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    Some surprising benefits of honey

    We all have once at least consumed honey and loved it. honey is produced by bee by roaming around and extracting nectar from different plants, however they make excess for themselves and these excesses can be consumed by us human. Honey is a plant compound which is not just considered as a food but also as a material with medicinal properties.

    1. Cure wounds caused by burning.

    This might come as a shock to you but honey has been used to heal wounds and burn from very past era and still is very prevalent and valid. Scientific researches have shown that honey has been successful in helping with healing of partial burns as well as infected wounds after certain surgeries. Honey also is believed to have helped in healing of diabetic ulcers in many cases. These can be due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects as well the power to nourish surrounding tissues and cells.

    2. Suppress coughs.

    We might have considered it as a baseless home remedy however it is indeed true that, multiple studies have shown that honey is better option for curing coughs especially in children. The medicines that are available for coughs have side effects however honey has no side effect and has been proven to reduce symptoms of cough as well as help in better sleep. However, it should be noted that honey should not be given to children under 1 years.

    3. Helps improve cholesterol and lower triglycerides.

    The antioxidants in honey helps in lowering the blood pressure to an effective level. Multiple studies have shown that human being has shown lower blood pressure as well as stable cholesterol when consumed honey. Triglycerides can be a risk factor for heart diseases, consumption of sugar has also been related worse condition of triglycerides however if the diet with sugar is replaced with honey then it can help in lowering triglyceride levels and multiple studies proves the same especially if there is a daily consumption of honey.

    4. Great replacement for sugar in diet especially for diabetic people.

    You might have heard about this one, and it is indeed true. Honey is considered less bad compared to sugar in diet. However, there are conflict in studies, honey indeed helps in lowering cholesterol inflaming and increase good HDL cholesterol however it is also believed to increase blood sugar level but lesser compared to sugar. Hence, honey is better option that sugar but diabetic patients should be careful with the consuming of either of those. Also, company honey can be adultized and one should be careful about that.

    5.Honey promotes better flow of blood.

    It might seem very uncommon but honey has a lot of other health benefits along with the other mentioned earlier. It's antioxidant compounds helps the arteries of our heart to dilate as well as helps in better blood flow towards our heart. Studies has also shown that honey can help prevent blood clot formation even lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
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    The author has given the benefits of honey in detail. Honey is having many medicinal uses also. That is why many ayurvedic doctors suggest mixing honey in powder medicines and take that. Honey is a very good replacement for sugar in many preparations.
    But we should check for the original honey. Original honey will never get completely solidify. It will be a thick liquid only with very high viscosity. If the honey is original no solid will be leftover at the bottom of the bottle. This is the best test to know the quality of the material.

    always confident

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    Honey has innumerable health benefits provided it is pure and we have seen many people taking it regularly. It is the best way of enhancing immunity. While purchasing honey, we should look for some reliable brands so that you are not cheated. While looking after its benefits such as its cough relieving property, beneficial for heart and its microbial and antibacterial properties, it must be used regularly. If you feel constipated, take the same with gooseberry juice so as to reap benefits. If you are suffering from blood impurities, its regular use will help you from the blood impurities.

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    Honey has been the kitchen product since the age old days and the elders know very well the use of the same and we always keep the pure honey at home. Though the author has appended the benefits and merits of honey and its healthy living helping aspects, many does not know how to purchase the pure honey. Normally we see village people sit on the road sides of big cities with the comb and the honey in the bucket. Some may fool gud water as honey and fool the people. Pure honey would be so thick and would not fall on the ground. but people get fooled with street vendors. For those children and elders who are suffering from indigestion and constipation , honey prove to be best to keep good health. Instead of sugar, adding honey in tea is the best way to have the baverage, and green tea with honey is the new trend.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Honey is a highly beneficial healthy tonic for every member of the family. It has sine amazing benefits. I have been noticing since my childhood that honey is always kept in a bottle whether is used or not but it is always available in our home. A spoon of honey daily keeps the body fit.
    But getting original and pure honey is very difficult. I prefer to buy it from reliable hawker who comes from village or I like to purchase it from Gandhi Asharam outlets. I used to purchase other items from Gandhi Ashram outlets but sadly they are disappearing now from market.
    I don't take it from companies like Dabur etc.

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    An information thread has been given by the author. This is true there are many home remedies we have in our kitchen but some people have no faith in these remedies and others believe and use these remedies. When I was younger my mothers used to give me one spoon of honey with turmeric powder, and I have it without any objection because I like the sweet taste of honey. After growing up I got to know it is also good for healthy skin so I apply it to my face also once a week. But the main challenge regarding honey at present is its purity. Many different brands are available in the market but all are not as pure as we think. So whenever buy honey be sure about its purity and quality.

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    Very informative thread by the author. I remembered that whenever me and my elder sister got I'll and have cough or cold my mother give mixture of honey and ginger which really proves fantastic in curing our cough. Even in the covid time people are advising home made remedies to boost immunity. Honey beehive can be seen hanging on large trees. Every summer some people who are masters in making honey came in our area and they used to take out honey from these hives in our garden and sell pure honey in the whole area. Viscosity of that pure honey in too high and its taste is really mind-blowing. Moreover, it's one of the best ingredient in making breakfast sandwiches and also served at various places. So we can conclude honey as the best immunity booster and taste enhancer for food.

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