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    It is possible to erase after writing, but the spoken word cannot be changed.

    Often people advise that when you get angry at someone, drink a glass of water, go away from it, sit alone, do deep breathing, there are many ways with which we can stop ourselves from abusing others. Words come to our mind in the form of an idea and remain thoughts until it present in the mind only. There are many ways of presenting ideas, by writing, speaking, or your feelings automatically tell your thoughts. I often adopt the method of writing for this. Normally when I want to post something, I write it on the copy first then posted it on-site but when I have to write something to lighten my mind, I use notepad of my laptop and all my thoughts that are coming to mind at that time when I am angry or sad, I write down all those thoughts and later delete them after reading. I have understood one thing from my experience that when we read those thoughts once or twice, then we understand that we actually stopped ourselves from speaking too much wrong. And as soon as we are writing, sometimes positive thoughts start coming to mind. I like this method more because after writing it is easy to erase or edit it, but after speaking, we cannot take those words back.
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    It's true that spoken words can never be deleted. They are like arrows shooting from bow of our mouth and as we know that once an arrow is shooted it can't be stopped or even its difficult to change its direction so it should be kept in mind while speaking something that what impact does it create on our relations with others. Moreover written matter is easy to erase as well as it retains with us so it's like hiding our thoughts with us in our notepad, diary or anything else. So whenever you are emotional or its difficult to control your emotions it's better to write than you speak because always keep in mind that your words may be unbearable by anyone else.

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    It is interesting to read that the author has expressed, when she is sad or angry she writes down all her thoughts or sadness or anger on the notepad and after reading it she deletes it, perhaps this is her way to make herself comfortable when she feels uneasy. I think it is a unique idea and it works as it has been experienced. The logic behind this technique validates this way of expression that instead of speaking badly to someone because of bad manners or activities someone is hurt if he/she vents out his/anger it may create a rift in a relationship but if this anger is expressed through writing on notepads and after reading the same is deleted, it will alleviate the pain of the person and secures their bilateral bond also.
    I agree with the author and chosen title of her thread that written words can be erased but spoken words can't be erased, however, one thing I add here if someone hurts any other person he/she should apologise for his/her mistake, it will erase that wounds inflicted by harsh words.

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    It is very important to choose the words said to someone because once we have said the words, we have no right to those words. Because now those words have penetrated someone else's area. It now relies on the individual how he assesses those words.

    I applaud the author that she has made a very favorable decision by adopting writing. This is a very practical and effective method. Under this, we can know that if we misused our words, the result could be awful. On the other hand, if used correctly the results will be favorable.

    While writing, we have complete suzerainty in words and when we do any work with a lot of thought and trial and error then the result is expected to be satisfactory.


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    A slip of the tongue can't be taken back. This is a very well known fact. That is why we should be very careful before we talk about any issue. You should mind your words. You may convey your thoughts to others. While doing so the selection of words should be precise. Even though you express your regret for the bad words used, the receiver will never forget about the words you used.
    As mentioned by the author you can change the written words before you send them to the receiver. Even the written words also can't be changed once it is received by the other end. Even though you change the other person will also know about the change.

    always confident

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    In Tamil, there is a good proverb - "Theeyinaal sutta punn Ullarum Aarathe Naavinaar Sutta Vadu" It means - If we have a wound due to burn by fire, there would be a scar but the internal wound would have been cured well, but if we have a wound due to burning tongue by words, the wound would never get cured.

    Yes. Words spoken once cannot be erased or corrected or deleted. We need to control our mind and tongue.

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    I fully agree with the authors contention. We must speak with due care and caution and even a wrong word can bring confusion and problem between the friends or family members. Speaking politely and respectfully is an art and we must learn it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There is a famous saying in Tamil that Thienal sutta pun arumay , aaradhey naavinal sutta vadu, that means we may cure the injuries that caused through the fire, but we cannot forget those words which come out of filth mouth. Elders always advise the young and the youth to have the control over the tongue, because a slip of tongue can create more damage to the relations and the very life would be in peril. In this regard I would call upon the mothers to nurture their children with good traits that they should tell the truth, live with total hormony and never ever take the short cut routes in life which gives to challenging situations and that in turn makes someone to take refuge on bad words. And bad words comes from those who have the bad company of their freinds and foes and that is the reason being so we must have good peer group.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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