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    Why PM or any central ministers are not giving any speech to fill confidence in People?

    During the first wave of Covid, our PM regularly used to talk with people about the care and precautions to be taken by the people, the various programs to be followed by the people, the help programs rendered by the government to aid the poor, etc. But in the second wave of devasting pandemic PM or even any central ministers are not talking to the public about the situation of pandemic and how to tackle it. Talking to the public will help to instill some confidence in the people and also bring all the people to fall in one line. People will have some strong faith about how they may get overcome the situation. Silence makes people think in different ways and the unity to fight against pandemics may be weakened. What is national agenda for this second wave should be shared with the people by the government? Members, what is your opinion about it?
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    How he can talk now? During the first wave of covid, India was in a better position than many other countries in the world. The number of cases and deaths was less. The Indians have better immunity than the people of the west and that reflected in the lesser numbers. The safe position during the first phase prompted our Prime Minister to talk big.
    The warnings of a second wave were not taken seriously by the government. No prompt action was taken. The Prime Minister and other Central ministers were fully engaged in the West Bengal election campaign. As Mamata Banarjee pointed out, the BJP's bid to win West Bengal, pushed the country to chaos. Shortage of oxygen, hospital beds, and medicines all over the country due to the mismanagement of the government. The Prime Minister has to own the responsibility. In such circumstances, how he can come before the public and talk?
    The Supreme Court is dissatisfied with the government management of covid. It formed a special task force to look after proper oxygen supply to all the States and Union Territories. Many people died due to a lack of oxygen in the hospitals. The responsibility squarely lies with the government and especially with the Prime Minister under whose direction covid management in the country is being looked after.
    There is a social media campaign going on for Mr. Modi to resign. The supporters of Mr. Modi started saying that the previous governments are responsible for this. How long this inefficient government wants to go on blaming Nehruji and the Congress party for their failures? What this government is doing for the past seven years? Whatever medical infrastructure is available is mostly due to the previous governments. The Maharashtra Chief Minister rightly pointed out that "India Surviving on System Created By Nehru-Gandhis". The government which talks big about 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' is now at the receiving end of help due to its' mismanagement. It is time they own up their ineffciency which has put the country in chaos.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    When the people and states are not cooperating and we know how blatantly the first covid rules were thrown to the wind and how people misbehaved with law enforcing agencies are still coming in front of the eyes as we have seen umpteen number of video news. Probably PM Modi was fed up and lost the hope that he cannot mend the ways as there cannot be inclusive cooperation and following the rules. Though he advised the Ministers to be in their constituencies and help the locals, that is not being followed. There has been fear for the life and the scenerio is very grim. And as long as non cooperation movement exists across the country, why should he worry. Let the people mend their own way. The people are rushing for shopping in groups and no protocol followed. The other faiths wont care and none to stop them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The usual crap of supporting an inefficient government. Did this government take measures it was supposed to take in a crisis time like this? If the Prime Minister is so much fed up, let him resign and go to the Himalayas to meditate which is his wish also. Let him hand over the charge to someone with a better temperament to handle a serious situation like this.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Before arriving of second wave, PM and other central cabinet ministers were busy in their election campaign to win West Bengal elections but ultimately they lost it. This led to huge loss of money in campaigning as well as wastage of time that could have been utilized in preparation for tackling second wave.
    In fact, ministers are now in backfoot because of their work and not coming in media due to this only. If timely preparation would have been made, the current situation would not have been this much devastating. Even neighboring countries are in better condition with no such shortage of oxygen, beds, etc.

    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

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    Prime Minister or Other Ministers should address people and console them, surely, it will affect people. We are undergoing a tough time. People are dying. How miserably our whole system is collapsed and those who are responsible to run this system are not coming before people. Who is responsible to run this system? Are they some invisible forces? Are they kind of spirits? Or real human beings?
    How long we will be shirking from accepting what went wrong. Blaming game is not required now. It is an old trick which is out of date now.
    Lately, one MP of Bjp in Bihar was reported of having a few dozens of ambulances instead of using them for patients. Now as usual blp has come in defence of this incident.

    We should take a lesson from Gaurav and Saurabh of Meerut city who opened an oxygen plant last year and now are providing 1000 cylinders per day to people at the rate of Rs 500/- only. School chemistry labs may be used to create oxygen by teachers and students. You might have done this experiment in high school also?

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    When the state governments are indifferent and not following the central advisory, what is the use of bothering about the people and no leader would tolerate such kind of situation. And as regards demand of asking PM Modi to leave the seat and go to Himalalayas, he was elected to stay put for the whole tenure and why should he run away. He has the guts to face and save the people provided they listen and agree to the rules. But those people who in opposition ruled states are not following and thus started suffering now and cannot blame the center. Maharastra was the best example which violated the first phase.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am more positive and confident of current Indian leadership.
    PM Modi will never let us down.

