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    Develop attentive skills in your child

    Normally the children are more intelligent from the time of their birth as they learn communication skills through actions and gesture and then through broken speech and finally a legible way of interaction. But many parents are failing to bring attentiveness in the child which has become important in this modern era. Attentive skills gives rise to more close observation of things, and that would lead to more probing and more information gathering. This way the child is put into research and activities always and that brings good all round development within.
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    Parents have a tough job while raising their child. They have to see the overall development of their child. They have to give him basic knowledge, then he is to be admitted to any school when he starts speaking. Parents not only have to give their child a balanced diet but also they have to give a digestable dose of good manners.
    The author has pointed out the attentiveness of a child. If something is taught or told it is to be observed if the child pays attention to it. If the child is absent-minded or he is not able to focus his mind on it then parents should be worried about him as it is not a good sign for them.

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    If the child does not pay attention we should have the check up of eyes and hearing problems.
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    Child care starts from the very beginning of the child after its birth and the parents do its best to bring them up. They provide the baby the best food and nutrients so that the child does not lack nourishment. At the same time, parents should devote time to their kids how best they pick the languages they normally speak in their homes. They should rather help the kids if some words are not uttered correctly and they should be attentive when the the kids are expressing some emotions. Such a close relationship would make the relationship closer and there will be harmony in their relationship. If the parents understand the common psychology of the kids, growth of the child would be healthy. It would be better on the part of parents to give sufficient time to develop the attentiveness of the child by providing them toys, picture books so that the child closely observes the same. Such indulgence would help them in strengthening their attentive skills.

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    It is the responsibility of the parents to see that all the senses of their children are working alright. These days majority of deliveries are taking place in hospitals and as soon as the child is born, a paediatrician is checking the child and informing us. But in the olden days, we don't have that awareness. That is why many parents were not able to understand the problems of the kids. That is why in those days the death rate in children was high.
    One of my sisters is deaf by birth. We couldn't notice this till her 6 months. When she is in her 6th month I observed that she is not seeing us even though we make sounds from her back. Then I informed my parents and took her to an ENT specialist. He did the testing and told us that her earning capacity is just 5% and even a hearing aid also is not useful.
    I agree with the author that parents should try to develop attentive skills in their children from their early age itself so that we can shape in the correct way.

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    The author is right, it is very important to make children attentive. To give a good build-up to the children, not only parents but the entire family have duty for this. If we discuss the upbringing of the child, a lot of factors come up for the same, attentive skill is also one of them. There is a specific age or time when the child starts understanding words, expressions, and then slowly starts responding for the same. Keen observation is the most important key to verify is the child is paying attention or not. Generally, the child who spends more time with parents and family is more attentive than the child who spends less interaction time with others. I have found in many families when a child is growing up in a big family where grandparents also there to talk and play with him/her his attentive skilled are more faster than a child of a nuclear family or working parents who do not give enough time to their child.

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    Children many times take their parents lightly and even do not obey them. It becomes really difficult for them to make the children attentive to the studies or other learning things. Very few parents have patience to inculcate attentive skills in their children.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It's normally seen that those children who are good observers perform better in all fields whether in academics, art or sports. It's only because they pay better attention towards their work then others. Further development of attentive skills is combined alwffort of both parents and their child. Sometimes parents are very interactieve and they tries their best do the betterment of their child but still the child does not hear to them. So if child and parents work together then only attentive skills could be developed. Also these attentive skills helps child to work with proper concentration which is the best tool for their growth perspective and contributes towards their successful life. If a child is focused from childhood then generally his/her whole life is full of happiness and success.

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