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    Maturity is not just from age but also from experience.

    Every one of us hears and speaks the word "Maturity". Many times we have also heard people saying to others that you have grown so much, but still, you are not enough mature. While in most cases, maturity has nothing to do with age. It is completely dependent on a person, his life experience, etc. is more important. Some people also consider a person more mature, who is less talkative than others, but it is not necessary that if a person talks less among everyone, then he is intelligent or mature, he may not have knowledge of that subject or then he is shy in nature. When we judge someone by nature or behavior, it is not dependent on the only one element to understand its maturity. Perhaps a mature person is the one who knows how to handle the situation from his and others experiences, whether it is by talking less or by talking more. What do you think, who would be considered a mature person in your eyes, please share your opinion.
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    Age is also a factor for maturity but it is not the only factor. Expereince is also one of the factors which contribute to the maturity levels of the individual. A person who brought all luxuries and comforts may not understand what is a difficulty. But a person who has seen difficulties in life will understand them properly. The maturity levels of such persons will be on the higher side. This is proved many times and there are many examples.
    In my opinion, a mature person will talk with a sense in his talk. He will never go on taking which is of no value. He knows how to point out the mistakes of others without hurting them. He knows what he should talk about and what he should not talk about. But an immature person will go on talking about something or other. A person who has seen ups and downs in his life will have a high level of maturity.

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    Very true. Agreeing here with the author, i also feel that people get to learn from their experiences more than that of age. Being said that, I myself have seen several kids and adults who have been matured way more than that of their age. At the same time, I have seen married people still struggling to gather things. Any one who has been through the worst will definitely have a lot more experience and maturity than that who has merely been into troubles.
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    Maturity is something when kind of behaviour is expected from you. Generally, it is said that maturity comes with age and as the author has suggested that it comes with experience too. I agree to both the cases but it is also observed that despite their age inexperience , sometimes, some people don't show maturity in their activities. performance, behaviour, manners. Apparently they are matured but they don't show maturity. It looks awkward from their end. This tendency I have observed in some of them. I suppose that do it knowingly.
    Anyways, invariably, people should show their maturity while interacting with other people.

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    Rightly said by the author, maturity not comes from the age but through the experience and great thoughts. Only yesterday I was watching a Tamil serial in which a twelve year child express her desire to celebrate her birthday differently. She takes her mother to a shop, ask the shop owner if she can do some sales job for few minutes and have the first hand knowledge of sales persons. The owner obliges, and she sells three dresses to the customers. Impressed by her, the shop owner gives her 500 rupees. She immediately purchse a saree for her mother at that age. Secondly she goes to the collector office and ask her mother to say her wish to become collector in future. On hearing this the collector would come out and she was welcomed with full honors into the office and made to sit the child on the collector chair. So the matured behavior way of the child was mind bogling.
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