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    Please resolve problem with category of Article posting

    Today I tried to post an article on scholarship programs. For filtered categories, I selected 'scholarships' and choose a category is showing "error: no categories found'. When I try to save and view, it is asking to mention the category. I typed education in the searched category and then also showing the same error. Only when we select the General filter category, it is showing various categories. But the scholarship category not found in General. Why this error is happening? How to overcome this problem and what is its solution? Already so many categories that were shown in the General category were banned in the new policy of the site and why they were existing?
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    Ramakrishna Kambhampati,

    Glad to know you are submitting to that section. It has lately become an arid space. This issue of categories had come up some time back and we discussed it with the Webmasters. They have instructed not to select any category from 'Filter Categories' but simply select from 'Choose a Category'. Those are arranged in alphabetical order so you will find the category for scholarships just below the one on online education. Let me know if you require further guidance.

    I will be putting up a separate thread soon on a few updates and will mention this in that thread.

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