that occurs. As we all know, there are many families in the nation where they don't have funds to feed two times meals in a day. So, we must be thankful that God had provided us with all the necessary resources to get meals both times. If you remember, there were times during the 1960s when our nation was going through tough times. There were quite fewer grains, wheat, and rice to feed the entire population of India. At that time, our Prime Minister was honorable Lal Bahadur Shashtri who insisted every citizen skip one meal in a week so that we can overcome this grain crisis. Not only this, he started ploughing the land at his PM residence lawn. To tackle this situation, he insisted M.S.Swaminathan launch Green Revolution and then eventually production of wheat and rice was increased. And the crisis of food grains came to an end. So, with this story, we must not forget the importance of food.
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    Everything the author has said is indeed true. Food is a source of energy that everyone must respect. I remember in our school we used to pray before eating lunch. It was also compulsory for every student to bring lunch.

    We should eat with joy and happily and always thank god for providing food for us to live. We can only realize the value of food when we are truly hungry.


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    I agree with the author that we should take food in good mood. We should not feel anger or should not have any negative thinking because it affects our mind and body.
    I think women of the home who are responsible for cooking food, they should take care about favourite food of each and every member in the family and they should prepare food of their choice by turn. So that none of them have any complaints against the women. Especially, choice of children should be kept in mind and their favourite food may be cooked separately for them. Old people , generally don't create problems in a family but what they like to eat their taste and favourite dish should be placed before them too. I often see women don't take care about their favourite food. I have noticed that if food is not left and they are to take food but they don't cook food for themselves rather they take any other thing to fill their stomach, I think it is not good for their health.

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    All machines require fuel to run. Similarly, the support of food is mandatory for the body to function. But some children skipping meals because the prepared food is not liked and often cause their mothers a great deal of mental ache. Sometimes we noticed that mothers strive hard to feed such children. Some children are angry and stay away from food. So, mom may cook some special foods for such children and fed them separately.

    When we were young, our parents would tell us to be quiet while eating. That was the custom of the day. But food experts are now insisting that the system is not right and homely talks and also some Jokes and pastimes are essential at the dining table. What could be the cause? It is said that during happy times our body has been found to increase the production of certain hormones and enzymes. They help us digest the food we eat and absorb nutrients quickly and efficiently to supply wherever we need them. So eating in a good mood is essential for good nutrition to the body.

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    Totally agree with the author. We need to live and to live we need energy, food is the source that helps us to gain energy go about our day. No matter what our the content of our platter is, we should be grateful that we being fed in these times. As author mentioned, as lot of children and as well as adults are very choosy when it comes to food consumption. I believe one of the major reason of such disinterest is way they are being brought up, children who are being taught to be grateful for things are comparitevely less choosy and more grateful rather than children who've been tremendously spoiled. Food is not only important for our taste buds but also for our body, therefore it is important that whenever we consume anything, we put satisfaction to it. This way it will be absorbed to our body. Be it adult or children, one has to be grateful of whatever they have as their might be people who cannot afford proper meals.
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    While taking our lunch or dinner, we hardly see what are the items being served and even if the same is served we remain engrossed with talking with someone. We hardly bother our own preferences. In that way we are doing blunders because any food taken with our matching taste would be beneficial on our part. Food is essential to nourish our body and there should be inclusion of protein, carbohydrates, fats and other minerals to nourish the entire body system. On this front, we must take adequate care so that we are getting all the essential nutrients.

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    When I was in my childhood my mother always told us to take food slowly and not simply gulp down it. Another thing she told us was that if we take food in a bad mood or temperament then it would not go to our body and would be a waste. That time we could not understand much out of those great phrases but today we realise that food is to be taken in the appropriate manner so that we not only chew it properly for digestion but also enjoy it so that it works good for our body.
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