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    Can the screen time be reduced to some extent by the use of podcasts?

    Nowadays we spend most of our time on computers and smartphones. There is no doubt that these are inevitable because a lot of our work depends on them.

    A podcast service can be a promising option in which we are not forced to look at the electronic device's screen, except for a few essential assignments that require us to look at the screen. For certain tasks like reading news, information about a particular topic, story and many different things where we can reduce our screen time, we can take advantage of the podcast service. It also has the feature that we can listen to podcasts anytime and anywhere.

    Nowadays, we have found in several websites provide an option to listen to articles or blog posts. We can also place it under the podcast service. The podcast service is not limited to listening to a short piece of information but includes a series of episodes about particular courses, etc.

    One satisfactory thing is that the podcast service is proving to be very beneficial for children. Under podcasting, children can listen to many educational lecturers, informative interviews and stories, and more. Using podcasts they do not have to sit in front of the screen for a long time, this boosts their listening skills and also lessens the strain and discomfort in the eyes. This is not only for kids but for anyone who loves to listen. Podcasts are organized in such a way that anyone can gain information and knowledge by listening to them.

    There are many benefits of using this podcasting service. It can also help reduce some of our screen time which is a good option in every way.

    Do you think we should also use podcasts to reduce our screen time?
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    Very good advice given by the author. I agree that podcasts can reduce screen time, but at the same time, we can not compare articles and audios, because it depends on the person who wants to read or listen. Podcasts on the Internet have been steadily increasing. There are many people with Isis who like to listen to audio more because they either do not have time to read or some people are not interested in reading, and podcasts are an option for them. Many websites allow you to submit your own content as a Career as a Pod-caster. In this, give your opinion on a topic, answer the questions of the people, make the news or any other type of podcast, so that your talk is made to reach the audience. It is not difficult to make, but it is very easy, in which only talking on a subject and for that audio is uploaded.

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    It's better choice to listen to podcasts. Even during lockdown we are advised to hear that bookish content rather then focusing on screen for hours. All educational material is now converted into podcast, books by ncert are also translated into podcasts which are easily accessible, and can be used while traveling also as we does not need to focus on screen. Several comics and stories newspaper articles are available in podcasts and even readers enjoy to hear them that's why theie importance is increasing among the masses.

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    Yes, most definitely podcast are a great option for everyone to get rid of the excessive screen time we consume. With more time at our hand and curosity in our head, we often find ourselves looking at the screen of our mobile or computer everyday. We are curious to learn about diffrent things and internet has been a sources for it, we tend to read from the internet and find solution or see things to entertain ourselves. The new ways of doing so is by listening to podcast. Podcast are the same as watching videos but with less screen time. As the author mentioned podcast can be very useful for children who are nowadays addicted to mobile phone, it can keep them busy and occupied. Even teenager and adult can take the benifits of these podcasts as they provide variety of options to choose from. Podcasts can really help in reducing screen time among people.
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    Definitely. Hearing while somebody is taking is a better option than reading the same on a Laptop screen. While hearing something your eyes can be given some rest. We have a WhatsApp group. In this, we all will send voice messages only so that the other person can hear what we have posted and can relax by closing his eyes while hearing. In the same manner, if we can use a podcast, instead of reading everything, you can hear them. But we should have the ability to concentrate on the matter you are hearing. But many people try to do something or other on the screen while hearing the subject what others are telling. That will create more problems.
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    Nice information posted by the author. Podcast service would be very useful in that way for us. In fact we are already listening to audiobooks of various kinds and that is a great relief for our eyes which get rest during that time or we can simultaneously do some other work also.
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