    Although I believe so but I have also mentioned the above intentionally and I can feel the pain to a few who continue to question to only one party and to one leadership. It is becoming more entertaining rather feeling irritating and frustrating of such celebrities and stars.

    It is a more feasible time now to segregate those who are working for your betterment against to those who are using you for their own propaganda.

    Have you heard of the below news?
    "More than 630 oxygen cylinders were found from the house of Aam Aadmi Party MLA and cabinet minister in Delhi, Imran Hussain."

    Try searching in google more about this celebrity.

    And the VP of Congress party in his recent tweet mentions, "With the shortage of oxygen supply in various states, the infrastructure remains strained. "

    I am still busy calculating who is behaving more irresponsive and who getting more cheaper on his conducts.

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    I strongly support K Mohan Sir for his stand and choice of words.

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    Mr.Mohan, Mr.Ved Prakash, who are not following and every CM trying to consolidate their state's position by strictly following the advises of central government. They are asking more supply of vaccine, more supply of oxygen, more supply of medicines. Because of lack proper preparation and planning of central government, the state governments are put under great pressure. They are trying to manage the situation by various means and the central government fully deserted the state governments.

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    To tell you correctly all the politicians are having their own schedules. India is a very big country and controlling from a single point is very difficult. But Modiji did the best possible management. But the State governments never cared or monitored the situation. Modi had meetings with all the Chief Ministers two times and gave them necessary suggestions to contain the virus. But these CMs never follow the instructions.
    Telangana CM is busy removing the health minister for other reasons and all the things are in very bad shape. Like this, every CM is busy with his/ her own agendas. We don't like Modi. So we say all the faults are with Modi only. But we never see the faults of the persons whom we like. During emergencies like this, one should forget their political differences and work together.
    When there was the first wave public is not aware of the seriousness. So the government tried its best to bring that awareness. Now the second wave is severe but all of us know dos and don'ts. Why can't we follow them? Even parents can't guide their mature children forever. If really he comes and talks to the public, the opposition will say that we require no meetings but actions. In my opinion, self-discipline is very important than anything else.

    always confident

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    @Ramakrishna Kambhampati

    Did you just forgot I gave a very recent instance of what is happening in the national capital.

    Please share how come PM Modi is responsible for this?

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    @730030 Mr. Mohan: With reference to the observation that Modiji is fed up only, my response followed. Modiji need not run away. Resignation is not the solution that too at a time like this. What the people want is proper and prompt action. The State governments are all cooperating with the Central government. If there are any hoarders of essential items, let the law take action whoever it might be.
    The vaccine policy is faulted by the Supreme Court also. Let the government revisit their policy and make amends for the deficiencies in the policy.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    The current situation of the country is very difficult, and no one knows who is actually responsible for this pandemic condition. I do not think that after the events that happened in the past during the second wave of the corona, any politician or even citizen has the right to defend themselves or giving motivational speeches. And by the way what will gonna change by just a speech by the prime minister or any other minister. Everyone is active on social media and getting each and every update related to pandemics still if some careless persons are not want to be careful then what one speech can change. During Kumbh or elections etc, the only government should not be blamed but at the same time, the public who was involved in those events is also responsible for this situation. Now we should think about whats should be done to save more lives, try to help others as much as we can, and save ourselves and our family.

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    At this stage blame game won't work at all. No one has expected this much seriousness in the Corona second wave in India.

    Opposition played the spoilsport in the early phases of vaccination claiming that what is the necessity of granting permission to Bharat Biotech's Covaxin for Emergency use and hyped through the Media that people are dying after taking vaccines. So, people got the fear of taking vaccines. At that time, the vaccine production was more than the vaccine intake in India. And, the Government started distributing vaccines to other countries. Now, the Opposition is asking why had the Government distributed the vaccines to the other countries.

    After the first phase, our own ISC members started asking the Centre for providing more jobs by opening up the Economy. Now, they are asking why isn't the government fully prepared for the second wave.

    The Government has made a blunder by allowing religious gatherings and the ECI has made a blunder by conducting elections.

    So, everyone is to be blamed here. At this junction, we all should be united and face the challenges that are faced by our country. Putting blame on others won't solve the actual problem.

    At this time we all should take care of ourselves and our near and dear. This will solve half the problem. When online facilities are not available, only a single person should move out of the house for bringing in all the necessary household items and he should isolate himself for 3-4 days as the symptoms are visible in 2-3 days.

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    Ved Prakash, please do not share just that part of the news that is convenient to you and your ideology. Have you read the entire report? If your intention was to bring out facts, you should have also mentioned the observations made by the Hon'ble High Court in this case. The Court had taken note of the picture and has observed that 'it is not as if there is a hoarder. There are people standing in line with their cylinders and with their masks on,'. The Court has also referred to Gurudwaras arranging Oxygen and supplying it to the needy. That means your allegation is not substantiated.

