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    Is telephone still being used in homes today?

    Years ago, when I was a very young child, the only landline telephone at my home and whenever it starts ringing, we all children ran to pick up the phone. Sometimes someone wins, sometimes someone else wins. We always knew that the incoming call is not for us but still, we had to pick up the phone.

    Then after a time, all members of the family started using the mobile phone and after a time everyone got the mobile. Now the situation is that even if someone else's mobile is ringing, then we do not pick up because perhaps we are starting to feel bored with our own mobile calls and other uses.

    There is no landline phone in my family now, but perhaps it is available in many families today, but even today there is a different feel for that landline, where we used to add STD code along with the phone number and we used to remember too many phone numbers orally. Is there still a landline telephone in your house among the whole family?
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    The landline still rings at my home. The clarity is better than the mobile phones. In the olden days, we used to run to the phone whenever it rang. It was such a joyful memory. These days internet service providers are providing a landline with some broadband plans. In the days of only landlines, there was no health hazard as we have now with mobile towers.
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    Those who are old timers and those senior citizens always love to convey and converse in the land line phones for which they would have the choicest instruments of their like. BSNL has been giving the night calling free facility and most of the elders and parents hook on to the land line and talk for hours together. But over the period of time when the Google introduced video calling, the quality was good and most acceptable to everyone and the choice for land line phones also come down. Even today there are land line phones but they are used very sparingly by the consumers. The cell phones have surely dominated the landlines, and in future the 5 g services are going to be started and I feel land line phones would be gradually phased out. But as on now there are at least 2 out of ten homes have the land line and its ringing.
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    There was a landline phone few years back in our home just because we were having Broadband connection of BSNL. At that time, most of the phone calls were made through that landline only. But after the launch of 4G and other high speed internet connectivity, we disconnected our Broadband connection and then landline became a history. However, one thing I noticed that voice clarity was much better in landline phones although they are outdated now. And we even remember the numbers of many family and friends during those period, but now in fast tech world, we hardly remember any mobile numbers or landline numbers. Though we had achieved technology, but we had lost our regular memory exercise of learning and recalling 6-10 digit numbers.
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    Ten years back, landline phones were very popular due to clarity of reception and there was a concession of total waiver of phone charges if used during the period of 11pm to 6 am. I was rather hooked to land line because I got this connection after struggling a lot in the year 2000. In those days there was enormous demand of BSNL land line and no one was interested to get the line disconnected. Though mobile phone emerged in the market later and with the introduction of 4 G setup and later with the provision of video calling due to strong connectivity, the popularity of the landlines got diminished and ultimately I discontinued the same.

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    I settled in Hyderabad in 1988. My Organisation got a landline phone installed in my house. I worked in the same organisation up to November 2016. As the phone is in the name of the organisation. that phone has been surrendered to BSNL. But as I continued staying in the same house which is my own house. I went to BSNL house and applied for a landline and managed to get the same number to my landline phone. Even now also I have the same number landline from BSNL. We use to very rarely. But I don't want to surrender the landline. My wife and my two sons advised me to surrender the same. But due to my affection towards that phone number, I told them I will continue. They agreed. Monthly I pay around Rs.200/-.
    Many people these days discontinued using landline and handed over the phones to the service provider. A very few people only are continuing their landline phones.

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    I have never used landline because by 2000 they started disappearing from homes. But I remembered that when I was a child we have lot of keypads which are also now replaced by androids. My mother tell me about how much they are excited when call came for them. At times there is no telephone in their home so they used to go to neighbour's house to take their calls and neighbours never stopped them because of belongingness in people's heart. Their is time schedule of calling which is totally different nowadays because of free call service but at that time they took care of money also because calling charges are quite costlier. World has change a lot, I know communication has improved but we lost the zeal to pick up anyone's call.

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    I had a land line till January 2018, and wanted to have a landline in my village. While I was in Tirunelvely, I had a landline with broadband connection that had my choice number. When I moved from Tirunelveli to my native village, I wanted to a landline with the same number. Unfortunately, BSNL could not provide me a landline owing to cable problem from the telephone junction to my village which is 5 kms away. To have my internet working I gone for a JIO Modem that is very cheaper than BSNL broadband. Now I don't have a land line, but happy with the Mobile phone and internet with JIO Modem.
    When I had my landline, I was paying Rs. 900+ as telephone bill per month. But with the JIO modem, I am paying an average of Rs. 190 per month. And for my mobile phone Rs. 300 + permonth. Thus I could save a lot without a land line. I should mention that landlines have frequent cable problems and goes OOO (Out of Order) very frequently.

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    These days we found landline phones mostly in the government offices only, it is nice to know that still, some people have a landline in their home.

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    We had it for a long time and that was the only thing for us to communicate. In the beginning mobile charges were high and it was not easy to have a mobile phone at that time. Anyway we also then had a mobile phone and then the utility of landline was not there. We surrendered that.
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    Though the ringing sound and instrument of telephone changed I have not disconnected my landline of government service, as I have experienced some indirect facilities in that. I feel the services of them is good comparing to others. I got the landline connection for the convenience of my mother in 1999. I felt overwhelmed by seeing my uneducated mother enjoyed the usage of telephone. Though she expired in 2004, later we got mobiles, I have this landline since then.

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