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    Do not find ways to hide your faults, but find a way to remove them.

    Many times we are not able to recognize our faults because perhaps we are too busy to see the faults of others but at some point in life, there are occasions after which we recognize our faults or shortcomings.

    Now, in this situation, the person does two things, either he will show himself as flawless by covering up his defect or he will follow it by making a proper strategy to overcome his shortcomings with full vigor.

    The person who decides to get rid of his faults does not need to hide them and this would be a permanent solution, so it is not a bad thing to have shortcomings, but we humans have got the quality to turn these shortcomings into our strengths, so this quality should be used by everyone.
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    I totally agree with the author. We are infact human beings who are bound to make mistakes and learn from them to improve ourselves for the better. As much as we know that our faults are a outcome of our own assessment, we often tend to hide them to save us from embarassment, however what should be kept in mind that hiding is a way to escape, and you cannot escape from your faults, you have to be face it one day or the other. As the author mentioned that shortcomings can always unfold throughout our journey but what's more important how we learn from them and change ourselves further for better. At every step we take, we are bound to make faults and fall but the only way to get hid of these is to be confident and face them in life.
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    I agree with the author that we should focus on our shortcomings instead of pondering over the faults of others. But practically it happens that we have no time to look into our faults and it is not considered bad in our society. It is normal for all of us. However, improving ourselves and removing all bad traits is a great quality of a person. But nowadays it is observed that people hide their faults at any cost instead of confessing, especially in politics, no political leader will admit flaws and mistakes of his party or other party leaders. The blame game has become a fashion of the day and surprisingly, it is also observed that blind followers of these political parties defend their leaders and blame other political parties. Neither these leaders nor these followers are honest.
    As a human being, we should focus to improve our qualities and should protect our human values inherited us from our elders. How the world is going and what trend the society is following we should not heed to all these practices.

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    Hiding own faults is the basic characteristics of human beings. It's normal practice but it can create long lasting bad impacts. If we always try to hide our faults then we can never work on our mistakes and this would made us doing the same mistake again and again. Accepting our mistake and being promising not to repeat it again and again can be the best practice which is found in a few people. Accepting fault also requires great courage but if we are able to collect so much of courage then no one can stop us from being successful in life.

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    To err is human. We will be doing mistakes and there may be some faults in us. Nothing wrong with that. Understand your faults and work out on coming out of those faults. That will give you a chance to improve. Instead of that if you hide your mistakes and pretend as if you have no faults at all, if not today on some other day you will be identified with your mistakes. That is not good. One should have the courage to accept their mistakes. All can't do that. But accepting our faults and try to rectify our faults will give value to us and people will have faith in us.
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    Great advise from the author that faults are bound to happen to those who keep on working unmindful of their results but that does not mean they should overlook the faults. Faults need to be set right immediately through personal know how or take help of some one who can fix the problems. Once the faults are removed , we are also paving way for the others to carry on their alloted task which is connected to our set righting the faults. One thing is sure, faults should not arise, and if arise, it should not be repeated and see that error free work is being done on the same project by vitue of greater experience.
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    Due to a malfunction in one device, it may not work properly and even many other devices connected to it are not able to function properly. Accordingly, it becomes crucial that the fault be rectified as soon as feasible, otherwise, it can prove to be dangerous not only for itself but also for other entities related to it. So one has to find ways to improve them by consulting with professionals or by personal experience. It should always be understood that sometimes by hiding our fault we are unable to pay attention to them, due to which we forget about them and due to this, many difficulties can be faced later. It is moreover not necessary to expose your fault to others, but finding a means to correct them silently can also prove to be an effective technique.

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    Hiding your deficiencies is the same as harming a patient by concealing his illness. If the disease gets caught on time, then its treatment is possible, just like the moment when we realize our shortcomings or faults, then decide that we have to separate ourselves from it.

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    Some times the faults fall on our head because others would have passed the bug even then it is not our fault. In that case it is very imperative to remove the bad mark immediately.
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    It is a natural tendency of many people to hide their deficiencies or shortcomings in the society and then it becomes their habit to do so and they earn some false prestige also during that time. In fact it is easy to hide our faults then to remove them from our lives. But we must remember that hiding is only a temporary solution and truth comes out itself one day and then people know who is what. Though it is tough and requires some homework as well as some hard work, still it is worth to go for a permanent solution to the problem by removing those deficiencies from our lives by changing the basic methodologies.
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    Hiding ones fault is a habit that is formed since the growing up of times of the person. Once this habit is formed then a person uses this easy way to hide his faults or cover his mistakes throughout ones life. But it does not help one in improving and also in ones development. Progress comes by pinpointing our mistakes and correcting them in our lives so that they do not occur again and again and we also make our career grow and get the success in our endeavours.
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    There is no perfect man in this world. It is natural to make mistakes. We need to see it as a heinous crime to hide it and to put it on someone else's head to get rid of us. The mistakes we have made will come back to haunt us. It will be noted sometimes in our check or when it comes to the verification of the boss. To avoid the insult, censure from the boss, or fear of being demoted, some putting their mistakes upon others' heads. Taking on our own mistakes and correcting them is a sign that a good personality is awakening. Those who continue in that state will never be left behind. There may be some temporary difficulties and some grievances. But the ultimate success — whether at work or in social life or personal life — will be theirs. We have many life stories of such people before us.
    But those who forget their shortcomings and mistakes may have temporary success or elevation. But that is only temporary. Of course, the perpetrators will be caught by the authorities detect over time from various verifications.

    The Bible says: "He that covereth his transgressions shall not prosper: But whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall obtain mercy" Proverbs 28:13.

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