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    The most unique relationship is between mother and child- Post your Mother's Day greetings here

    It is important for a person to have both of their parents, but the child feels a unique connection with the mother because this connection occurs when the child arrives in the womb of her mother as a fetus. Even at that time, the mother can understand the state of the fetus by its movements and after coming into this world, even when the child cannot speak, its mother recognizes its every need. The relaxation that a child experiences when sleeping in the mother's lap cannot be found when he is sleeping on the softest bed even.

    All the praise for a mother is less because the mother is selfless when it comes to caring for her child. Even in today's era, when women are taking care of both home and office, children are still a priority for them. We should offer obeisance to such a mother by thanking her every day.

    Mother does not want anything special, she just wants her child to be happy always and so we should not forget to include our mother in our happiness. Make new relationships but never ignore the relationship that is the foundation of your life.

    I give a loving and respectful salute to all the mothers of the world today through this thread.

    Happy Mothers Day 2021
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    Parents are simply great. They love children beyond our thinking, especially, mother, as the writer has also opined about mother how deeply she loves her child. Since it has come into the womb till it comes into the world, she bears pain and pangs happily for sake of her babies. And her love for her child doesn't come to an end whether or not she/he cares for her when the child grows.
    I am exasperated seeing an old mother complaining about her children who don't care about her or have left her helpless on the road or in the fair. How disgusting they are.

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    On this mothers day, I send my best wishes and greetings to all the persons living in this world, because mother is always liked and loved by anyone, no matter we are big in profession or work and for the mother we are child ever. In this regard I always admired the way PM Modi visits his mother and seek her blessings and that prove that mother is always on the top of the world. If a baby is nurtured well, all the credit goes to the mother, if the child is studying well all the credit goes to the mother, If a student performs well in academics and office, all credit goes to the mother, because she was instrumental and the reason to churn our best out of the child and that is the greatness of every mother. Never ever a mother gets tired and she always finds pleasure and happiness in serving he child and that is the great trait of every mother.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    On this International Mother's Day, I salute all the mothers on the earth for their sincere efforts to bring their children up in a proper way. A mother only will know the requirements of the child much better than anybody else. Kunthi, the mother of Pandavas use to give half portion of the food cooked to her second son Bhima as she knows how much is required for Bhima. Like this mother can assess the requirements of her children and try her best to see that their children are happy.
    Our mother is our first teacher in this world. She will only teach us all the good deeds She monitors our progress and guides us from time to time so that we will never be off track. She may not eat but she will see that you have sufficient food. Such is the greatness of the mother.

    always confident

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    Happy Mother's Day to all mothers across the globe!
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Wishing all the mothers across the globe a happy, healthy, and prosperous mother's day.

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    Mother is the loveliest creation of god. A child and mother share numerous relationships throughout their life as first guru of life is mother then for a child mother acts as one of the best friend then her caressing relief provides better comfort then any doctor's medicine. So we can say that a mother plays vivid role for her child and her importance is immeasurable as she is divinely. God has send angels in form of mothers. A happy mother's day to all the mummas in the world.

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    Today is world mother's day. Mother's care and love is remembered with gratitude by people all over the world. A day to remind every mother again that motherhood is to be celebrated. International mother's day is celebrated around the world for mothers who are a symbol of love and tolerance around the world.

    Happy mother's day to all mothers who have given their minds, souls and bodies for their loved ones.

    Lighted to Lighten

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    No one can take the place of mother in terms of her sacrifice and love. It may be sometimes one sided when her sons and daughters are preoccupied with their families and don't have the time to look for her mothers. However mothers have forgotten day and nights while bringing up their kids. They are doing the same only to see that their children are happy always.
    She is our best best guide and friend always encouraging us for the best in our assignment. We must strive for her happiness and on the occasion of Mother's Day, my best wishes goes to all the mothers.

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    When I was in my fifties, I was posted in Gujarat state while my parents lived in Dehradun (Uttarakhand). During annual vacations I visited them often. I remember one of those occasions when I was having some sore throat and problem in the sinus and my mother (her age at that time was 76) was worried for me and checked from morning to night whether I took medicines in time and took my milk in time and many such things which of course being an adult I was already taking care. But her concern and attitude towards me was as a young mother usually has for her baby. Sometimes, I got annoyed also and told her that I am able to take my own care and she should not worry but still she was observing from a distance whether everything was going on properly or not. She many times advised my wife to give me hot water for gargling and other home remedies time to time for my early recovery. My rather came to me hardly once a day and told me that it was an allergic thing and I should take the medicines in time and proper food and it will be all right in a weeks time. That is where one can differentiate the mother's concern for her children. It is natural and is a divine blessing for all of us. Happy mother's day.
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    It is said that God can't reside everywhere so created mother. In praise of mother, time will end but word won't end. Mother is known for love, affection and sacrifice on this earth. Whether human being or animal, the mother will always have some affection for their kids. Most of the mother sacrifice happiness for the welfare of their kid. Recently, I heard the news that a six-month baby was covid positive and kept in an isolation ward but she had been crying for two days. Seeing this, her mother could not stop herself and hugged the baby without caring about her life. So, Mother has such kind of nature. Mother is not only our mother but she is a teacher, friend, caretaker, cook and everything. Hats off to all mother in this world.

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