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    Threads are not just about points, it is a source of information

    Ever since I joined ISC, some authors have found it quite active here and some are less active. This can be according to any author's personal choice and dependence on time. But when we talk about the forum section, we will find that there are very few authors who raise new threads for discussion on regular basis.

    If we look at the responses to threads, we will find that many authors give a good introduction to their art of writing through the responses of others threads. Participating in responses to threads also indicates the authors' contribution to the ISC.

    If all active authors contribute their responses they can also bring new threads, then there will be more new options for discussion in the forum section which also plays a role in our learning. Sometimes it can be a challenge to choose a topic for discussion, but if we are a bit aware then there will be many topics around us which we can discuss.

    My intention is not to make any author aware of his contribution, as everyone is already aware of it, but the intention and expectation of mine are that when we discuss various topics, we can give much information to ourselves and other authors as well as readers. If everyone agrees with me, then please raise more and more threads on new and innovative topics.
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    That is true. If we go through the various threads that are posted here by different authors we will get very good information. It will also help us to improve our language also. We will get in touch with various issues that are going on around the world. It gives us great pleasure when we know many useful tips by going through the various postings. Unlike any other websites. this site is having a speciality of accepting facts only. So when we see something here we never think that the issues are fake.
    Here the important point to note is that gaining knowledge and improving our subject. We may get some points also. So I agree with the author that this Forum section is very useful. If more members can come and contribute their knowledge here that will be of great help to other members.

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    Many have the impressions as the regulars are working for points and keeping their ranks in tact. In fact earning is also not the criteria but they keep the forum live and that is very important trait they have developed. We are ever grateful to regulars for contributing their daily dose of information sharing which is the knowledge enhance source of matter for us. Whether it is poitics, science, or other informative investigation information, we are blessed with whole lots of stuff from the members. Some members are good at giving us the detailed information even in this forum and we always commend them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I appreciate that some members are never short of ideas. They bring new threads with various topics for discussion. Bringing new threads expands the scope of discussion, all participants are invited to think over the given topic. I am not one of them who brings various threads. I am just a common user. But mostly our topics are typical that keep our thinking within an area. If we have some topics which are out of the box probably we will give a better discussion. I see scientific topics are not discussed with much interests, why it so I can't say, however, some normal typical topics can be discussed again and again.

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    By discussing the existing threads we are not only giving enhanced knowledge and also providing a push to the thread to get noticed by others and thus a good post always trends with varied responses and most mentions are made. And raising a thread is also a great art. As we have to be careful that such a thread was not raised in the past and that attracts immediate deletion from the editors. And there are some members who bring in such posts which helps to explore new horizons of information galore. So next time if some of your friends ask as to what the ISC has gave to you, say ISC gave enriched knowledge enhancement.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Forum section is a place where so many members contribute, discuss, and exchange information of all kinds. Depending upon their interests and liking people choose a specific thread and respond to it. We learn a great deal of things through these discussions and many times find that we were having a totally wrong concept about a thing but that got then resolved. So, participating in these threads is a very good way to gain insight into so many matters as well as increase ones writing proficiency in English language. As we mentioned earlier also, forum section is the gateway to the ISC where the new member enters and then slowly explores the other equally engrossing places in it. We must take advantage of the forum section for increasing our knowledge and sharing ideas with others. The only way to do that is contribute more by responding or floating threads. I am sometimes surprised that members are able to find out newer ideas and thoughts in spite of so many forum posts already discussed there in ISC. If I am correct there would had been thousands of them during last decade or so.
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    I completely agree with your point. Discussing in forums section's threads is not just about points, but it also helps in gaining knowledge and enhancing vocabulary. It also helps in tracking events that are ongoing around you. In case, if you are unable to get updated from news around you then ISC could be a decent platform for you. That is why, I had started again to spend at least 10-15 minutes here because I observed that my vocabulary and awareness was diminishing in the past few months.
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