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    The greatness of a person is felt only after his death

    During the life of a person he shall do many good deeds and even some cause for the welfare of the mass. But they get unnoticed during his life and when the same person is dead, the obituary reference starts pouring in for his great attitude and deeds. When all of them are not doing good and only selective people are indulguing in great cause, then why there is no recognition during their life and we start praising them after the death. That person would feel happy if he was appreciated for what ever good sevices provided during the life.
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    When a person is doing some good deeds, people will understand the same and people who got benefitted from him will definitely talk good about him. But there will be some people who feel jealous of him and they may think by talking about his greatness he may become further popular. That is why they try to downplay him. After his death, he is no more competition to anybody and he is not going to be a threat to anybody. So all will pay their respects to him and appreciate him for his good deeds.
    We see this nature more in political leaders. A politician belonging to a party may be a big rival to another politician in another party. So they criticize each other very heavily and try their best to get a bad name to him. But after death of one of these two politicians the other politician will appreciate him and say that he is the best politician he had ever seen. This is a very common phenomenon in politics. In AP, Chandra Babu Naidu and YS Rajasekhar Reddy were never in good relations. But after the death of Reddy, Babu appreciated him and mentioned many good deeds he did.

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    Yes, I totally agree with this statement. Till the person is alive, people never realise the importance of his/her presence. After he/she had left the world they start admiring him for his/her good deeds. There are many examples around us in the past years. Not only in film industry, but also in politics there are many examples. Some legendary celebrities had received Lifetime achievement awards in the ceremony after their death. I don't find any meaning of the awards that are declared after his/her death. If he/she was really eligible for the award for his/her memorable work then that award should have been announced during his/her presence only. Generally, people realise the importance after he had left the world which is totally not fair.
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    This is not true all the time. There are people who are doing a lot of good to society. Many of them do not advertise. In recent times Sonu Sood helped many people during this pandemic. He is a well-known figure in the country now. The circumstances at times make a person noticed for the good deeds done. A couple from India managed to raise 16 crore rupees for their son to get an injection costing 16 crores. This was made possible by the crowdfunding organization" Impact Guru" in 42 days' time. Nearly 2.5 lakhs of people donated this sum. All these donors donate with a view to doing some good for society. They do not want recognition. They go unnoticed.
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    KVRR you have shared a good information on how some good deeds not get noticed. I take a bow for all those who particiapted in crowd funding.
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    The noble person hardly bothers that he would be remembered for his greatness but continued doing great works for their own satisfaction. I am aware of the gentleness of my school headmaster of secondary school offering generous help of one of his pupils to persuade higher studies in Engineering after he cleared the entrance test of BIT. He could not continue his studies otherwise without the financial assistance. The boy was two year senior to me and had secured excellent marks in both Matriculation and Intermediate. The boy was a scheduled caste with the compromised income of the family. The Headmaster proved to be Samaritan in this case. Even the boy after his posting in BHEL, he was grateful to the Headmaster often visiting his place to know his well-being.

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    Very few people have the dignity to praise the good people or appreciate the good work. The reason is of course the jealousy and competition. Once the person is no more there is no threat from him and everyone who was in the fray with him starts talking good about him. This is actually a show off in the society which many of us do. It is unfortunate that people do so much pretensions in the name of dead.
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    The author is right to say that people are not credited and honoured for their achievements when they are with us but they are no more they are honoured with different awards and praised by people. Several people worked hard for the welfare of common people but their services were not recognised when they were alive but when they passed away their social services were applauded and they were honoured as great souls in society.
    Also as common people, we praise dead people as it is against manners to speak ill of them.
    Why we have this trend in our society, should be changed.

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    The author appears to be in a revision mood. Please check back before posting a thread when you are in doubt. If an editor can recollect a similar post by the same author, I don't think the author himself will miss out on the point. Please be careful. I have made the observation as a response here because the matter was pointed out on a few earlier occasions too.
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