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    Most innovative thoughts you have but want some one to implement

    We may be getting some wonderful thoughts emanating from our mind but implementing the same is not possible and we want some one to implement the same. The thoughts may be some new ideas which are not brought into effect in the past. Our innovative thoughts should have the impact on the public and that should benefit others. In that case there would be some one would come forward to implement the same if that has powerful message for the mankind. I am thinking of having a mobile bus with oxygen cylinders that can move to the place of need ? Any takers ?
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    Getting an idea is different and implementing the same is different. Oxygen will be coming in tankers only. That will be filled in containers to the required pressure and supplied to patients. Directly giving oxygen to the patient from a tanker is very risky. Any leakage will create havoc. We have seen recently an accident in a hospital where 12 persons died.
    So for any idea a detailed study is required to implement. This study is very important in certain cases. In certain issues a calculated risk can be taken. But when it comes to human life, more detailed study is very important.
    The vaccine is invented. But before the same is administered to public, a lot of study was carried out at different stages and then only permission was given. All the ideas which can be implemented requires all the studies and testings before it is brought to implementation.

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    My idea was to have at least 8 beds with oxygen fitted in the mobile bus that would visit places of need.
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    There are ambulances in which oxygen cylinders are arranged to give to patients while they are on their way to the hospital.
    I think you are talking about mobile hospitals. Whether there are 8 cylinders in a hospital or a bus it makes no difference. One patient may be in one corner of the place and another person may be in another corner. So the patients need to travel from place to place. How does it help? How to manage the patients on the bus? Various details are to be worked out before it is implemented. Another accept we should consider is the nature of the disease. It is contagious means we can't keep many patients in the same area without proper maintenance and guarding arrangements. A lot of planning is to be carried out before it is implemented.

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    It is definitely a fine idea but you need to work out a lot of steps prior to its implementation. Some of the vital points related to its use are as follows -
    1) We cannot straightway feed the oxygen in the lungs of the patients. The doctor would undertake a lot of measures such as concentration of oxygen, its optimum pressure and the duration of supply.
    2) The tankers are unloaded and is to be filled up with oxygen in the cylinders without the leakage and maintenance of pressure during the refilling process.
    3) While undertaking this operation, medical team is especially needed for the effective supervision.
    4) Intake of oxygen and its requisite pressure cannot be decided by anyone other than the medical teams.

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    I welcome this innovative idea of the author whereby he wants to supply oxygen gas to the patients who desperately need it but his mobile bus may supply oxygen cylinders within a limited area. How many containers may be kept in a bus to make cylinders available for patients.

    Innovative ideas which are related to common cause and benefit common people it is always appreciated.
    During this pandemic period people need medicines, vaccines, money and other necessary things also. If we are in a position to help any patient we should extend our help. It will be a great work for humanity.

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    The idea of the author can prove to be a very commendable step if implemented properly. We have already seen that many ambulances are already providing their facility in the form of a mobile ambulance, in such a way that it would be helpful if there is another way through which oxygen can be delivered to the needy patient. But the question of whether such a system can be possible practically, in view of the situation today, many people have been stigmatized in the name of humanity and have been looting the money of people in the name of facilities. In the recent past, it is a little difficult for the general public to trust anyone, given the way in which the sale and hoarding of oxygen cylinders and necessary injections have been done by many shopkeepers and traders. But still, If a group or organization of a trusted person takes responsibility for this work then it is probably possible.

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    I want all the automobiles to run on Sea Water as fuel. This can be damn cheaper(almost free of cost) and we need not spend money on diesel/petrol/kerosine/gas etc. Will anyone do a research on it and try to implement it?
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