    As for the PM or any of his ministers not addressing the nation, I believe they have nothing to say at the moment which will boost their ground support unlike during the first phase when everything was going in their favour.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Supreme Court has taken an unprecedented decision to tackle present circumstances. It has passed verdict to get a task force constituted. It is a twelve members committee including specialist doctors. It has the responsibility to work on three points.
    - Availability of oxygen
    - Distribution of oxygen to states
    - Make a roadmap to cope third expected surge of coronavirus

    This is an administrative responsibility which doesn't come under the jurisdiction of the judiciary but Supreme Court has intervened in the administrative powers of the central government. Reason is obvious that Supreme Court does not look satisfy to the replies of the central government submitted to the court.
    I don't say that central government has completely failed to cope with the present crisis but lapses can't be denied. This is not the time of playing blame game.
    We have to fight against this pandemic as a united India.

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    One more glare example of negiligence by the state and blaming the center. The govt want to complete the second booster dose for the senior citizens on war footing and given the dates from 8th to 12 of this month. That means even Sunday should be used to give the vaccines. But today I had been to all the govt hospitals , but they are closed. It is the clear blatant refusal from the TS govt not following the central govt dikdats. Likewise many state govts are not following rules and blaming the center for the shortage. Surely every one should join hands together and work for the total eradication of the virus.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, are you sure that all the states have sufficient stock of the vaccines? Let us not close our eyes and say that it is dark. The fact is that there is an acute shortage of vaccines and states are managing with the meager (compared to the requirement) supply of vaccines and the internal production and external supply are not enough to satisfy the rising demand. That is why the second dose candidates are given priority now and the registration for those above 18 years of age has been postponed. Though one cannot totally blame any government for the present crisis, we have no choice but to agree to the fact that the expected situation was not at all handled with due care and caution. And that is the reason why our PM or other ministers are finding it hard to face the public. They have almost surrendered to the fact that things have gone haywire and out of their hands.

    I think it is high time we gather the guts to say that the 'king is naked'!

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Yes, there is a shortage of vaccines in many states, if I am talking about Madhypradesh the same condition is also arising here. It is declared by the government for vaccination program for 18 plus youth but its registration process is too difficult because most of the time the server found down due to large traffic. Apart from that even 45 plus people whose second dose is pending are also facing issues, it's all just because the vaccine is less and people being afraid for their vaccination. If we see the crown on vaccination centers for registrations then we found more risk over there.

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    Covid is acting as havoc day by day and its difficult to control the situation. Administration is appearing weak against this situation and it's normal human tendency that when we are unable to control the situation and we have taken charge for it then we try to hide us or stop doing comments in it, the same thing happened with government whichat first acted recklessly and when the situation slipped out of their hands thy are in mute mode. Lack of resources is not mistake of government but their improper allocation is biggest mistake which I feel so as at some places where oxygen supply is proper they are allocating more and at other where people are dying of lack of oxygen they have allocated nothing. Moreover when we are able to control the situation during first wave we are an examplary to whole world but now at time of shameful performance no one is there take responsibility of it.

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    Today the situation is so bad that no amount of speech or assurance is going to work. We do not have proper infrastructure to face such a massive order calamity and in spite of Govt trying to do its best things are going out of control and are becoming unmanageable.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In many occasions earlier also I have emphasised the need of the government to come with facts and truths and what it does periodically. The NDA government at the centre is totally a failure in this. In the UPA government it was only the PM who was 'maun', but all others were eloquent. But in this NDA government every one is silent. It ma be true that they consider hard work as superior to talking. But without any communication coming out from the government side we feel lack of transparency.

    In such situation gossips and untruths thrive. People tend to believe in rumours and lies. That is what is exactly happening. The losses by the BJP/NDA in many elections are due to this reason. It really happened in Kerala in recent elections. No one was there to tell people what the central government did. In the absence of that people took everything good done by the state government and voted them back to power.

    "Mann i bath ' broadcast cannot fulfill the need of factual communication from the government. It is also a right of the people to know truths transparently. The confusion of the vaccine shortage, oxygen shortage etc would have been avoided if the central government was properly giving out what it is doing by[press releases in all popular media-print, audio-visual as well as social media. Now the damage is done. Wrong news, untruths and rumours had taken the place of actual facts and people lost faith and feel betrayed.
    Hope the NDA/BJP and the people at governance will learn at least now.

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    The main topic of the thread seems to have gone off-track in a few responses, namely of reassurances, and not meandering again into what the Central Govt./State Govts. did or did not do.

    Yes, I agree that the biggest blunder when addressing the nation/the locals of a State is the lack of empathy. There is no heartfelt emotion expressed, no regrets, no apologies. The ones who are doing so are the doctors and nurses, who feel the pain, who express it, who feel terrible at yet another life that they could not save despite giving their 100%.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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