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    Why my story could not win the contest?

    Lately, this short story writing contest was held. Also I participated in this contest and my entry "Friendship never dies" could not win this contest. I would like to know what went wrong with my submission, so that I may improve in future.

    Creative Short Story writing contest

    Friendship never dies
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    All the participants will not win the contest. The best among the submitted will get the award. There will be some judges who read all the stories and based on some guiding points they will decide the best one. Not getting an award will not be an indication that you went wrong somewhere. If your contribution is disqualified, then you can ask why it is disqualified. The winning entries are better than the others. That is how we should take it.
    But editors may suggest you some points for improvement in your future submissions.

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    Arafatuzzafar, please note that the decision of the jury, as has been said earlier, will be deemed to be final and the editors are not bound to provide explanations for their decision. That point having been clarified, could you please explain why you think your entry was better than those who have won the prizes because by raising this thread you are basically putting up a claim for a prize? Let us have your say first.
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    I can only add a few points that can increase our chances of winning in the competitions held at ISC. Please note that I am not pointing anyone but convey few points that might help us to improve our chances to win the contests.

    1. First of all, we should read the guidelines of the contest carefully not once but several times so that we can analyze properly what we have to take special care of before enrolling in the contest or writing about the given topic.

    2. Mostly we pay more attention to only one point of the contest and ignore some important aspects that are needed in the particular contest.

    3. By following all the guidelines of the contest, the chances of winning in the contest are increased. We must understand the essence of the competition very well.

    In the end, it is up to the jury to decide the winner and it is not in our hands. We can only do our best to win the contest.


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    Yes, it is completely a jury decision and this decision is always the best, so I respect all the decisions. The jury's decision of every contest is always taken only after looking at several standards, and the decision is always taken without any discrimination.

    I believe that almost every writer of ISC has his own writing skills and by participating in the contest, we get more opportunities to refine them.

    @ Ganesh sir
    Sir, Arafatuzzafar is not saying that " he thinks his entry was better than those who have won the prizes." I think his question about his performance for the same contest so that he can improve more in his other contest-related threads in the future.

    @ Arafatuzzafar
    For more improvement, without raising questions, another better option is that you carefully read the threads of the winners who won in the contest and analyze what was you missed in your thread. Don't forget that we are here not only for earning but also for learning.

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    We cannot assume that every contest would in which we participated would be won. If you are winning, that means you are supelative than other members, if you failed to win, that is the lesson learned for further improvement. What I feel that your participation in the story writing contest is itself a great welcome and winning and losing depends on the content and the jury of the panelists of ISC. One thing is sure, this lesson would make you to further polish the writing caliber and next time I want to see your name in the list of winners. Never get feeling low for not winning, it is also time given a chance to further improvise.
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    Swati, I agree that the author has not said so but when he asks why his entry did not win a prize it does passively indicate that his thread could have won a prize. Participants of all the contests must understand that some entries are chosen as winning entries only because they are better than the others. As has been said in the responses above, not winning a prize does not necessarily mean that one's entry is not good or up to the mark, it just establishes that the winning entries were better in all aspects.
    Your suggestion to the author regarding going through the winning threads and analysing the difference is appreciated.

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    In a contest, every author would think that their entry would be the best. But, the juries will select only the best among all the entries received. It is not a objective type question to answer and value. The story should attract the panel members. Among the three juries, if two juries like the story and one jury doesn't like the story, the story get selected because of the two juries liking.
    So, it is imprudent to question the contest author to explain the reason for non selection of your story. It cannot be explained to satisfy you.

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    Thank you for the appreciation Ganesh Sir.

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    Thank you all for your beautiful replies.

    @Saji Ganesh: Your valuable suggestions are requested.

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    The thread seems to be pleasantly concluded but even being a late comer I will like to bring my experience and opinion in the issue. There are so many contests going on in ISC almost on a monthly as well as weekly basis and some of the members are definitely doing very good. There is a good number of members who are doing neck to neck in their presentations and contents and even for the experienced jury it would not be so easy every time to demarcate the winners in a precise manner. It is said when competitors are more and less on the same ground contributing almost similar level entries then common sense prevails and all those who are almost at the same level start getting awards one by one. But this does not mean that inferior contributions will be awarded. It simply means that all the good entries will be awarded if not this time then the next time and if we keep this basic fact in the back of our mind the queries related to comparison and relative assessment would not arise. At the same time that also means that we should attempt, if possible, all the contests. So, keep contributing and all the best.
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    I am also participating in most of the contest and my observation is that there are so many good contributors in ISC and all cannot be accommodated for awards in one single contest so it is difficult to find out why I got award in one but not in other ones. Anyway I am happy with my awards whenever I am getting them.
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    We should be happy that non award winning entries are awarded with some Cash Credits to compensate their hard work, time and energy wasted. So there is nothing to grip or feel bad that our entry has not been selected for an award. Be happy with what you get.

    Yet, I would say that there are chances of rejecting a good story from an author who is not liked by the editor. I have few editors who will never select my story or write-ups for an award. I have confronted with many editors in the past. Therefore, I will never participate in the contest organized by such editors.

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    Your aspersions in response #730268 are in very bad taste, hurtful, and totally unwarranted. It questions the very integrity of me and the editorial team.

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    You are right. But it is my 10 years (3540 days) experience at ISC that makes me to write so. Today is my 3541st day at ISC. I did not name anyone in particular. But there are such editors at ISC.

    In any organisation, if one higher authority says something, the lowest authorities won't talk on that matter. That's what discipline. But in ISC, after the Managing editor, an ordinary editor would come up and say something. This means the lowest authority has an upper hand and there is no one to control, but support. This is not welcomed.

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    ISC is not a formal corporate organization. Our team is so informal that even the Webmasters consider us as equals and not as "lower authorities". Yes, I head the team for ensuring smooth work, but this does not mean that other editors are on a lower grade because together we work shoulder to shoulder as a strongly committed and dedicated team. Since the forum itself is informal, there is nothing wrong if another editor wishes to express an opinion and my presence in a thread should not necessarily be the ultimate say. As for implying indiscipline, the shoe is on the other foot.

    By the way, why on earth are we digressing? It is typical of you to go off-tangent when caught on the wrong foot. Are we talking about the role and hierarchy of editors?!

    Stick to the point- You have made a terrible accusation against my team, that you are singled out in contests not to get an award knowing fully well that there is a jury panel for each contest. Those ten years are wasted if you have not acquired even that much acumen. What's more, if that is the case, why are you so choosy? Why not boycott all contests, even mine?

    Now I am directly asking other members: Do you think we selectively and deliberately go out of our way to ensure that your entry is not considered for a prize? Is that your experience?

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    I do not know what others would say. You may feel that your good team is good for yourself. But only the internal heart would say the right thing that cannot be read and understood. We cannot enter into others heart and understand their true feelings. I do not know how your team works? I do not know how you meet the juries? I do not know how you discuss the result? Yet I have openly said my true feelings in this virtual site.

    I do not wish to boycott all the contests, but only the contests organized by certain editors of my choice.

    If you remember, I once suggested a method of selecting the best by the participating members themselves. It was not accepted by you. If that was followed, there would be no such complaints from the members. It would be a fair selection.

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