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    Hindi should never be imposed on any State

    There is already a big talk that the new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the dynamic, M. K. Stalin, will not allow Hindi to be imposed in Tamil Nadu.

    As a State of India, we, the people of Tamil Nadu have every right to accept or reject a language. We adore our mother tongue, Tamil, as it is a far richer and more ancient language than Hindi. We are not against Hindi but against its imposition. The Prime Minister himself tends to think that Hindi is the sole Indian language. At least he knows some English. But his deputy has never ever spoken English. His imperious looks and his figure always suggest that he is ready to impose Hindi on Tamil Nadu, left right and centre.

    Hindi should not be imposed in Tamil Nadu or any other State. It is just another language. It is not the sole national language. Even Tamil is a national language. Hindi is an official language alongside English. We will continue to use only English, repeat English, in all correspondence with other States.

    We fully understand the need for Hindi, but it only is an additional link language. If we get posted to North India or live in North India, we will speak in Hindi.
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    I don't think that Hindi will be imposed on all by the present central government. Three language formula was there for a long and not introduced by this government. English. mother tongue and one more language But I think Tamilnadu is not following this three-language formula.
    In my opinion, not only language but also any subject should not be forced on any child. We should give importance to the liking and interest of the child. If the child wants to study Hindi we should not stop him and at the same is he doesn't want to read Hindi also we should not force him to learn.
    Developing the Hindi language in South India started long back and Dakshina Bharata Hindi Sabha was started in Chennai long back before the first BJP government itself. Many people passed those courses and got employment as Hindi teachers in various schools and colleges. Anyhow author need not worry about it. Now their dynamic CM will see that no central government's policies will be implemented in his State.

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    Hindi will not be imposed in non Hindi speaking states. It would be an optional language to learn. It is upto the student whether to study Hindi or ignore Hindi. There can be a Hindi subject in schools, but it should not be considered for passing a stduent from one class to the other.

    While I was in VIIIth STD, Hindi agitation took place and I participated. But my father wanted me to learn Hindi. He sent me to Hindi tuition classes. I passed an oral exam conducted by the Dakshin Bharat Hindi Vidhya Sabha. In that I passed the exam and was awarded a certificate. Thereafter, I studied 'Prathmik" and passed in second class. I continued with Madhyama but did not appear in the examination.

    The above have helped me to communicate with my north Indian friends when I joined an organisation where 80 percent workers were from North India.

    Learning Hindi is good, but it should not be forced upon the student or should not be a compulsion to learn.

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    By the who has informed our esteemed author that the Hindi would be imposed on the State of Tamil Nadu or any other state. It is the state prerogatory either to accept Hindi as the National language and get into the main stream like other state and If TN wants to opt out of it, it is their head ache and none to bother. But the national level exams or test are being conducted through which Hindi usage has become must for the center and TN does not want any imposition of even national level test, it is again left to their head ache. By the way the states should seek the public opinion before the parties deciding that they are against the imposition of Hindi. I known many number of friends from Tamil Nadu who do speak Hindi and watch Hindi movies and they are not against the language at all. Its all politics and those who want to learn the language are denied.
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    Hindi is a language like Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi etc but Hindi has an advantage that it covers vast indian land where it is spoken. Due to national politics (mainly north indians remain in power in Delhi) besides it Hindi movies and news channel etc have given it a vast scope in the country. This is why all of us have Basic understanding of Hindi but I don't know even a single letter of any south indian language. However, I wish to learn at least a south Indian language. My nephew who has been in Kerala for almost a decade or so, he is fluent in Malyalam, he understands other south indian languages too.
    I don't think Hindi is being imposed on any state. Every language is beautiful.
    One fact should be kept in mind, we don't speak Hindi, rather we speak Hindustani language which is a mixture of several languages. E.g. Pen is commonly used as Hindi whereas it is an English word. Hindi of Pen is Lekhini. Who speakes lekhini? Nobody.
    Like wise: Hindi of Train is Lohpath gamini but we speak train instead.

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    Though Hindi has gained its importance even in the south where many students opt for it because they would not like to be left aloof from this language since their friends are from Hindi belt and these non Hindi people want to maintain their relationship with the other counterparts. In one way, it appears a healthy culture. However the problem arises when some one is forced to learn the same creating annoyance among them. Though at present, we have not seen anyone to compel any section for taking up Hindi forcefully rather the young generation have shown their passion towards this language for expansion of their friendship with non Hindi speaking people.

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    India is an example of this world where people from different cultures and different languages living together, and no one imposed any other language to any other state, why would any government do so. English is a language that may be compulsory for all states even all countries of the world because there should be a common language for entire the world so that people can interact with each other but Hindi is not as common as it should be imposed on any other state. I too speak in Hindi and love the Hindi language but this does not mean that I disrespect others' language or will impose Hindi on others.

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    The topic under discussion has become stale and has been on this platform many times in different guises. The author himself had brought up this issue many times. Let us not have a repetition of the same.
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