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    Beware of thugs - they are everywhere!

    Whenever we go to a Govt office or private service company or some insurance place or some common places like Post Office etc then we will invariably find some people roaming in the nearby lanes or in front of the office seeing towards us with smiling eyes and helping hand. Some of them might be the genuine agents or brokers like thing but I am telling about those who are not the genuine ones but emerge from nowhere to help us and then at the end of day we find that we are duped in one way or other. We find such people even in the crowded market, tourist places and other places where people go usually with a purpose with some money in their pockets. These evil elements are known as thugs. Their job is simply to mislead and cheat others in novel and innovative ways. They are there in the online world also. As they are present everywhere we have to be alert and cautious from them. Have you any experience of encountering with such people?
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    I had an opportunity to encounter such thieves. I often receive some messages on my mobile phone. Often it is in the form of "you have won the lottery". With curiosity, I replied to a message saying, "I did not take your lottery ticket." The answer came immediately. "It's a lottery of mobile numbers to choose from." When I replied, "send it," they said: "Since the transfer of money is from outside India, you have to send Rs 6,000 plus towards money transfer charge and duty as it is one million." I immediately replied: "In India, only the amount after deducting T D S (tax deducted at source) can be paid. So send the lottery money after deducting the tax and all charges. Then they closed the conversation and also that lottery scam.

    But many think the opposite. If we send Rs 6000, we will get Rs 10 lakh. very profitable. No matter how rich they are, no one thinks that they will not give their money to someone else. Therefore, they fall prey to deception. How do you do all this cool stuff? If this thought rules us, we will fall prey to such thieves."Anyone who wants something easily loses even what he has with him." This is a lesson

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    Such persons are there everywhere. When we go to a new place and ask for an auto or taxi if the driver knows that we are now they demand more. I have seen this many times. Oneday I was getting down from a bus after night journey in Hyderabad. Along with me, another person who was new to that place was also got down from the bus. I was waiting for my driver to come. Many auto drivers rounded the other person and he asked one person about the rate for his destination. The driver told almost four times more than what they usually charge. That person refused to pay that much but no other driver was coming to him as per the understanding they have with each other. I asked him where he has to go. The place is on the way to my home only. So I asked him to come with me and dropped him on the way. Like this many people will be getting deceived. In some cases, the money involved may be less but in some cases, it may be very high.
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    Yes I remembered that and very much cautious about such things. Once my neighbour's grandpa went to bank to withdraw a sum of 30,000 rupees from bank. While returning he saw two men with a motorcycle asked him to leave him to his house on their motor bike. Grandpa agreed and sat down on their bike. They leave him on the ending point if our colony, but to his surprise when he opened the bag it was empty and two men ran away as fast as possible. So beware of thugs who try to help you at first instance and then you become their prey and felt helpless.

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    These thugs are everywhere. You can't escape from them if you have thought of a short cut. People want some free moIey or get their work done soon or they adopt illegal means or their greed instigate them to grasp some gains for doing nothing,they are trapped by these thugs. They are around us. This thugery exist everywhere, in us too. Why we think that we are the best people and rest all are bad. Everybody has greed to be enmashed in such cases. I have sympathy with those people who are so naive and innocent that they are made stupid.
    I went to the post office for a work, a villager was having a key of bicycle was standing by a bike and claiming that it was his bike whereas another person was also standing there and saying that it was his bike. Actually, a thug has sold that bike to the first person(the villager) by giving him key of bicycle for Rs10k.

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    In Telangana we call these group or the people as diversion gang, as they try to divert our attention and dupe the people with their choicest ability. They target those people lile senior citizens, the old women and those who does not know about the city. In the name of tourist guide some people are roaming and inducing the tourists to their side and do wrong things. We should not believe the stangers on the face of it. At the Charminar and Golconda forts, some persons with camera and some stills do stand to take the stills and give as the album sent by courier. They charge huge fees and they wont send. Their address is fake, phone numbers are fake and they keep a ornamental camera and the snaps are never taken and the customers are fooled with advance money and they would be seen nowhere for few days. Beware from such people.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Whenever we are stepping in a new city, we should definitely be alert so that we are not cheated. They know the people whom they can target easily including the senior citizens of both genders, some illiterate people etc. Moreover, if you have the passions for responding the messages appearing in the mobile for winning any money in the lottery, you immediately respond to them offering the money they ask for you. It is a simple game but the people have been cheated always. While standing for booking a ticket at a Railway Ticket Counter, beware of purse not keeping in the back pocket giving a chance of your money being stolen.

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    Yes, these people are present everywhere. They just look for opportunity for dupe innocent people with their fool making experience. It mostly happens with tourists who arrive at new destinations with little or no information. These tourists fall in prey to such smiling theives. They give them lucrative hotel discount offers and city tour offers so that tourists should be convinced easily. These things are common for domestic as well as international tourists. Infact, international tourists are their prime target because they are not aware about this malpractice being performed widely in our nation. Although, embassies alert them with these things while arriving India but still we hear such kind of cases.
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    Agree, the author is absolutely right, there is a large crowd of people who have been searching for a moment when they can take advantage of a person's ignorance or goodness. . The biggest problem is that such cheating people are so vicious and their behavior towards you is so good that you consider them to be your helpers and make them guilt and sit down. Being a nice person is a good thing, but being so good that you could not recognize the hidden intent of the person in front. It is very important to understand this little difference.

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    These people are also seen around ATMs. They will try to tell the person who has logged in the ATM that it is not working and when the person leaves the place they see that if the ATM is still in the same mode, they withdraw the maximum permissible daily limit from it.
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